topanga for president

Feeny: President of the United States? Very ambitious, Miss Lawrence.
Yes and no. Not many people want the job anymore.
Feeny: Oh? Why’s that?
Topanga: Well, now that I’ve disbanded the military and eliminated nuclear weapons, the position is not as seductive.
Feeny: I see. That’s rather an unusual costume for a president, isn’t it?
Topanga: We all wear togas now. It removes the hostile competition that fashion often creates.
Feeny: This world of yours seems like quite a peaceful and loving place.
Topanga: Yes. Especially since we moved all men underground and use them just for breeding.

(1x09: “Class Preunion”)

(Capital letters in this, BC it’s important lmao. Comment your opinion below.)
Don’t you think that maybe, if anyone, Riarkle is the Corpanga, and Farkle is the Topanga?
-Farkle and Topanga both have weird (in a good way) and unusual (unique) first names.
-Farkle wasn’t in the Season 1 theme song of Girl Meets World, and Topanga wasn’t in the Season 1 theme song of BMW.
-Farkle knew Riley since she was little (stated in Girl Meets Farkle’s Choice) and Topanga knew Cory since he was little.
-When Farkle kissed Riley, Riley had the same reaction Cory did when Topanga kissed him.
-Farkle has family issues (Stated in Girl Meets the New World), and so does Topanga.
-Topanga wanted to become president, and Farkle wants to do something similar (rule the world.)
-Topanga and Farkle are both skilled with debating.
-Topanga and Farkle both get all A’s.
-Topanga and Farkle both were weird and peculiar in season one, but began to grow in season two.
(I think that Smackle, not Farkle, is the Stuart Minkus.)
-Smackle and Minkus both chose to go by their last names. (Isadora SMACKLE, Stuart MINKUS)
-They are both skilled at debating
-Shawn and Cory dressed up Minkus to make him look cooler, and Riley and Maya dressed up Smackle to make her look cooler.
-Smackle shows interest in Farkle, but Farkle didn’t return the feelings. Minkus shows interest in Topanga, but Topanga didn’t return the feelings.
-Smackle and Minkus are both skilled in debating.
-Smackle and Minkus both always win and get all A’s. -Smackle and Minkus are both considered prodigies.
(And I think it’s obvious to why Riley would be the Cory…😂)