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Computer Top 25

1 Michigan - I admit it.  I was wrong about Michigan.  Can we move on please?

2 Alabama - An awesome win?  Yep.  So whats the problem?  Well Penn State winning made Michigan look better.  Arkansas and Ole Miss getting trounced made Bama look worse. The USC and Tennessee games are still the best performances by any team this year but Michigan never struggled with Ole Miss

3 Louisville - They also have two of the best wins of the year (FSU being the 4th best win and NC State making the top 10).  They went out with a case to prove and that case was “We are still better than Clemson”

4 Ohio State -  They should have won.  They outplayed Penn State for 4 quarters but one massive play flipped the game from a boring Ohio State win to the kind of loss that is painful to see.

5 Clemson - I told you Auburn was good.  I didn’t know Troy was good.  But I told you Auburn was good.  We will get to Auburn soon

6 Washington - Chris Petersen has is being held down by one game: Arizona.  They haven’t been the most consistent team which is actually good news because it means they could be a bit better than this.  But they are right now looking pretty significantly inferior to Michigan/Bama

7 LSU -  I TOLD YOU LSU WOULD BE GOOD!.  It just turns out Wisconsin is better than I thought and Auburn is as good as I thought.  Everyone else told you but give me credit for never deviating from saying LSU was good and shouldn’t have fired Miles.

8 (TIE) Boise State - They’re good too.  And incredibly consistent.  Which means they acutally are good and actually aren’t any better than this.  But Boise should be happy with “Probably top 10 definitely not #1″

8 (TIE) Wisconsin - I hope they win their division.  I hate to see scheduling doom a team.

10 Colorado -  I’ve never been so happy to be so wrong.  The Buffs are #Good

11 Auburn -  I wish I had been wrong but Gus Malzahn is a damn good coach and anyone who wanted him fired needs their head examined.  They were way better than you thought last year and they are great this year.

12 West Virginia - West Virginia is legit, spread the word.

13 Washington State - I feel WAY more comfortable with them at 13 than where they previously were.  Could win the PAC 12

14 Texas A&M - They actually put up a fight in Tuscaloosa, not everyone does that.  Give them credit.

15 Western Michigan - This could all fall apart like Houston but… it won’t.  ROW THE FRIKKIN BOAT

16 USC - Early USC was BAD.   Recent USC is nearly playoff caliber.

17 Baylor - Wow its sad that the top Big 12 team being #12 made me call them legit.  Yeah neither Baylor not WVU deserves a playoff bid.

18 Florida State - They’re only kind of good honestly.

19 Florida - They were right to be scared of LSU

20 Oklahoma - Oklahoma Suks is a beer in Texas.whose can is burnt orange.  Thought you should know.

21 Nebraska - They aren’t nearly as good as Wisconsin…

22 Ole Miss - So freaking inconsistent.

23 Utah - Hey the Utes are ranked!!! That makes me happy

24 UCLA - Yes they’re 3-5 bite me.  I stand by this.

129 Penn State -  I mentioned before.  Penn State is my honorary #129 because… they are disgusting and my sister nearly died in the riot last night as people trampled her.  That fan base is just a massive probably way more than half of them in a basket of deplorables.  Its disgusting.  But only 24 football teams are better than them this year.

But serious Penn State your football program should be shut down.  There is something seriously seriously wrong with you

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Top 10 sailor Moon Monster of the week

10. Screaming violin woman (093)

9. Pegasus hits the gym (143)

8. WHAT the ACTUAL HELL (151)

7. An 80s stripper who also happens to be a shoe (106)

6. Me (114)

5. The animation department had a lot of extra pink paint (174)

4. An elephant vacuum cleaner, but like in a sexy way (094)

3. My breasts are two small screaming snowmen (038)

2. Ball Family (132, 140, 146)

1. A straight-up, actual volcano (067)



#10 on our favourite Ed Collabs is…:

Lay It All On Me featuring Rudimental!

I think I love this version the best because look at him all shaved and baby-faced!  Also, he is SO adorable and awkward without his guitar.  I luff him! 

We’ll post the next Collab on the countdown on Tuesday!!  Hope you enjoy our fun little distraction while we wait on that boy to get his booty back here!

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IMDB’s top ten highest voted episodes of Teen Titans [insp]


Listen to me. A ceasefire is not a betrayal. What you did on that battlefield stopped a war. Your legacy will be peace.



Note: I have captioned the pictures for those of you who don’t like having to scroll back up and look at the pictures after you read the names. All you have to do is click on the picture to see the caption.

