Our neighbor Benny owns a wolf pup named Fern. Fern is a pretty famous creature here in Topanga. She’s mostly known for her mini-wolf howls and her David Bowie eyes. Fern will eat anything in sight, so when I had just finished a reading at the neighbors house and left my cards out while chatting I figured my deck would be thrashed. I found Fern with only the High Priestess card, lying on her couch outside… just nuzzling it and rolling around with the card. Lots of slobber and fuzzy cuddling, but no teeth marks. What is up with that? Does Fern share the bloodlines of the High Preistess? Does she recognize her kind? Is she psychic? As I’m typing this I can see the sweet wolf outside my window, lying in the shade. She’s looking right at me. She totally knows that I know.

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Story by Kim Krans in Topanga, CA

Firefighters are nice.

Yesterday, we were driving the narrow hills of Topanga Canyon in our 22-foot long van when we got horribly stuck. Our 6,000 lb van was completely stuck in the dirt, blocking the entire road… But then, as Colourist luck would have it, a crew bus of firefighters just happened to be driving by. We asked the driver if they could help. “Yup,” he said, “we can help you.” He motioned back and a DOZEN firefighters hopped out and pushed our van free within 2 minutes. 

Major thanks to the Lost Hills Fire Crew working in Topanga Canyon yesterday!!

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Upon moving to #losangeles, this was my everyday commute. #blessed #TopangaCanyon #brbchasinglight #hyperlapse (at Topanga Canyon)

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