Guys~ i did a thing. 

My top Ten fave Voltage men in one chibi sketch! Ren took me 45 friggin’ minutes for his draft while the rest took like, 5 minutes (except Kippei, Taka, and Sats, who took 10 mins).  sketching is all i’m good at sadly. still epic fail.


Akiyoshi & Hideki: Nailed it. (no more words needed to be said.)


Ren & Taka: ZZZ… (score sheets and research schematics strewn everywhere.)

Takao: Sheesh these two… *drapes blanket over them*


Daichi: ….

Sor: *whips out gun before anything can be said*

Satsuki: Now, now… calm down… Ichinomiya-san! please get your friend out of here before both our hotels are burned down.


Noel: Ramen?

Kippei: Sure. After i submit this report.


zaizenakiyoshi greeneyedsky laughedwiththeplague aquadoozy spyoflove kissedbysoryu kalina-a 

i dont think i did your hubby(s) enough justice…

⭐️ top 10 ways to improve your recruitment communication skills! ⭐️

One-on-one conversations are the heart and soul of sorority recruitment. PNMs and sisters can make some improvements to increase their communicate abilities. Having better rush conversations is the key to making the best sorority matches!

⭐️  Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Recruitment Communication Skills ⭐️

  • REALLY Listen. While the PNM or sister is speaking, don’t be thinking about what you’re going to say next. Don’t be thinking about ways to make a cool impression. Don’t be plotting your next move. Instead, really tune into what the girl across from you is saying. Only then can an authentic dialog take place. If you honestly hear what she’s speaking about, you will respond on a deeper level and a genuine connection will be made. Pay attention. Let the other person talk without interruption. “A good conversation is a bunch of words elegantly connected with listening.” Listening attentively is hard work. Doing it all week is even harder. But a keen ear and thoughtful responses are what real bonding is all about. Avoid the “fake” sorority chat trap! Truly listen with your heart and your head at all times. 
  • Show Empathy. Empathy is about understanding what the PNM/sister is talking about. During your rush talks, respond with “ah” and “oh” to let the other girl know you’re getting the point and you empathize with what she’s saying. Slow down a little, don’t cut off the other person’s sentences, think before you speak and ask followup questions. Embrace what’s being said and what emotions are being shared in each conversation. Connect with what the PNM/sister is feeling and you will increase the effectiveness of your rush communication. 
  • Be Appropriately Brief. Rush conversations are just a few minutes each, especially in the early rounds. Avoid droning on and on about a boring subject. A successful rush chat should be energetic, to the point and quickly moving forward. Rush rounds are high energy. Your speaking style should be nimble, sharp and spirited. Practice some of these C’s of good recruitment communication ~ be concrete, clear, coherent, charming and courteous.
  • Tailor Your Message. Each PNM/sister is different. Some will get your whacky sense of humor, others won’t. Some are bubbly and others are quiet. Be quick thinking and tailor your talking points to the type of person you are chatting with. Some conversations will be easier than others. But a skilled communicator will adjust to her “audience” and make it work. Take the other girl’s personality into account when you are pitching yourself or pitching your sorority. 
  • Tune Out Distractions. Sorority houses are filled with maximum distractions. So many girls, so many conversations going on at once! Laser focus on your partner and tune out the rest. Never dart your eyes around the room looking for another sister or PNM. Don’t let our attention wander to the decorations while the girl across from you is speaking. Ignore the urge to use the restroom, eat a cookie, pull at your bra strap, listen in on the conversation next to you, sneak out your cell phone, etc… Your communication will be improved if you make everything else disappear except for the lovely girl right in front of you. 
  • Ask Questions and Follow Up. Recruitment talks are not monologs or interviews. Conversations flow back and forth naturally. It doesn’t matter what the topic is, you can ask a question about it. Engage in what’s being discussed and follow up with additional comments of your own. Be inquisitive, curious and fascinated by every topic. You should be interested, as well as interesting! 
  • Tell a Story. Stories are powerful. They make an impression. Share stories of your high school adventures, your family’s travels, your unique life experiences and other things that make you memorable. Practice your storytelling before recruitment to make sure you’re sharing the positive highlights. Get used to speaking about your life in a humorous, lighthearted way ~ or a sensitive, sincere way. If you touch the hearts of the girls you speak with, you are sure to make a lasting impression. Don’t read from a script, but do have your personal stories nailed down. 
  • Have a plan. PNMs and sisters should not sound “rehearsed,” but some pre-planning is necessary for recruitment success. Plan what you’re going to talk about, what questions to ask, what you want to highlight, what you want to down play, what your interests are, who you are as a person or a chapter, etc… Role play small talk before rush week. Have your talking points firmly in your mind, but leave room for improvisation. Be prepared to find at least one thing in common with every girl you speak with!
  • Get Rid of Annoying Conversation Fillers. Work hard to eliminate “uh” “um” “like” and “you know” from your vocabulary. The first step to ridding yourself of these irritating bad habits, is to start counting how many times you utter them when you speak. Once you catch yourself saying “like” ALL THE TIME, you can begin to stop it. Constantly repeating those unnecessary words keeps you from sounding confident and mature. Break yourself of the “uh/um/like/you know” habit as soon as possible. 
  • Watch Your Body Language. If you stand with your arms crossed across your body, that says more about what you’re thinking, than what’s coming out of your mouth. If you try to shrink away, twist your legs into pretzels, tap your toes, crack your knuckles, constantly touch your hair or face, fidget, drum your fingers, hang your head and other non-verbal cues, you will send the wrong message to the PNM or sister you’re trying to impress. Check yourself. Always be aware of what your body is doing, while your mouth is busy making small talk. Remain calm, open and relaxed in your arms, legs and overall posture. Even if you don’t feel that way inside!


