17,000 followers! How exciting and thanks to you all for liking maps :) In celebration, and because I haven’t updated this in a while, here’s the list of my most popular posted maps (and I’ll try to keep the page updated more regularly):

1) OKCupid’s state-by-state take on morality

2) The longest straight line you can travel on land

3) Regional prevalences of synonyms for ‘friend’

4) “Walled World” - the uneven distribution of wealth

5) The human bodily systems as a transit map

6) Spatial distortion on the London Underground

7) World maps by memory

8) If the world’s population lived like…

9) American Supremacy: Super Bowl wins by country

10) The world’s oldest trees
Forever Lost in Literature: Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Things Books Have Made Me Want To Do/Learn About After Reading Them

Well, it’s Tuesday, so I guess it’s time for another Top Ten Tuesday post! This one is about various things that books haves inspired us to explore, learn more about, or go out and do! I thought this was a pretty great topic, as I am constantly finding myself introduced to new subjects or activities from all the books I read. What have books inspired you to do?

if nct had tumblr
  • <p><b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Hansol:</b> food aesthetics, animals, perfect angled selfies, many dance videos (probably of him dancing), doesn't really use it but has a quality and pretty much popular blog, is also really friendly but the type to not send messages first or at all, changes icon only twice a year<p/><b>Taeil:</b> probs ranting all the time about the other members, his personal singing uploads, sometimes reblogs johnny's memes, a nice guy, is not really popular but doesn't care, posts selfies but doesnt know what to do with his face so they all look the same<p/><b>Johnny:</b> makes and posts his own memes, some of the memes are made out of the boys' photos, hella popular, also a fashion icon, his tags are sassy, won't hesitate to fight you, ''@tnt-ten us''<p/><b>Taeyong:</b> still prefers 'myspace', made a tumblr just to make sure the fetus line won't reblog anything nasty, b&w aesthetics, food porn, emo quotes and poetry, checks jaehyun's blog and always likes his posts, forgets to answer asks and messages, stil uses 'xD'<p/><b>Yuta:</b> drags dongyuck a lot, football stuff all over the place, secretly a meme enthusiast, is done with them all and judges a lot, stunning selfies, actually is a sweetheart too pure for the world, loves hansol and his blog and food pics more than life<p/><b>Kun:</b> accidentally unfollows people, was winwin's first follower, rarely online, messy blog, mostly reblogs stuff from the boys and doesn't wait until they load before he reblogs them, "kun/20/chinese", stalks winwin on a daily basis<p/><b>Ten:</b> Johnny's left hand, is that one guy who is also really popular and everyone is intimated of him but is actually a giant softie and a dork, 24/7 on tumblr, runs 33 sideblogs, keeps all of them updated, gorgeous selfies, also shemeless derp selfies, screams a lot in his tags<p/><b>Doyoung:</b> makes sarcastic jokes, constantly stressed when taeyong and ten are online, once almost blocked them, lives for the drama between the members, nature and blue aesthetics, sometimes is bitter and judgmental but tries his best, uses '$.$ , @.@ , ^.^ , : )" a lot<p/><b>Jaehyun:</b> "i've lived in america for 4 years, thats why im here baby", super duper popular, minimalist blog, typography, almost never responds to messages unless its mark, doyoung, taeyong or taeil, sexy selfies, shows his dimples a lot, blue black aesthetics, url is flawless<p/><b>WinWin:</b> mostly posts his own pics, cute morning selfies with filter, night selfies b&w and r00d, tumblr famous, his favourite blog is taeyong's blog, uses the trade mark a lot, everyone thinks he a model, url is loselose<p/><b>Mark:</b> also a meme enthusiast, johnny's bitch and part of the #foreignswaggerssquad alongside johnny ten and jaehyun, is ignored most of the time, texts back in 0.002 seconds, passionate about emojis, always on tumblr even during classes, stays up until 4am going through his dash and eating cereal, queues johnny's and ten's memes<p/><b>Donghyuck:</b> roasts everyone including the boys and the tumblr staff, a 5 y/o pure savage, when he was 10 everyone thought he was like 24 until he reblogged a hot wheels giveaway and lost 23 followers, is also a tumblr famous but still tries to outshine johnny, surprisingly aesthetically pleasing posts, makes the 'tag urself' memes out of the boys' derp pics<p/><b>Jaemin&Jeno:</b> run a sideblog together, meme on themselves, lonely af, used to be online for only 1-2 hours per day because taeyong would take their phones while they are at school and return them after they finish their homework but take them back at 8pm and they blocked him for revenge, the only ones who pay attention to them is mark, winwin and doyoung<p/><b>Jisung:</b> taeyong said he is too young for this shit and will let him make a blog when he turns 16 but until then he can only play candy crush and stardoll<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

