On Millennials:

Our parents were kids when
JFK and Martin Luther King were shot.
They grew up when everything was changing and then
suddenly it wasn’t and it was all
stereos and Dallas,
like dragging a corpse around a party
and getting a sequel. 

In elementary school, 
we saw 9/11 on our 
family’s tv screens. 
We didn’t really understand it, 
but both mom and dad came to
pick us up from school that day.

In middle school,
the housing market crashed. 
Suddenly we’d go to a friend’s house and
their dad would be home in the middle of the
day. People’s parents started getting divorced.
We thought our parents might too, when they
fought about money and each other and nothing. 
They called it the Great Recession,
and we only saw the black and white picture from our history textbook of
sad-looking people dressed in rags, waiting in line for bread.
We weren’t waiting in line for bread,
but our friends started swapping clothes instead of
going to the mall. Some people moved–
We didn’t really understand it. 

In high school,
they taught us about climate change. 
We found out that it existed and that 
we were to blame for it in the same breath,
the children of the millennium a thick layer of
plastics that should have been recycled on top of a 
mountain of garbage and dog shit. 
We were told the planet is dying, and
we didn’t really understand it. 
We tried to get our parents to start a compost heap,
but they didn’t go for it.
One girl always tried to kill herself.

In college, 
innocent students got murdered,
innocent elementary school kids got murdered,
innocent people got murdered,
and some old white guys wouldn’t let us get rid of 
assault rifles. And they won. 
In college,
we learned that we are powerless, and
we walked quickly past the guy asking us to 
sign a petition about water or 
corruption or financial aid or whatever,
because we were going to be late for class.
In college,
we learned that no one else has ever had to
pay this much to go here, and that no one 
else has ever gotten so little reward for doing it. 
We didn’t, and we still don’t really understand it.

We’re breaking ourselves off into
a million mosaic directions and leaving bits of us in our
Instagrams, in our internships. 
We’re tired, always tired, and 
we’re never doing enough. We’re the first
generation of human beings to grow up with
laptops, iPods, cell phones. 
We don’t know what that means, and 
neither does anybody else. In two hundred years,
they’ll look at pictures of us in a history book,
and laugh. The desperate confusion in the backs of our pupils,
the memes, the trance music. They’ll laugh, even if they
don’t really understand us. 

A story about Leeds 2011 and a song called HOME.

So, Leeds happened.  The year was 2011 and two boys named Harry and Louis attended a music festival in Leeds.  Needless to say, good times were had by both and Harry wore his Leeds bracelet for ages until it likely fell apart (at which point he got the tattoo “I can’t change” in the same spot on his wrist and then much later, covered that with his anchor tattoo–almost as if the festival was really important to him for some reason).  I don’t want to rehash everything about Leeds when there’s already a great masterpost about it right HERE.

What I do want to do is talk about is the song Home by:  Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros

This band played at Leed’s that year and performed this song.  Here’s a tiny snippet of the lyrics:

Man, oh man, you’re my best friend
I scream it to the nothingness
There ain’t nothing that I need

Well, hot and heavy, pumpkin pie
Chocolate candy, Jesus Christ
Ain’t nothing please me more than you

Ah, home, let me go home
Home is wherever I’m with you

Ah, home, let me go home
Home is wherever I’m with you

And while some could argue that we don’t know if they even saw them perform, I respectfully disagree because a certain someone tweeted lyrics to this very song.

Not just once:

 But twice.

They both seem to have an attachment to the concept of HOME being a person and not a place which I find fascinating.  

More under the cut.

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how to spot a scam

Since I’ve been job-hunting, I got a text message yesterday offering a personal assistant job. I replied with interest, and this person, “Elida Clive”, responded with this:

Thanks for your quick response and Interest. I had a previous personal
assistant who had been active for the past 6 months but due to
personal sickness, she was unable to carry on. Can you work as my part
time personal assistant? I am constantly out of town and I’m presently
in England for business trip. I will return by 28th of next month to
talk about the possibility of making this offer long term in person.I
will like to know your interest in the personal assistant position and
if you are interested below are the job description.    

Bad English is an immediate red flag. Scammers often use broken, grammatically incorrect English on purpose–the idea is that only people who are easier to scam will respond, because those who are more guarded will realize that poorly written email = scam. (Thus, the scammer doesn’t waste time trying to swindle someone who is difficult to scam.) 


