So, to wrap up what I got this holiday season (in no order):

1) MacBook Air

2) Keurig

3) Toaster Oven

4) New Clothes (mostly pokemon related)

5) a VR headset for my phone

6) a kick ass boyfriend

7) the news that I’m gonna be an uncle of 2 in august

8) a pikachu mug thats literally its head with a hole in the top

9) some cool board games to add to my collection

10) did i mention my kick ass boyfriend (who needs to come back from the holiday trip to florida soon)

@iamtyannajones met THEE Ms. @kerrywashington today! Such a beautiful spirit. #americanidol2015 #Top9 ##TyaNation #tyannajones

Now the interesting thing about this… who is dealing with American Idol this season? Mia Goldwyn. LOL. Otherwise there would be no reason whatsoever for Kerry to do anything related to AI and Fox of course. LOL. AAAALL in the family.