(My) Top Ten Characters Who Are Fellow Book Nerds

This weekly feature was created by The Broke and the Bookish and you can find out more here

Aka fellow bookers! I did a post that’s very similiar for a Top Ten Tuesday a few months ago but here’s an updated version.

In order of the character name to avoid bias. Also add Hermione in here somewhere because I kind of forgot about her, but I always associate her more with studying. Special mention to Belle and Rapunzel from their respective Disney movies.

1. Briony Hatch (Briony Hatch)

I really enjoyed this graphic novel, mostly because of the title character, Briony Hatch. While I’m not as intense a fangirl as she is, her love of books (especially one series) is relatable.

2. The Semperes (The Shadow of the Wind)

The Shadow of the Wind is one of my favourite novels and there’s lots of reasons for that - two being the bookish element and the characters. Daniel and his father stand out to me especially, due to the Sempere and Son bookstore and Daniel being the protagonist who we visit the Cemetery of Forgotten Books with and his interest in Julian Carax’s novel.

3. A.J. Fikry, Lambiase and co. (The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry)

Such a lovely character-driven story about books. I loved Fikry’s introductions to each chapter and the other characters and their connection to books. Lambiase stands out to me.

4. The Guernsey and Literary Potato Peel Pie Society

Another lovely book with a small town/island and their connection to books. People in Guernsey during WWII and the German occupation accidentally start an eccentric book club.

5. Hazel Grace Lancaster (The Fault in Our Stars)

Something I appreciated about The Fault in Our Stars was always Hazel’s love of An Imperial Affliction. Also her and Gus exchanging books. Random but when I was watching the movie, I was trying to see what books Hazel had on her shelves. I spotted quite a few classics and Catching Fire.

+ Murph (Interstellar) because I got a little carried away

(I did the same with Interstellar too. Ooh can I add Murph to this? Probably not but yes, I love Murph’s bookshelves. A couple of books I spotted on her shelves were Sherlock Holmes and Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick.)

6. Jess (Ink and Bone)

Well, this one’s a little more complicated than the others but he’s a book thief. He’s devastated when something happens to a book infront of him and he seems to care for them. Early on in Ink and Bone, he was reading something his dad’s supposed to sell on the black market.

7. Jo March (Little Women)

My favourite March sister. Yay for Jo!

8. Liesel Meminger (The Book Thief)

I love Liesel. She’s a word shaker! The only books I’ve “stolen” are a book on Henry VIII I “accidentally” forgot to return to a teacher, and The Lovely Bones and The Time Traveler’s Wife from my mum.

9. Matilda

Matilda, along with Belle from Beauty and the Beast, was the first character I came across who loved books like I did. She encouraged me to read more - especially classics, though I wasn’t quite as advanced as her - and told me it was awesome to be a reader.