1) To receive and drop off my mails at your nearby Post office. 2) To
pay my bills on my behalf. 3) To do my shopping. 4) Flexibility (This
is a part time job and it shouldn’t affect your present job because
the hours are flexible)
Note: You are allowed to open the packages to reveal the contents of
my arts and sculptures orders and other promotional items. All
expenses and taxes will be paid by me including your weekly salaries
and the I will be sending money for the errands including  payment for
your service through my bank channel.The money will arrive inform of a
Check. No heavy packages are involved. You will be shopping for Art
Materials and it can be done at your nearby stores. You will be
working 3 - 4 days in a week and the hours are flexible. I offer a sum
of $350 per week for these services and you can work in your current
location without resuming to any office for now.

If something is too good to be true, it probably is. Notice how everything is about me? I simply need to drop off mail at my nearby post office! Hours are flexible and based on my schedule! (I’m not totally sure about the point of the “you’re allowed to open my packages”, but I’m assuming it’s to reassure those who would be scared that they contain drugs or other illegal things.) And $350 a week for a part-time job that doesn’t require much skill or menial work? Damn.

Kindly provide me with your below information to start working as from
next week. I will be looking forward to receive these information so
that it can be processed in the next 48 hours.  Full Name:  (Age:
(Current Occupation: (Address:(NOT PO Box) (city: (State: (Zip code:
(Mobile Number

Why wouldn’t this person say, up front, exactly where he’s based? He could just say he’s from Pittsburgh or San Diego or whatever and save himself the effort of filtering out emails from people in other locations.

I  shall be contacting you as soon as i receive these information It’s
strictly part-time job within your location. I anticipate your prompt
response to this email Please note that this job DOES NOT require any
financial obligation of any sort from you as I would be responsible
for all expenses and your diligent performance attracts more
compensations.I am looking forward to your urgent response.

Notice how urgent this person seems–scammers want your money fast, before you realize you’re being scammed. Also notice the insistence that this job requires NO financial obligation of any sort–an empty reassurance that will become necessary later, when the scammer tries to ask you for cash.

And the last red flag–when I Googled this person’s name, absolutely nothing relevant showed up. Someone important enough to have a personal assistant should have a few results, at least.

Stay safe, kiddos!

Jason Todd x Reader - Paradise

36: “Cookies”, “What?”, “Let’s make cookies”      40: “What do we do now?”

It was currently 3:00am as you sat down on the couch with Ferienhight 451 to wait for Jason to get back from Patrol.

I’ll be home early, nothing happening tonight -Jay

This was the news of the century for you, he had always tried to come home early, but never this early. Usually, 4:00am was a good day. There had to be something the two of you could do to celebrate. Just as the thought struck you, Jason popped through the window. As it was kind of late at night, you were in an AC-DC muscle tee, and a pair of Nike gym shorts. It was the middle of summer, and these were your comfortable clothes. You also had your hair up in a messy ponytail, and knee-high black socks.

He pulled you to his chest and wrapped his arms around your waist, holding your back to him. “Hey doll, I’m back.” he purred as he held you close and snuggled his head on top of yours. “I can tell Jay, you kind of are holding me.” You said with a smirk and he let you go. “I’m going to bed, are you coming?” he asked as he put you over his shoulder and started walking. “No,” you spoke calmly just as to answer his question, not in a rude manner of any sort. You were still over his shoulder, and you let out a giggle as he stopped walking and frowned. “Why doll, I’m tired and I can actually go to sleep early tonight,” he questioned as he set you down, and held your hand as to beg you to come with him. 

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Once We Were Gods

It is the christening of a new story! It is my first attempt at anything minecraft so obviously I’m going to take some creative liberties when it comes to minecraft specific things. Just indulge me at first with this chapter. I feel like this story is going to be a long one, so a lot has to be built up at first. For now enjoy this 6.000 words chapter that really acts as a prologue to establish Jeremy and the world. I’ve got so much in store for you guys. Enjoy!

Part I: Tumbling Down Gracelessly is a Skill

“Come on, come on.”

Jeremy looked up at the darkened stacks of books and waited patiently for the distant sound of fluttering wings. They had five minutes at best. Maybe. Until one of the Sisters on the night watch came by and saw what they were doing. Then they would really have to hustle.

