Top 10 Outlander Episodes as voted by my followers: 02. Dragonfly In Amber

If I have to endure 200 years of purgatory 200 years without you, then that is my punishment that I have earned for my crimes, for I have lied, killed, stolen, betrayed and broken trust. But when I stand before God, I’ll have one thing to say to weigh against all the rest. Lord you gave me a rare woman and God, I loved her well!

10 songs i enjoy listening to

@silfadya tagged me to list 10 songs i currently enjoy listening to.
check out these bands because i think they are dope af XD

1. Megadeth - Poisonous shadows    (my favorite band btw)
2. Yngwie Malmsteen - Fire and ice   (my guitarhero XD)
3. Ozzy Osbourne - Shot in the dark
4. Bullet for my valentine - Your betrayal
5. Flyleaf - Again
6. Exodus - The toxic Waltz \m/
7. Linkin park - Breaking the habit  (This song helped me through a lot)
8. Asking alexandria - Morte et dabo
9. Slipknot - Sic
10. Dayshell - share with me
Bonus: Social Anxiety - Beautiful smile 

What’s your top 10 list at the moment? -Tag us and let us know 

My top 10 anime in 2016

1. Kiss him, not me 

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2. Yuri on Ice 

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3. Rainbow Days 

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4. Keijo!!!!!!!!

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5. Durarara 

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6. Mob Psycho 100

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7. 91 Days 

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8.  My Hero Academia

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9. Sekko Boys

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10. Barakamon 

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