Size: A4
Medium: Water Colours/Inktense
Series: (Musical) Hakuouki
Character: Nagakura Shinpachi (Miyazaki Shuuto)

I was waiting to do this since late November! I asked on Tumblr which of the musical actors I should draw next and on Anon I got the suggestion to do Miyazaki!Shinpachi and here he is! Finally x’D
I didn’t want to rush anything since exams were drawing closer and I had other things to do. Now was the time for him and this one is done with water colours and inktense. This means it’s an experiment and it… well it’s kind of okay, but I guess I have to do some more of this kind with water colours. However it was interesting to see how I could use water colours on portraits.
And can we please agree that Miyazaki Shuuto is the most glorious Shinpachi on stage ever? ;w; I really learned to love Nagakura due to his acting. I never really bothered about Shinpachi in Hakuouki since he has in the original games a rather minor role. A nice guy, but a bit too funny for my taste xD The musicals often teach me to see different sites about a character.

I hope you all like this one! Especially the nice Anon who suggested Miyazaki!Shinpachi next.


Similar to the Amnesia Memories one I did but not really???

I have played all the routes in Hakuouki this time around; and this is basically me spewing shit about these characters who I am attached to.

Personally I prefer the Amnesia one I did (I actually kinda really like this one tbh) but these are fucking fun to do mahn. Also don’t kill me; this is just for fun and it’s been awhile since I’ve played all the routes


After a long time, I managed to get all the Hakuouki one-coins and  the cards that come along with them! This is the illustration you get when you have all 9; Saitou Hajime with his hair down, drawn by Yone Kazuki. It’s so gorgeous. ❤

(I apologize for how imperfect this looks. Putting together nine small cards is harder than it seems ^_^; If anyone would like to help me join all the pieces together in photoshop, please do let me know  ^_^)

Please do not repost, thank you!