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the weekend

it seems like
everyone is
measuring their


as I was
ham yesterday
the guy next
me had tears
in his eyes

his diet at
the deli

I got what I needed and
headed to
the corner where
they sell

got that

as I was
waiting to
pay for
my goods
old woman
kissed me on
the back
of my neck

we roared with
and embarrassment

the cashier got
in on it


I thanked

left a


this kid
playing guitar

emptying his heart
out onto

EXO/NU'EST's reaction when you send them a sexy picture

Anonym hat gesagt:

can i have exo/nuest reaction to when you send a sexy picture of you to him?


hey there (:

Kris: she’s going to get it when i come home

Xiumin: *already going home* prepare my little girl

Luhan: yeah guys, i’m going to get lucky tonight

Chen: you m’lady .. you’re going to pay for that

Lay: *looks away from his phone and slams the paper with song texts down* i’m sorry i have to go home

Tao: *walks into your shared home* hey baby girl .. daddy’s home

Suho: so guys .. i’m going to leave now .. my jagiya needs me

D.O/Kyungsoo: *slams the door open*

Baekhyun: so my girl wants to play it that way

Chanyeol: thanks god i get off in five .. prepare missy

Kai: tch .. that girl … wanting me that bad

Sehun: oh babe .. would you have send me that pic if you would what you’re going to get?


JR: oh babe .. if you now what you just caused ..

Aron: hey honey .. i’m home .. get ready

Baekho: sorry guys .. i have to leave now

Minhyun: does she now what she did?

Ren: *stands in the doorway* jagi? you know .. what you did got you in trouble

hope you like it (:

E undeva pe la sfarsitul lui aprilie,dar timpul trece atat de repede incat am senzatia ca e augustul anului trecut.Un soare cald straluceste pe cer,a mai trecut un an si inca sunt aici,in camera asta in care soarele se iveste doar dimineata.A mai trecut un an,dar pe acesta nu l-am simtit.Am pierdut cativa oameni,am cunoscut altii,dar totul e la fel,poate doar cateva kilograme de amintiri in plus,cateva lucruri,care nu inseamna mare lucru si cateva sentimente pierdute in noapte,asta e tot ceea ce am adunat de-a lungul unui an.
O caldura mangaie strazile pe care le-am cutreierat ani intregi,niste strazi care sunt la fel,care nu se schimba si pastreaza amintirile oamenilor care au trecut peste ele.E caldut si e bine,e o caldura care are puterea sa strecoare un zambet pe fata celui mai trist om.
In filme sau carti zilele acestea sunt zilele in care oamenii intalnes prima dragoste,in care se pierd prin ochii unui strain,dar poate si in realitate se intampla asta,sau se intampla candva.
Graba,asta e ceea ce am simtit cand am privit oamenii de langa mine,intotdeauna graba.Oamenii se grabesc sa ajunga la scoala sau la serviciu,se grabesc sa isi termine cafeaua,sunt atat de ocupati incat uita sa priveasca in fata si sa simta caldura care le mangaie chipul.As avea impulsul acela de a spune ca e trist,dar mai degraba e dezamagitor.Oamenii se lasa furati de toate lucrurile pe care trebuie sa le faca,sunt tot timpul ocupati si nu mai realizeaza ca fericirea e chiar in fata lor.Fericirea nu e persoana,nu e poveste de dragoste,fericirea consta in lucruri simple,pe care oamenii,in graba lor,o pierd din vedere.Fericirea o simti atunci cand e cald afara,atunci cand cineva spune ceva amuzant,atunci cand vezi un copil care topaie,un copil manjit pe fata cu inghetata.Fericirea e caldura zilelor de vara si frigul noptilor de toamna.
E sfarsitul lui aprilie,e cald,e linistitor si e graba.Timpul devine copil si zboara mai repede decat zilele de iarna,buura-te de caldura de afara.
—  19augustanonimat
Is Home A Reply to If I Could Fly?

Since Home came out, I always thought that If I Could Fly was a reply to it. Simply by the first line, “If I could fly I’d be coming right back home to you” And then I listened to the post that ruined my life and noticed a few things… 

For simplicity sake, If I Could Fly is going to be italicized and Home will be bold

First let’s talk about how they both open the song

If I could fly, I’d be coming right back home to you
I think I might give up everything, just ask me to
Pay attention, I hope that you listen cause I let my guard down
Right now I’m completely defenseless 

Make a little conversation
So long I’ve been waiting
To let go of myself and feel alive

So many nights I thought it over
Told myself I kind of liked her
But there was something missing in her eyes

I was stumbling, looking in the dark
With an empty heart
But you say you feel the same
Could we ever be enough?
Baby we could be enough

