topanga's sister

Okay my problem with Girl Meets Hurricane was not the fact that Angela’s return was admittedly anticlimactic.

It was not with the fact that Angela was married.

It was not with the fact that Shawn and Angela did not - and could not - get back together.

My problem was with the fact that Angela’s character has been reduced to Shawn’s old flame, his former love - which she was, but she was also so much more than that. Before she was Shawn’s girlfriend, she was Topanga’s best friend. After she and Shawn broke up, she still was regarded as one of Cory and Topanga’s best friends. She told Cory and Topanga that she loved them even more than she has told Shawn that she loved him.

She was the maid of honor at Cory and Topanga’s wedding. She spent high school and college with them. She lived with Topanga. They were like sisters. And you’re telling me that not only were they not invited to her wedding, they did not even know she had one?

I understand that people change and drift apart and not everyone remains friends forever but come on. Her character was reduced. She was a strong, funny and independent woman and that came before and after she was Shawn’s girlfriend. And it’s sad that her whole story, her whole character, all her other relationships weren’t even acknowledged.

I just found an old childhood diary of mine from 3rd grade and in it I state “when I grow up I’m gonna have a girl and I’m gonna name her Nebula, like the girl from the new Disney movie and Topanga’s mystery sister!”. Then a few entries later: “My dad said nebula is Latin for cloud. Never mind” 😂