10. Sara and Amy (The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend)

This book turned out to be pretty disappointing as a whole but I loved the bookish element and how relatable Sara and Amy’s love of books was. There’s so many lovely quotes and references, and it was also nice to see a friendship that was formed through books.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to share your thoughts on these books or your own top ten list

🎉 building the ultimate bid day goodie bag! 🎉

Q: I was wondering what would be some good items to put in a bid day goodie bag? 

A: First select a super cute tote bag from one of my FAVE Sponsors such as ABD or GREEKU! Then select your favorite treats to go inside. How many gifts you give depends on your budget. Ordering in bulk helps bring down the price per item. Everything you select should be customized with your sorority name, greek letters, symbols, or mascot for extra flair. Your new members will be thrilled to get their very first sorority swag from their new chapter! xoxo ;)

🎁 Top 50 Sorority Bid Day Goodie Bag Gift Ideas! 🎁 

  • Tumbler
  • Mug
  • Water Bottle
  • Koozie
  • Plush Toy 
  • Headband 
  • Sunglasses
  • Notebook
  • Note Pad/Note Cards
  • Sticky Notes/Tabs 
  • Key Fob
  • Luggage Tag
  • Laptop/Car Decal 
  • Stickers
  • Magnets
  • Picture Frame 
  • Candy 
  • Landyard 
  • Sunglass Strap
  • Makeup Bag
  • Pens & Pencils
  • Pillowcase
  • Button 
  • Pocket Mirror
  • Casual Bracelet 
  • Bumper Sticker
  • License Plate Frame
  • Coin Purse
  • Nail Files
  • Nail Polish/Nail Wraps 
  • Metallic Tattoos 
  • Mini Clipboard 
  • Hair Ties 
  • Socks 
  • Flip Flops
  • Dry Erase Board 
  • Cookies
  • Small ID Holder
  • Decorative Wood Block
  • Bottle of Bubbles
  • Colorful Straws 
  • Plastic Mason Jar
  • Charm
  • Hanging Decor 
  • Art Print
  • Lip Balm
  • Stemmed Cup
  • Dog Tag
  • Weekly/Monthly Calendar
  • Coasters

Also fun for your new members to wear on bid day ~ tank top/tee shirt, cap and fanny pack!

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So for our first real post over here at Duchesses, to celebrate the Monegasque royal wedding, here’s a top ten list of my favorite royal wedding dresses with commentary and tidbits.

10. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

April 29, 2011

Kate Middleton has long been one of my favorites in the world of royalty and almost royalty (obviously!), but her wedding outfit is surprisingly… lacking. While I like it more than other royal wedding dresses, enough to obviously get it on the top ten, I must admit that I was left wanting more when I first saw the pictures.

Designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, the dress is ivory and white satin gazar, and Kate topped it with a translucent, nearly transparent veil and the Halo Scroll tiara, not seen since Princess Anne was younger. It features a corset closed in the back with 58 buttons, something I find rather endearing in a wedding dress, if a little impractical. The bride wore a new pair of earrings featuring acorns (a nod to the Middleton family coat of arms), satin shoes, and her hair in a demi-chignon style that, frankly, left me very bored. Kate has beautiful hair. I’m sure she wanted to show it off for her wedding day and I do not fault her for that. But as a spectator, I was hoping for a soft updo. What makes me love this gown is all the LACE.

9. Princess Sophia

June 13, 2015

I couldn’t not include my other favorite royal gal, now could I?

Prince Carl Philip has been, along with Prince Harry, one of Europe’s most eligible bachelor for quite some time now. His reign has come to an end with his marriage to Sofia Hellqvist, a former reality TV star and model. Swedish designer Ida Sjöstedt crafted a beautiful silk crepe gown featuring a strapless base, flowing train, and a long-sleeved Italian silk organza overlay with applied lace made by José María Ruiz. She was adorned with a new tiara commissioned by the King and Queen, a diamond and emerald tiara with honeysuckle motifs. Emerald is my birthstone and I’m rather fond of it, and it surprised me to see color on an occasion usually reserved for clear diamonds, but I quite enjoyed it.

Unlike Kate’s dress, however, I dislike the lace on Sofia’s gown. I feel it’s too large and loud, and in some respects very much like her sister-in-law Madeleine’s wedding gown (which I disliked) around the neckline. I love, love, LOVE the the strapless base, however - I feel that if she hadn’t been marrying a prince, Sofia would’ve stuck to just that. Her hair is beautifully pulled back the way I’d have liked Kate’s to be, but my other little quibble is that it exposed her neck tattoo. Now, I like tattoos - I have four of them myself, as well as a heavily tattooed family - but there are some events where they seem out of place. A wedding, especially a royal one, is one of those events.

8. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

June 19, 2010

Much like with Kate’s gown, Victoria’s gown initially disappointed me. It seemed so heavy and plain. The woman is the crown princess of a nation! Her choice of tiara baffled me as well; I remember telling my (now ex-) boyfriend about “this princess I love who wore the Burger King crown at her own wedding.” However, the more I look at it, the more I really enjoy it.

Swedish designer Pär Engsheden was commissioned to fabricate a cream-colored duchess silk satin gown with a rounded collar, deep V in the back, and silk-covered buttons leading down to a cumberbund-esque waist. The train was reasonably short and manageable, appearing to be two to three feet long. She wore the traditional Swedish veil and her hair in an elegant chignon. Continuing with tradition, she also sported the tiara and bracelet belonging to the Swedish Cameo parure, which her mother Queen Silvia wore at her own wedding in 1976. With such detail in the cameos themselves, it’s easy to understand why the dress itself lacks big details like Kate’s lace overlay. 

My only real complaint with Victoria’s look is: I really, really wish she had worn her hair down. The opposite of the Duchess of Cambridge, Victoria attends most events with her hair in a simple updo, and she looks just beautiful with her gorgeous hair loose. But again, with so much going on up top (the veil, the tiara), loose locks probably would’ve distracted the viewer.

7. Beatrice Borromeo

July 25, 2015 (civil wedding)

A lot of people did not like the dress Beatrice wore for her civil wedding to Pierre Casiraghi, and I can understand why. The lace cape-type thing is very distracting, and certainly looked better in designer Valentino’s sketch than in real life. However, there’s a certain charm in the pale pink and gold lace silk chiffon gown, evoking a real “fairy princess” vibe that I find just beautiful. I do love the flowers in the lace, but my chief complaint is Beatrice’s hairpiece, which I initially thought was a tiara and quite odd for a civil wedding. Following now sister-in-law Tatiana Santo Domingo’s cue, it seems, Beatrice wore a crown of flowers atop her head, perhaps taking the fairy princess theme a teeny bit too far.

6. Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie

October 19, 2012 (civil wedding)

Following the civil wedding trend, I think I am one of the few who preferred Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy’s civil wedding outfit to her religious one. There’s just something about a crisp dress suit I enjoy, so when the new Hereditary Grand Duchess stepped out in this Chanel number to marry Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume, I fell in love. The silver shoes perfectly match the silver strap on her purse and the silver accents on her ivory suit, and I even like her hair (though I still think it’s pinned oddly) - Stéphanie has beautiful hair.

5. Princess Sophie of Prussia

August 27, 2011

I was actually unaware of Princess Sophie of Isenburg’s very existence until her wedding to Prince Georg Friedrich was featured on one of my favorite blogs. Since then, she’s become a welcome face at events, though they are few and far inbetween seeing as how I don’t speak German (and the majority of her events are covered in German) and she does not attend major events of the more well-known royals. :(

That being said, the first thing I thought when I saw Sophie’s Wolfgang Joop dress, was “Oh my GOD.” And not in the good way. But after Googling several pictures and reading terrible Google translations of German articles, I really think I like this. I don’t think I would ever wear it for my own wedding, but it’s really very sweet in its own way, and perfect for Sophie. 60 meters of multiple different silks were used to create the unique asymmetrical pleats that feature quite prominently on the skirt of the dress, and the whole thing has a kind of floaty feeling similar to the one that attracts me to Beatrice’s civil wedding dress. Over the dress she wore a translucent silk jacket - many royal families have certain protocols prohibiting uncovered shoulders in churches. (She removed the jacket for the reception.) Taking a leaf out of Victoria’s book, Sophie wore two heirlooms on her wedding day: the Isenburg family veil and the Isenburg tiara, which easily became one of my favorites for its delicate features. (At the reception, she switched to Princess Cecile’s kokoshnik tiara.)

