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Well, to start off with..i started following you simply because you’re a McFly blog. I only follow a few of you. You have a great blog, i love how you always seem to reply to some of my texts posts and you always talk to me even though you’re 10 years older than me. I even know it’s your birthday soon…hmmm… yes, just in case i forget at a later date HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY! Mwah;) .xx


Top 30 blogs  ——bootommo

Jess, you have an amazing blog, so fetch. I think we’ve gotten pretty close the past two months and i’m glad i started talking to you. To be honest, i know if i ever need you, you’re only a click away. And you are like a big sister to me(even though i already have two but i talk to you more often than my own sisters.) You’re extremely pretty,kind and funny. Anyway would be lucky to know you. You shouldn’t bring yourself down as often as you do, none of the bad things you say about yourself are true. So…yea, Jess, just stay being the amazing person that you are. I love youuuu:) .xx