They both explain who they are in their relationship. They describe to whoever is listening what roles they play in their unit.
  Harry is words. He tells us, and Louis, what we are about to embark on. He is simple words that mean the most. He is the perfectly placed ‘I love you’ that never feels like a burden. He is making himself defenseless. Harry is a simple piano. Introducing his deepest thoughts and feelings. And stripping himself down. 
  Louis is actions. He shows us, and Harry, exactly what he feels. He is the romantic. He is grand gestures and the random bouquet of flowers that never feels out of place. Instead of telling us, he shows us how he was feeling and how he feels. Louis is a guitar and backing beat that takes us to a different time. He walks us through a memory, painting a picture of it. He shows himself shedding each layer.

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Tutor Me (25/?)

Summary: Killian just got accepted to Harvard and needs to find a way to
pay for college. Emma is struggling in her senior math course and needs to
raise her grade if she wants to graduate on time. What happens when an academically driven boy winds up tutoring one of the most popular girls at Storybrooke High? CS High School AU. Lots of angst. Rated T. [AO3] []

A/N: I find reviews quite funny. They’ll say what they hope to see, and either they’ve predicted quite accurately, or they’ve missed the mark by a mile. You’re getting another update because this is already written, and if I don’t update today, you won’t get anything until next Monday. My lovely betas, foundmyhome and killians-dashingrescue are incredible!

It’s a difficult thing, trying to avoid one’s parents.

Emma had thought she had mastered it back when she was nine in Ellsworth, but she hasn’t needed to avoid Marian or Robin or any foster parent since she was fourteen. She must be out of practice, or something, because this morning, this weekend, she wanted nothing more than to avoid both of them, and it seemed like she just couldn’t.

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rugrats au: anniversaries

the original | halloween | clothing | the reckoning | the reckoning pt. 2 | martine | getting married | the office

  • root brings shaw frosted animal crackers on their one-week anniversary
  • she buys them with her own money
  • where did she get the money? no one knows
  • the one year anniversary is a Very Big Deal
  • shaw convinces her parents to bring them to mcdonalds
  • they sit in a booth all by themselves
  • it’s very romantic
  • they share a strawberry milkshake
  • shaw’s parents let shaw take the money to the counter to
    pay for it
  • her face doesn’t even clear the damn counter
  • (picture the Buying Stitch scene from lilo and stitch)
  • she’s trying so hard
  • they hug for the first time that night
  • shaw walks root to the door. (it’s shaw’s own door. root is
    spending the night)
  • her parents walk in first. “moooooom go awayyyyy”
  • they’ve been together a year. shaw’s ready for the next
  • they hug. root thinks she might die
  • shaw’s parents are taking a thousand pictures from inside

marshbev  asked:

u know what i never listened to iicf thinking of steve/bucky but im thinkin about the lyrics and oh my god kill me pls official stucky song

I KNOW!!!! i know :( it’s Them, like i refuse to believe that Harry didn’t write this about them

If I could fly, I’d be coming right back home to you

I think I might give up everything just ask me to

Pay attention I hope that you listen, because I let my guard down, right now I’m completely defenceless

For your eyes only, I show you my heart, for when you’re lonely, and forget who you are

I’m missing half of me when we’re apart, now you know me, for your eyes only

I got scars, even though they can’t always be seen

And pain gets hard, but now you’re here and I don’t feel a thing

I hope that you don’t run from me

Like not to be dramatic but this is Their Song, this would be their first dance at their wedding song, this is the song they sing to each other when Thor brings asgardian liquor and Steve gets drunk, this is Them.

Thank You

Thank you so much
for this opportunity
to earn $10 an hour,
to be criticized and
yelled at for mistakes,
real or imagined,
to spend all my time
in a dingy office
doing monotonous tasks.

Thank you so very much
for paying me less
than the managers
who don’t even work,
for giving me a big
project at the end of
a Friday.  

Thank you especially
for taking the time
to make me painfully aware
that I am replaceable,
that I am lucky to even have
this job, and that if I
complain, or ask for
enough compensation to
pay all of my bills, I
will be let go.

