fireheartes  asked:

Margaery Tyrell?

yes!!! THE queen obviously

  1. alec lightwood (jemsdrug)    
  2. belle french (annniewinger)    
  3. jem carstairs (whatthefuckmoriarty)      
  4. magnus bane (jigglywigglymagnusbooty)      
  5. lydia martin (seemyflames)     
  6. kurt hummel (heronstairsblackthorn) 
  7. tris prior (sterekwizards)    
  8. finnick odair (trisqrioor)    
  9. juliet burke (seeyouinanothalifebrotha)
  10. margaery tyrell (mseverdeenes) 

Top 10 Arrested Development Characters [As Voted by My Followers]

#7: Lindsay Bluth Fünke

There’s a cream with real diamonds in it…I can actually smear diamonds on my face, and it’s only $400 a tub! That’s like, what? A million diamonds for $400? A million fucking diamonds!