払う。はらう。To pay. Harau. 雪ちゃんの彼氏はレストランで払うかどうか知っていますか?Do you know if Yuki’s boyfriend pays at the restaurant?


     Something has awoken me from sleep; tapping on my slumber, begging me topay attention.  Alert now, but frozen with fear, I take stock of my situation without lifting my head from the protective cuddle of my pillow. I clench my blankets firmly under my chin and wiggle just ever so – back and forth – tightly sealing myself into a fabric cocoon baring any ghostly hands from sneaking under to pinch me into screams.

     I will not scream.  I will not scream.

     If I wake my mom she will be mad.

     I will not scream, I will not scream.

     I bite down upon the whimper escaping my lips and strain my eyes to view the recessed corners of my darkened room without disturbing my physical safety net.  Is something there?  I can see the faint hint of primary coloured soldiers on my bedroom wall, but not even those stoic figures can calm my anxious breathing.  

     Something is very wrong here tonight.

     I catch movement at the bottom of my bed and suck back air in horror.  I can see the soft indentation of several thin spiny fingers as they dig into the top of my comforter and slowly drag a fat pulsating black mound up over the ledge.  It is not a hand; and as this truth flushes a new panic through my soul, I stutter this silent word into my nightmare – Spider.

     A gagging nausea invades, as I watch this terrifying creature rapidly multiply.  Like a comforter being retrieved from the floor by its owner, this thick black mass of spiny fingers and throbbing jellied bodies moves forward, towards me, catching the shine from the window’s framed street light.  

     “There is no hand”, I silently scream.  Just big, fat, wet, fast moving spiders!  

     I cannot move, I cannot scream.  I am helpless to stop this.  Then I feel them. The weight as they move forward and the first touch of their wispy legs on my tear stained face.  That is all it takes; one silent scream in the depths of a petrifying nightmare, and reality slowly begins to tear away the fabric of my terror filled slumber. Still unsure if I am dreaming or awake and no longer caring if my mother gets mad, I throw off my tightly wound blanket, getting tangled in its web of safety, pulling sharply until I am released to sprawl blindly onto the floor.  I fling myself away from the bed, still seeing the shimmering moving mass of horror slink its way towards me.  Without thought or allowing even a slight glance back, I run frantically towards my parents’ room, still screaming without sound.  

Apparently Labour have announced they will lower the tution fees from £9,000 to £6,000 a year

My question is why can’t it be put back to £3,000 a year or less. Hell, why should we have topay for what is swiftly becoming a common qualification?

also ok i havent talked about this on tumblr like at all? but the guys who were supposed to take over my and maddie’s lease just like disappeared??? and quit communicating or texting me back…… so thats been a huge source of stress because im still paying $630 a month for te fucking place and im not even LIVING THERE???!!?!!?!? he didnt even give me the decency of telling me it wouldnt work out, he literally jsut quit responding to my texts. so we have to like….start all over…..while continuing topay for it?!?!!?