“there’s no end, there is no goodbye…”

5. m83 - Wait

2011’s #1 song kicked off a trilogy of videos from m83 that all led to the release of the third and final installment this past November. This was my personal favorite track off of Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, m83’s latest double album released late in 2011. The video follows our freakishly gifted “Midnight City” kids to the aftermath of their aftermath. For me, this entire double album could be some sort of trippy full-length movie about these kids. Sort of makes me wonder if this pairs well with a movie a la Dark Side Of The Moon and The Wizard of Oz. Looks like I have a mission for 2013!


“when you’re really by yourself it’s hard to find someone to hold your hand”

9. Grimes - Oblivion

The biggest buzz in the music industry of 2012 definitely belonged to the one and only Claire Boucher, better known as Grimes. This video was my first introduction to our favorite Canuck, and what an incredible intro this was! How could anyone not fall in love with this young, awkward girl dancing aimlessly at a motocross?? Certainly not me! This was one of those songs that I enjoyed more and more with every listen, and my obsession still continues to grow! She has the perfect voice to accompany her style of dreamy electro-pop. I wouldn’t be surprised to find her on every producers "need to work with” list, but hopefully she reserves that right to her BFF Blood Diamonds!