My Top Ten TV Tomboys - #7

Jade Chan - Jackie Chan Adventures

In many ways, Jade is the dream of every tomboy: to go on wild and magical adventures with her martial arts expert uncle and learn the art of kick-buttery herself. Constantly clad in her orange sweater and a can-do attitude, Jade Chan exemplifies tomboy-hood by always being ready to engage in any situation with complete confidence. She is so willing of course, that her uncle Jackie and every other adult around her tries to stop her, but nothing and no one can stop her tenacity and wit.

My Top Ten TV Tomboys - #6

Francine Frensky - Arthur

When I was five or six, before I even knew what a tomboy was, I identified with Francine, Arthur’s best female friend. She extremely competitive and unrelenting, from sports, to singing, to performing in plays. She is the ultimate athlete, playing soccer, basketball, hockey, horseback riding, even bowling, and dominating the field at every one. She’s worn a few dresses over the years on Arthur to her chagrin, but gender usual neutral red-shirt-blue jeans look is the classic outfit that I copied from time to time. She sometimes engages in a few girly activities with her diametrically feminine best friend Muffy, but she always retains her own boyish presence and her strong opinions.