Tutor Me (29/30)

Summary: Killian just got accepted to Harvard and needs to find a way to
pay for college. Emma is struggling in her senior math course and needs to
raise her grade if she wants to graduate on time. What happens when an academically driven boy winds up tutoring one of the most popular girls at Storybrooke High? CS High School AU. Lots of angst. Rated T. [AO3] []

A/N: No epilogue in this story, meaning that there’s only one chapter to go! BUT, I do have a surprise that I can’t wait to tell you about next chapter. Since I went so long in between posting last time, I thought I’d already give you all another chapter. Thank you all again for your continued support in this story! I’m still shocked how popular it ended up being. Thanks again to my wonderful betas, foundmyhome and bashful-killian! BTW, we finally see Emma and Killian back together again in this chapter…

Killian skipped down the stairs Friday morning feeling more energized than he had the previous day. Yesterday hadn’t been too bad – his friends were excited to see him again, his teachers gave him all the needed extensions, and everything was slowly going back to normal.

In fact, he even noticed that moving his fingers on his left hand didn’t cause pain to shoot through his arm anymore. The moment he realized this, he dug under his bed until he found his old guitar, dusty from years unplayed, and began playing a song in soothing musical therapy. Even though the cast prevented him from playing as smoothly as before, it relaxed him. He even went online and bought some new sheet music to learn more songs. He read about this method in a psychology textbook once, and he actually couldn’t wait to tell Dr. Hopper about his new technique at their next session.

Killian popped in his anxiety pill before going to the counter and making himself some toast, grabbing butter and fresh strawberries from the fridge somewhere along the way. He had his phone out, looking at everyone’s Twitter updates when his brother walked in.

“You look like you’re in a good mood,” he noted, going to the coffee pot and pouring himself a mug. “I take it you had a good first day back?”

“Absolutely,” Killian said through a big bite of his toast. “I was nervous before, but it ended up being better than I expected.”

“Good,” Liam replied as he dumped out the remainder of his cup. “I’m sorry, brother, but I’ve got to get going before I’m late. Have a great day at school, alright?”

Killian smiled and nodded. “Bye, Liam.”

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Tutor Me (23/?)

Summary: Killian just got accepted to Harvard and needs to find a way to
pay for college. Emma is struggling in her senior math course and needs to
raise her grade if she wants to graduate on time. What happens when an academically driven boy winds up tutoring one of the most popular girls at Storybrooke High? CS High School AU. Lots of angst. Rated T. [AO3] []

A/N: This (along with chapter 19) was planned from the beginning, before I even knew who else I wanted in the story. I really appreciate messages letting me know what you think of the fic so far. Thanks to my betas: foundmyhome​, and killians-dashingrescue​.


Walsh was her boyfriend.

He’s the one she needs to check on, first.

As Emma was driving over to her boyfriend’s house, the scene that happened mere hours ago was playing on repeat. She kept her eyes open and on the road, knowing as soon as she closed them, the memories would become that much more vivid.

And today was one day she wanted to forget.

She pulled up in front of the house just as the sun was beginning to set. Emma hadn’t told Walsh she was coming, so she was praying he was home and able to talk. She walked up the sidewalk to her house, fumbling with her hands, not quite knowing what to say when she saw him.

Once she got to the door, she rang the bell and waited for someone to answer the door. She could hear Mrs. Ozland’s high heels coming closer from behind the door until finally the knob turned.

“Hi, Mrs. Ozland. Can I talk to Walsh?” Emma asked with a timid smile. Mrs. Ozland was clearly distraught, and the guilt in her stomach rose even more. Suddenly, she realized this didn’t only affect Walsh and Killian, but everyone they were connected to, too.

“Walsh’s grounded,” Mrs. Ozland explained in a stone cold tone, shaking her head. “But he told me you were the one who sent Mr. Spencer in to stop the fight, so I have to thank you, Emma.”

“Can I please see him? Even just for five minutes?” Emma gave Mrs. Ozland her biggest puppy eyes, hoping that it would work on Walsh’s mother as much as it did on Walsh. “I need to make sure he’s okay and I don’t know when the next time I’ll see him will be.”

Mrs. Ozland gave a small sigh, clearly not wanting to allow Emma to see him. “Fine, but really quickly, Emma. He’s grounded.” Mrs. Ozland opened the door and allowed Emma to come in. “He’s in the living room, resting.”

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Tutor Me (11/?)

Summary: Killian just got accepted Harvard and needs to find a way to
pay for college. Emma is struggling in her senior math course and needs to
raise her grade if she wants to graduate on time. What happens when an academically driven boy winds up tutoring one of the most popular girls at Storybrooke High? CS High School AU. Rated T. [AO3] []

A/N: Well, as promised, once I got to 800 followers, I’d post chapter 11 (although, we all know I would have posted chapter 11 today, anyway…) I would really appreciate some feedback if you could take the time to give some. It helps me make sure people are liking this fic and where it’s going. My betas foundmyhome and ferretliketendencies are still amazing.

