topanga x angela

I think the one thing that really bothers me is the way they are painting Angela as a villain. I can understand people moving on but every time I hear she left, or she left me, I get a feeling in the pit of my stomach. I just wish they would have explained why she left. The writers are making it seem like she got bored one day and started another life. Why do they always leave out the part that she wanted to spend time with her dad while she could. Why is it not mentioned that he was going to propose to her but he decided to let her go because he saw how much she needed that quality time with her dad. The quality time that he never got until it was too late, and he did not want her that for her.

I get they want to go with the new does not mean better but different theme. And sometimes you do not get the happily ever after but you can still have a good life and you can still be happy.

HOWEVER I can’t accept them completely dismissing her character.

Shawn had not talked to Cory for quite a while and they have been best friends since forever. So why can’t Angela have a scene with Topanga who was her best friend after Triney. It’s odd to me Angela did try to get in contact with anyone after she left. Topanga hurried back to campus and ran to Angela to made sure she said bye. They were obviously close enough that she wanted a proper send off. So it seems like pregnancy and other major life details would be discussed.

I will always be for Shawngela and want them to have a real chance again. BUT this is MORE than a shipping thing, it’s about every other character getting a proper reintroduction to the new class/viewers. The way she has been mentioned throughout the show/new spoilers have her character not being shown the same way as the others.


Topanga (to Katy): You know, it’s something I’d never thought I’d see… the way his eyes light up. I’ve known Shawn almost his entire life, and I have never seen his eyes light up like that.


Topanga: I remember this one time. I was trying to help Cory with this poem we had for school. Not just the words, but, the essence behind it. I went over to his house, he read the poem, and I danced. All around his kitchen. And I put lipstick all over my face.
Angela: And why do we remember that story so well?
Topanga: Because…I always thought that was the moment he fell in love with me.
~ 6x17 Resurrection

Imagine if Angela was a recurring character.

Just think, she could’ve ran Topanga’s

Angela and Shawn could’ve been brought back as a non married couple BUT ZAY COULD’VE BEEN THEIR CHILD………

Topanga and Angela’s friendship could’ve been there to help Riley and Maya so they could get a female side of best friends instead of just using Cory and Shawn as an example

Angela could’ve been the female advice giver the gang would go to

Angela, Topanga and Katy could’ve been a very cute friendship

Imagine if they actually used and respected Angela’s character instead of dismissing all their POC characters


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*Obviously, I don’t think Joshaya should be dating right now, but hopefully one day.