AT’s Top 15 Women’s | Alana Blanchard | Number 3 

A great surfer with a beautiful butt, I mean style. Style. Hahaha, you all know what I’m talking about. People talk about how she isn’t that great, but she is! She may have a nice body, yes, but she doesn’t lack anything in the surf department. She actually excels. She dropped off the lists in 2009, but came back in 2010 and 2011. She hit no. 8 on the world ranks and got the spot for the 2012 World Tour. March 5, 1990 // Princeville, Hawaii.

AT’s Top 15 Women’s | Sally Fitzgibbons | Number 2

Sally finished the 2010 World Tour with a second ranking and is rapidly coming towards first. Sally won the Billabong Rio Pro earlier this May. She is very smooth, powerful, and full of tricks. She is upping her exposure in the states and coming close to be like her other female surfing counterparts. She’s definitely one to watch, her style is amazing and her personality is utterly captivating. May 8, 1990 // Gerroa, Australia

AT’s Top 15 Women’s | Monyca Byrne Wickey | Number 5 

A wicked surfer with a great personality, her ads for Nike are popular with the crazy style she holds. She was also in “Leave A Message,” which y'all should check out! She has transitioned from competitive to freestyle all the while being a mainstream surf presence, and that is not an easy feat. July 26, 1990 // Hana, Hawaii.

AT’s Top 15 Women’s | Laura Enever | Number 9 

Very petite, quiet, and beautiful, this girl is surprisingly a strong powerhouse. She wields her surfboard like a weapon and her style is fast, sharp, and fluid which is no surprise with her background in gymnastics. Laura holds a huge repertoire of aerial tricks and she can hold her own in competitions. She’s the holder of the Triple Crown Rookie of the Year, and she’s got lots ahead of her. Laura also starred in the action packed surf movie, “Leave A Message.” November 19, 1991 // North Narrabeen, Australia

AT’s Top 15 Women’s | Lakey Peterson | Number 8    

After 2009 with a spectacular year, Lakey’s career has skyrocketed. She collected sponsors, a spot on the USA team, and a spot in Nike 6.0’s movie “Leave A Message.” She has a lot of potential which she has already shown at previous competitions like the U.S. Open. Keep an eye out for her and you won’t be disappointed. She’s wonderful too, her dog is named Hagrid! September 30, 1994 // Santa Barbara, California.

AT’s Top 15 Women’s | Carissa Moore | Number 1

Aye, the long awaited number one. Who else could this be?! Carissa is a real powerhouse with a style that awes even the harshest of critics. She took home two World Tour event wins in 2011-six overall- the only rookie to beat Stephanie Gilmore. She missed an event in Peru for her high school graduation, but still finished with a rank of third. Carissa is one of only two women in the past forty years to make the SURFER magazine cover, the youngest winner of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, and a win at the 2010 U.S. Open at Huntington Beach. Carissa will no doubt be one of the most record-breaking, amazing women’s surfer in history. August 27, 1992 // Honolulu, Hawaii.

AT’s Top 15 Women’s | Stephanie Gilmore | Number 4

Definition of rad? Stephanie Gilmore. Her surf style is refreshing and outta this world, maybe that’s why she has so many wins, including multiple titles in Roxy, Billabong, and Rip Curl Pro competitions. She is a four time world champ on the ASP Women’s Tour. January 29, 1988 // Murwillumbah, Australia.

AT’s Top 15 Women’s | Courtney Conlogue | Number 7   

Not only is Courtney a pretty face, she’s an amazing surfer. She has a competitive drive and a physical ability that many others don’t. She won the ASP 6-star Event in 2010 and received a fourth rank in the world overall. She recently transitioned from a high-school student to a full time surfer. Time will tell how well she is going to do. August 15, 1992 // Santa Ana, California.