Killian had just gotten home and was talking with Liam about their days when the familiar beep signifying a text went off on his phone. It was a message from Emma saying that she had fun and was stopping by the pool tomorrow. He couldn’t help the grin that spread across his face, and was only brought back into the conversation when Liam cleared his throat.

“Sorry, Liam. What did you say?” Killian shook his head, as if erasing something from an etch-a-sketch, and turned all of his attention back to his brother.

“I was talking about one of my navy buddies, but whatever has got that smile on your face is something I’d much rather talk about.” Liam leaned back in his chair. “Who’ve you been texting?”

“It’s nobody,” Killian lied, causing Liam to roll his eyes.

“So, it’s a girl,” Liam said, teasing his little brother. “Who is she?”

Killian was going to deny it again before sinking in his chair. Liam would keep bothering him until he told him, so Killian finally gave in. “It’s the girl I tutor. Her name’s Emma.”

“Emma,” Liam repeated. “And I assume you like this girl?”

Killian shrugged, trying to act as nonchalant as possible. “I mean, I wouldn’t say she’s unattractive…”

Liam patted his brother’s back. “Well, go for it, then! You’re a handsome lad. I’m sure she’d be interested.”

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Tutor Me (30/30)

Summary: Killian just got accepted to Harvard and needs to find a way to
pay for college. Emma is struggling in her senior math course and needs to
raise her grade if she wants to graduate on time. What happens when an academically driven boy winds up tutoring one of the most popular girls at Storybrooke High? CS High School AU. Lots of angst. Rated T. [AO3] []

A/N: The final chapter is here! There’s no epilogue, as I’ve mentioned before, but I’m excited to tell you there are going to be a BUNCH of Tutor Me Bonuses with different, significant events to a high schooler’s life that doesn’t fit within this story (e.g. Prom, Sadies, Graduation, Senior Party, etc.) So, you’ll be getting a bunch of one-shots at some point! As always, thanks foundmyhome and bashful-killian for all that you do.

Here we go…

Two Weeks Later…

            Last Day of First Trimester

“Mr. Spencer? Mr. Jefferson said that I’m supposed to come visit you after school?” Emma knew exactly what the meeting was about, but she still walked hesitantly into the classroom. Mr. Spencer looked up from the pile of papers he was holding and gestured to the empty seat he had placed right next to his desk. Emma slowly found her way to the seat, putting her backpack on the floor as she sat down.

“I’m sorry to tell you this, Emma, but you didn’t meet the requirements of our agreement to come back into my class next trimester.” Mr. Spencer looked down at the pile he was just perusing. “I’m proud of the improvement you’ve had – you’ve been getting B’s on your tests lately – but you still did not get the three A’s we discussed.”

Emma nodded her head. She expected to feel a surge of embarrassment flood through her, but all she felt was relief. “You know what, Mr. Spencer? I’m actually kind of glad to be staying.”

Mr. Spencer glanced up, giving her a small smile. “Is that so?”

“Being in Mr. Jefferson’s class has kind of made me realize that being in the remedial math class isn’t a weakness, but a strength.” Emma grabbed the papers from his desk, paging through it. “Look at this – I wound up with a B- in math, whereas I would have had a D if I stayed in your class.” Emma looked back up at Mr. Spencer. “The point of school is to learn, and I wasn’t learning in your class – no offense…”

“None taken.”

“Anyway, I’m looking at a few of the community colleges around Massachusetts and I think I have a good chance of getting into them. I’m thinking of doing my generals there and then transferring to a four-year university after.”

“That sounds like a wonderful plan, Emma. But, Massachusetts? What made you look there?”

Emma’s cheeks turned pink, thinking about Xavier Community College – about 20 miles away from Harvard. She would never admit the real reason to Mr. Spencer, so she settled on, “I think I just need a break from Storybrooke, and Maine in general.”

“I’m glad to hear you’re thinking about your future,” Mr. Spencer said, giving his grin that used to intimidate her. “I wish you luck with your applications.”

“Thank you, Mr. Spencer.” Emma stood up and started walking towards the door.

“Have a good weekend.” Mr. Spencer started piling up her exams and quizzes and placed them into a manila folder lying by his desk.

“You, too,” she replied as she started walking out the classroom.

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