4. Crown Princess Mette-Marit

August 25, 2001

For someone who has been very vocal about her love of lace and embellishments, it astounds even me that I like the dress Mette-Marit wore the day she married Crown Prince Haakon. Ove Harder Finseth was asked to design the dress for the unlikely royal bride (Mette-Marit was a single mother with a questionable past), and he came up with a beautiful-in-its-simplicity number that evokes running water. Look at that skirt! Look at that veil! The draping is just gorgeous. The entire thing was made out of ecru silk tulle, with a veil much longer than the train. To top everything off, she wore very natural makeup, her hair in a simple bun, and her new Diamond Daisy Tiara, which has since become my favorite small tiara. While I still love lace and embroidery and embellishments, this simple dress is just divine.

3. Zara Phillips

July 30, 2011

Oh look, another non-lacy gown! 

Zara Phillips is the daughter of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips. Unlike her cousins William, Harry, Beatrice, and Eugenie, Zara and her brother Peter are not titled and live rather quiet lives. I think her 2011 wedding to rugby player Mike Tindall constitutes the most amount of public attention Zara has received in her entire life, and with good reason - have you SEEN her dress?

As expected, the bride wore a tradition, unfussy Stewart Parvin gown. It was created in ivory silk faille and silk duchess satin and featured timeless silk tulle cap sleeves, full skirt, and corset bodice. Like her cousin-in-law Kate, Zara also had silk-covered buttons down the back of her dress, extended all the way to the hemline. Her dress had nearly no train, which I felt was perfect given the style of the skirt. She wore a cathedral-length silk tulle veil and, for the first time (publicly), a tiara(!) Borrowed from her mother, atop her beautiful blonde head sat the Meander tiara. I’m not a fan of this tiara, but I’ve only seen it on Princess Anne. On Zara, especially with her elegant chignon, it fits. Her earrings are reminiscent of Kate’s, though the center drops are just diamonds, not acorns. A beautiful, girly look from such a sporty gal.

2. Princess Claire

April 12, 2003

Claire is the wife of Prince Laurent of Belgium and is a member of the extended Belgian royal family. I’m not very familiar with her, if you want me to be honest, but I am familiar with this dress, which was the inspiration behind Princess Mia’s wedding dress in the (kind of awful) Princess Diaries sequel.

This dress is everything that I love. Designed by Natan (heavily favored by Belgian Queen Mathilde and Dutch Queen Máxima), this simple yet unsimple dress features a lace overlay culminating in long, off the shoulder sleeves and a simple train. She wore an antique veil covered with a layer of chantilly lace and a tiara gifted to her by her new family.

1. Autumn Phillips

May 17, 2008

Yes, folks, this right here is my favorite wedding dress of all time. A slimmer silhouette of this exact thing is actually what I desire for my own dress. Autumn Phillips, born Autumn Kelly, is the wife of Peter Phillips, sister to Zara, and daughter-in-law to Princess Anne. Born in Canada, Autumn and Peter keep to themselves but manage to attend many royal events, such as Ascot, Trooping the Color, and many, many polo matches with their two adorable girls. 

Back in 2008, Autumn had Sassi Holford create this bespoke gem for her wedding day.  It was made of Italian duchesse satin and Chantilly lace with an A-line skirt and a three-tiered sash at the waist. A beaded bolero (my only niggle - I much preferred when I thought it was sleeves) of ivory Chantilly lace covered the bride’s shoulders. She had a two yard cathedral-length train adorned with Chantilly lace and handmade bows, and wore a Swiss tulle veil. Autumn also borrowed mother-in-law Anne’s Festoon tiara for her big day, which fit in nicely with all the lace. I think what I love most about this look is that, unlike many royal wedding dresses, this one could actually be found in a shop and cost a reasonable amount.


Hoje é 25 de julho de 2015, 00:45
Estou a dez meses em tratamento hormonal e fazem 85 dias que fiz a mastectomia.