1. Hypselodoris kanga

2. Acanthodoris pylosa

3.  Cyerce nigricans

4. Elysia crispata (’Lettuce sea slug’)

5. Flabellina iodinea

6. Costasiella kuroshimae (’Sea sheep’)

7. Glaucus atlanticus (’Blue angel’)

8. Phyllodesmium poindimiei

9. Dirona albolineata

10. Hexabranchus sanguineus (’Spanish dancer’)



1. Italy - Basil leaves, long pasta, and fresh tomatoes.

2. India - Spicy curry chicken, boiled white rice, cooked cheera thoran and a small single poppadom in the middle.

3. Brazil - A large banana leaf background covered with juicy limes, pineapple, and passionfruit. 

4. China - Dragon fruit cut into cubes, an different sized yellow star fruit.

5. United States - Traditional American hot dog paired with a plate of mistake dots for stars.

6. Greece - Fresh red olives and cubes of feta cheese.

7. South Korea - The South Korean Flag is made up of Kimbap, which is the Korean version of sushi and consists of beef, pickled veggies and other ingredients wrapped in white rice and a dried seaweed sheet. The center is made up dipping sauces.

8. France - Blue cheese, brie, and grapes.

9. The UK -  The UK is represented here by scone, cream and different colored jams in a tribute to the British tradition of afternoon tea.

10. Thailand - Blue swimmer crab, shredded coconut and sweet chili sauce depict Thailand’s national flag.


the signs as Tuxedo Mask speeches

Aries: Pure, innocent maidens who love sweet foods… I cannot forgive fake dentists who snare them into unfair traps!

Taurus: I will not allow anyone to tarnish a star-drenched evening with tasteless evil. I am just one stem of a rose that cuts through evil.

Gemini: A supermarket is the people’s fountain of health. The fresh vegetables of the open country and the melt-in-your-mouth shabu shabu meat are angry!

Cancer: The hospital is a mansion of life that saves people who have fallen ill. Those who fill it with tainted energy, I cannot forgive!

Leo: It is a woman’s eternal wish to stay beautiful in the latest fashions. To protect the wishes of all women, I am here!

Virgo: If you can’t understand what it feels like to be a Pawn, you have no right to command the Queen.

Libra: Turning a sacred place of learning into a battlefield is an unforgivable outrage. Now, Sailor Moon, teach them the ABCs of Justice!

Scorpio: A true boxer would never hit a lovely young maiden. Instead, he would embrace her gently.

Sagittarius: The beach is a garden of beauties in swimsuits. It is not well-suited to bombs! Massive amounts of gunpowder should be for large fireworks to light up the night sky!

Capricorn: Ruffian who creates a storm of riots in the warm sun of Spring! It’s best you retreat!

Aquarius: The drum is a percussion instrument. If used correctly, it can touch people’s hearts. But you have used it as a weapon. You are a disgrace as a musician! If you are going to play the drum anyway, play something like the cheerful tune of a Japanese dance!

Pisces: Sweets are works of art, nurtured by the dreams of young girls. And at times, even the sweet hearts of those girls who adore beauty, will melt. Sweet sugar candies can melt away their heartache. But even those sugar candies sometimes melt.

Top Ten Things About Pisces

1. They love with everything in them and give all that they have.

2. They’ve seen dark things but they have faith in the beauty of life no matter how haunted they are.

3. It brings them pleasure to make the lives of others brighter.

4. They are very quirky and unashamed to be themselves and be different.

5. They are very gentle and comforting with everyone around them.

6. Pisces have an imagination that is boundless and enrapturing.

7. They are wise beyond their years, some say they are old souls.

8. They don’t let things bring them down no matter how much they are suffering.

9. They are very adaptable and can work in almost any situation.

10. They can see the beauty in everything, big or small, obvious or not.


Get to Know Me Meme: || [9/10] Favourite Actresses || Gillian Anderson

All I ever got was: “Smile! Smile!” when I didn’t want to smile. And I really wish that somebody at that time had told me: “You know that it’s OK to be who you really are.”

Top Ten Things About Sagittarius

1. Sagittarians are generous and warmhearted individuals who will give the shirt off their back for anyone.

2. They can make friends with anyone from any country, any background, any class.

3. No matter what, they always remain enthusiastic and optimistic.

4. They value honesty and won’t tell a lie even when it’s in their best interest.

5. Letting go and just living life comes naturally to them and they help others do the same.

6. They are explorers of the world and the mind.

7. Like their symbol the Centaur, they bring together the sophisticated and the wild in the best ways.

8. Their sense of humor is always original and fantastic.

9. You won’t meet a more trustworthy individual.

10. Their laugh is bold, brave and makes your heart warm.

Aries - TaurusVirgo - Pisces

Top Ten Things About Virgo

1. Virgos are highly considerate of those around them and always kind even when they have been mistreated.

2. They are modest in a way which is sweet and endearing.

3. They are quick-witted and have a hidden humor which is warm and, more often than not, quirky.

4. They are always earnest and their intentions pure.

5. Virgos seek to serve others and in a wholly honest way.

6. They are quietly charming and their eyes always seem to sparkle.

7. They are perhaps the most dependable of the entire Zodiac, particularly to their family.

8. When you’re in trouble, no one will come to your aid quicker than a Virgo, no matter what.

9. They have a special knack for healing, whether it is physical or emotional, in a hospital or at home simply making their sick friend chicken noodle soup.

10. They are very generous with their family and anyone they recognize as in need.