Top Favorite TVD Characters l #1 - Damon Salvatore

And then, comes him. He is… dammit! He is everything! I  cannot even discribe how much I love him. With him, is different, who loves him, like me, will understand how is this feeling. When he said ’ Hello Brother ’ I already loved Damon. He proved that everyone has a reason for being this way. I can completely understand every move of him. I feel with him, I cry with him, I suffer with him. “ At the end, everything he does, he does for love ”. 

He is the most complex and different character that I ever seen. And you can desagree with me, but the show is him, the show depends of his moves. 

Damon is facing something more complicated than Klaus, vampires, werewolves or even women. He is facing his feelings, that he has hided for long time, and now everything came at once and that pain, that guilt, that love came together. He suffer a lot, and I suffer with him, because he deserves, more than anyone, happiness.I love and I  admire him, and NO ONE will change my mind about him. Can I say that he  have a place in my heart like. I just love him ok? 

Top Favorite TVD Characters l #2 - Caroline Forbes

Caroline. She means so much to me. Since the first episode, when she was still a human. Worried about guys and parties,  I understood  her . She was the second plan, and she felt like crap because of that, and somehow i know how is feel that way. Since then, I love her. And, happend something that I couldn’t imagine, she became a vampire. And that was the best thing that Julie and Kevin could have done! It was perfect, she became strong, powerful, and mature. She is not that little girl anymore. She grew up as a person, with her feelings, with who she actually is! Caroline is especial for me. 

Top Favorite TVD Characters l #5 - Alaric Saltzman

He is the man. Oh, how I wish have a teacher like him! I think everybody wants, right? But, it’s not about his charm, or whatever. It’s because he is loyal, friend, smart, strong. He never let anyone without his help. And his loyalty is the most important thing that makes me love him. 

Top Favorite TVD Characters l #3 - Tyler Lockwood

Oh Tyler. He is awesome. He was just a high school guy, that just live for fun, and then he discovered that he is not just a hot, simple, high school guy! He have something in his bloodstream, something that he doesn’t want, a curse! And in the same time, he discovered a new world, totally different that the one he knew. But he  faced this problem very well, he understood that he couldn’t change anything, it was his life! He is strong. And, come on guys, how could I don’t love him?

Top Favorite TVD Characters l #4 - Elena Gilbert

I admit that I said rude things about her, mostly on the started of second season. But I didn’t say these things because I don’t like her, and yes because I love Elena of the book. And I was freaking out because her actions were stupid! And she was totally different  of that Elena, strong, smart, passionate that I read in the book. But now, somehow she is realizing that she need to be strong, and not a stupid girl. She must to protect the Salvatore brothers and not be protected by them. Because she can do that. I know she can. ‘Cause now, I’m feeling that Elena of the book is in Elena of the show! I’ll always be Team Elena.