WHAT~WHAT~WHAT?!?!? (^O  [  ] O)^ what is this NOT KYLUX content?!?! LOL! LOL! LOL! XD well~ brace yourselves followers… i’m going to start doing my best to post different stuff at least once a week! (-^ __^-) this is suppose to be my drawing blog, not JUST a kylux blog! so… i’m gonna try not to be afraid to do that! (O wO) <3 if you’d like to blacklist future content that isn’t kylux i guess i’ll tag it with “pidgy likes stuff”??? so yes! no need to fear if you’d like to avoid other stuff! (-^ w^-)

anyway! (O vO) before ever coming to Tumblr i had spent the entire season one run of the anime Osomatsu-san laughing my ass off with my friend every episode!!! we’d call each other up the second we’d finished watching it and just laugh till we cried! XD Some of you might recognize this as the art that was my original banner when i first started out here!!! anyway~ my friend’s favourite brother was Karamatsu and mine is Ichimatsu! So i made this because of our love for them!!! <3 <3 <3 i used the exact color pallet from the show, hence the bright blue line art! (-^ O^-) i can’t wait to re-watch it all before season two! <3

Top 10 “Meh” Things in Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III is really really good and a worthy send-off to the Souls series. Unfortunately, there are many aspects of the game that leave many fans scratching their heads. Whether it be underdeveloped plot points, unrewarding NPC quest lines, or strange game mechanics Dark Souls III doesn’t escape the criticism from fans. These are the Top 10 “Meh” Things in Dark Souls III


Outrider Knights being tougher than 90% of the games bosses.

This is #10 because it’s subjective and very personal to my experience. The Outrider Knights…are brutal. They are aggressive, strong, and resistant to many damage types. I’ve had more deaths to the Outrider Knights than all of the bosses…combined. Whether it’s just my shitty skill at Dark Souls III or a legitimate balance issue the Outrider Knights appear as weird difficulty spike in Dark Souls III


The lack of the Rusted Iron Ring

The rusted iron ring in Dark Souls I was never really needed because you could dodge roll at normal speed through water. In Dark Souls III you are at the mercy of the sludge and basilisks.So where’s the Rusted Iron Ring in the game where you actual need it? THERE IS NONE.


The Profaned Capital

For how epic the name “Profaned Capital” sounds…the actual level is short, boring, and kinda void of any interesting lore. Yhorm is a dumb fight and the only set piece is a fiery kiln with 4 jailers standing around it…why? We don’t know or care. What even is the Profaned Flame? This level sucks.


The Dark Souls References

Hey Guys. Remember that thing from back then!? Well it’s here! Aren’t these callbacks that have no real context or purpose great!? Guy?…Guys!?



You’re dumb. Your motivations don’t make much sense. You are chasing the mound makers, but for some reason you hate Rosaria’s covenent? You’re quest is convoluted, confusing, and ultimately the most unrewarding. Sirris is just…dumb.


Solaire Soup



The Giant Archer

The pinnacle of game writing and quest design. Just remember if you’re ever in a video game and struggling with poor game design just remember…HE HELP ANYTIME.


Proof of a Concord Kept




The video game equivalent of the planet Pluto. The broken poise in Dark Souls III is bad on its own, but was made worst by the poor communication from Bandai Namco and From Software. The weird absence of poise has many fans up in arms…you know…if those arms were strong enough to lift Havel’s gauntlet.


Dark Souls II didn’t matter.

Dark Souls II is a great game. I understand the community shits on it for many flaws, but still Dark Souls II is a thing that happened. Dark Souls II’s legacy in Dark Souls III is literally a bunch of Lucatiel’s items and this…


Dark Souls II deserves better than this. Dark Souls III basically ignores the lore of Dark Souls II and pretty much sets up the timeline like this.

Dark Souls I > Something about a shit elevator > Dark Souls III.

So yeah. Let me know what you guys think are some negative aspects of Dark Souls III!

«She shrugged her shoulders under a red flowy top and shuffled Converse-clad feet.

“Um, hi. I was wondering if you were the one? I mean, from the notice board,” she rushed to clarify. A blush crept onto her cheeks, making her even more beautiful.