A vida é incrivelmente melhor. Mais fácil. As situações são menos eventos e a naturalidade das coisas e das relações podem rolar. Os olhares pesam menos. Embora eu ainda não tenha a menor idéia do que as pessoas pensam sobre mim, acho que não corro mais o “risco” de passar pelo meu pesadelo de ser confundido com uma mulher.
Isso não é verdade. Em São Paulo, a um mês atrás, mesmo depois da cirurgia e nove meses de hormônio, um cara me confundiu. Ele chegou na roda de amigos onde eu estava e foi me cumprimentar como se eu fosse uma garota, com um beijo no rosto. Eu estendi a mão pra ele, que na mesma hora percebeu o erro e falou, estupidamente, “po, cara, foi mal, achei que cê fosse uma mina” hahaha eu ri apontando e mirando uma garrafa de água na cara dele, como se fosse um trêsoitão. não disse nada, só deixei ele ficar constrangido com aquilo…… Alguns misgenderings também rolaram da parte de pessoas que sabem que sou trans, me apóiam e suportam……
Isso fode bastante minha cabeça, tentando entender o que é e como diabos funciona essa lógica de pensamento que me identifica como fêmea. Nunca tive resposta.
Mas meu superego me diz pra me aceitar do jeito que eu sou porque de qualquer forma eu me sinto “a little more blue than them”.
Eu sou o meu sonho e minha fantasia. Eu sou meu próprio herói, meu próprio pai e sinto que posso fazer tudo que eu quiser e for estruturalmente possível dentro (mesmo que contra) da sociedade bizarra - capitalista burguesa misógina falocentrica e heterocentrada doente - que eu pertenço (?), transito, habito, faço e não faço parte, consumo, excreto, vivo, faço barulho e morro.
Meu corpo é meu veículo, que eu alinho com minha subjetividade. Minha roupa, meu cabelo, minhas tatuagens. Toda mundo faz isso. Ta certo, algumas pessoas não fazem.
Meu corpo pode ser meu aliado e não um troço difícil de comandar.
Nesse mês que passou aconteceram mais mudanças em mim do que eu pude notar. Perdi um pouco a familiaridade com meu corpo, mas sempre que olho, noto, reparo ele, ou um novo músculo, pêlos por aí, é como perceber que tudo aquilo que eu sonhava em alcançar já está na minha mão, já está acontecendo, a vida é agora. E isso acontece todos os dias e é muito bom porque me deixa muito forte e faz com que todos os dias pareçam promissores.
Deixei os pêlos do meu bigode e queixo crescerem por um mês, talvez, e tava bastante legal, as pessoas comentavam e o fato da minha barba estar perceptível me deixava bem excitado, o que me deixava mais ansioso por mais barba, então finalmente me dizendo que iria crescer bem rápido e que fodasse, eu tinha que lidar com aquilo, raspei tudo. Ontem. Os pêlos ainda estão na pia, hoje olhei quando cheguei em casa. Estranhei muito minha cara sem aqueles fiapos! Muito. Hoje a noite recobrei um pouco a familiaridade comigo, constatando isso: que meu rosto mudou bastante desde a ultima vez que eu estive sem barba.
Meu voz desceu mais um pouco esse mês. É tão perceptível. É tão bom…
Nota: não fazer nunca mais a barba (nãã

Trevelyan Week Voting Slate: Top Ten

The Voting Rules for this round:

  • This time you only get 3 votes.
  • Since you only get 3, you cannot use multiple votes for 1 OC.
  • Send your votes as an ask!
  • Still No Anon Votes - Anon Votes will not count.
  • List the characters you’re voting for along with their creator’s URLs.
  • As with the voting for the 1st round, I will confirm the votes as soon as I’m able.
  • Voting ends tomorrow night, 7/29, at 10:00 PM United States Central Time.
  • The Top 3 will move on to the final round of voting for Trevelyan Week.
  • Let me know if you have any other questions!

Without further comment, here’s the slate of the Top Ten Trevelyans:

Alexandra Trevelyan - Created by knightcommanderalenko

Alexandra’s Tag

Artemis Trevelyan - Created by kalenkos

Artemis’s Tag

Bartridge Trevelyan - Created by cocotingo

Bartridge’s Tag

Bryanna Trevelyan - Created by black-rose4 (art by noctuaalba)

Bryanna’s Tag

Coriander Trevelyan - Created by dextronoms

Coriander’s Tag

Gavin Trevelyan - Created by theswordandthequill

Gavin’s Tag

Hadynne Trevelyan - Created by rayelian

Hadynne’s Tag

Kerra Trevelyan - Created by mynoodlesdoodles

Kerra’s Tag

Mally Trevelyan - Created by fuckyeahvarric

Mally’s Tag

Tobias Trevelyan - Created by kyttenfae

Tobias’s Tag

So the polls are open! Good luck to all of the Top Ten Trevelyans!