“Hmm?” He lost himself in her whiskey-brown eyes. Out of your league, Doctor. Give it up, he chided himself.

“With my mp3 player?” She pointed inside to the source of the music.»

I just drew some more ficart but felt weird about posting it without adding the scene from the fic it was from. So this is for @skyler10fic‘s ten x rose au, Notice Board ~ It’s very cute and fluffy fanfic and you should most definitely read it <3

anonymous asked:

do you have any favourite blogs?

Hey! I wrote a somewhat comprehensive list a few months ago of blogs that I admire that you can find in my blog recs tag (/tagged/blog+recs). Granted, it can use an update, as I missed a few blogs at the time that I wrote it, but it is still a solid list nonetheless.

However, I would say that my current top five are as follows:

  • @soracities: I don’t think that Mim will ever not be within my top five because we have been friends for a long time and she is an absolute sweetheart. Solid aesthetic blog, excellent taste in poetry and literature.
  • @malglories: Possibly my favorite blog aesthetically, with elegant, but wonderfully morbid taste.
  • @luthienne: Wonderful, wonderful literature blog and Kelly is lovely.
  • @saintjoan: The princess of blogs, imo.
  • @elvedon: She writes absolutely beautiful poetry!

Also, check out: @wolfsmilk, @echymosis, @omniscientlyeye, @postmoderniste and @archaeologicals!

My Top Ten Voltage Men!

These are my Top Ten Voltage Men!!! This is just in case anyone was wondering and it’s also an excuse to go on about lovely 2D boys, which is never something I would object to…

This was HARD.

10. Kiyoharu Nanahoshi

I feel like Kiyo is pretty much me if I were ever to become 1) a guy and 2) a voltage character. The way he cares for his brother and his dry sense of humour are very familiar…

Oh yeah, and he’s completely gorgeous.

9. Yakov Chernenkov

Don’t mind me, I’m just gonna go ahead and fall in love with a late-release character… His route was beautiful and his resemblance to Elsa was not lost on me.

I wanna brush his hair and then just play with it forever and keep him forever!

8. Kaoru Kirishima

Ahh I’ve always loved Kaoru. That backstory got me right in the feels, and his route was so flipping good, despite his lack of words. His height is perfect, and I’m perfectly happy to be a part of the love triangle with Chiaki…

Also, Tama is a darn lucky cat.

7. Yuma Akagi

So I’m not usually one for buying epilogues, and then epilogues of epilogues, and then whatever else Voltage can release to make us throw more money at these beautiful characters… but for whatever reason, I did just that with Yuma. And despite him calling me a bum or whatever the heck he said… he’s amazing! Seriously, I can’t drink tea without thinking about Yuma!

6. Cerberus

Ohmigod, I just want to have him.

I have no words, just… he’s perfection. Seriously.

5. Tsumugu Kido

Strawberry-loving, pun-making, Kansai-speaking Tsum Tsum is my source of life. I did not think that I would love him half as much as I do! I feel like we would actually get on stupidly well.

4. Glenn J Casiraghi

His route was amazing. He is amazing. His little brother Alan is amazing, and I love the fact that the MC is older than him - It makes for some great banter.

Also, he’s gorgeous and stubborn and I want one!

3. Chance Valentine 

*swoons*… Well there’s mob leader number one, anyway.

By the way, Chance, I forgive you for your absurd behaviour in your brother’s route… call him Jason again and I’ll drop you down to number 4!

2. Ichthys

My most awaited route, by far. It literally felt like I had waited my entire life for this dork, and then he finally comes along, and once I’m done screaming and dying of happy tears… I’m sobbing because he’s precious and sad and I just wanted to reach through the screen and hug him!

He’s pretty much the dream boyfriend - he doesn’t mind if you gain weight, he’ll make you laugh, he’s beautiful, and he’s a wizard!

1. Soryu Oh

How long have you got? Because I could talk about this gentle mobster for pretty much ever.

I remember first playing KBTBB and thinking ‘God, no thank you - Soryu isn’t really my cup of tea’, and yet, here we are!

I can’t ever get enough of Soryu Oh the lobster, and his character development has been on point. He doesn’t just fit into any old category (childhood friend, joker, gentleman, jerk, whatever), he’s a lot more than just one of those things, and he makes me happy.

His Spying Eye sub story was so good that I wanted to cry, and every route gets better and better. His interactions with his underlings (his children) are amazing and his relationship with the MC, who is the most badass and most relatable MC there is for me, is beautiful and believable.

Basically, Soryu Oh is too good for this world.