okay you know what fuck it imma nominate myself for this - since lauren kindly introduced this to us i felt like doing a follow up to christina’s ‘10 fave gifs of niall’ post in the harry version

and tbh this was even harder than the photo one. i mean do you see that jaw? do you? 

slit my fucking throat with that jawline ajnfjkcw ahkmklwfjho

what the fuck i’m so offended this isn’t even healthy anymore he’s so rude lOOK AT HIM BEING ALL CUTE AND FLUFFY with those crinkles under his eyes and those perfect teeth and his cute lil bed hair 

:( i am so sad 

i’m gonna tag: 

smut-reading-mum, stylesmeright, styles-ruinedmesonofabadlands bc i know deep deep down you’re still a harry girl and i need you to share your thirst over him with me! 


i was tagged by katelynkardashian and previously by heart-attack-harry to do the top ten fav harry styles pictures challenge. THIS WAS SO HARRRDDD!!!.i may have left so many out and had to exclude all the gifs :(. anywayyysss. thanks loves !!!

if you haven’t and want to do it…. i tag yall sylets harryisababestagram fckyeszarry 710pm thekingofholmeschapel thisfoxsays sinister-styles hiallhyles cheshiresmilesformrstyles <3

peach-state-prep asked:

Hey! I'm rushing at Georgia in the fall and since it's a big SEC school, I was wondering if you had any tips about competitive recruitment processes? Thank you! :)

If you’re rushing a small panhellenic, or an extra large one, PNM principles are the same ~ shine your brightest in all ways!! It’s important to do everything that is required (or encouraged), such as getting rec letters submitted. Meet the deadlines, participate in all pre-rush events and be on your toes at every turn. Your application, headshot, fashions and total package should be your personal BEST. If you give recruitment your all, you will reap the rewards. The thousands of other PNMs are doing everything in their power to stand out. So to be competitive, you need to raise the bar of your own presentation. 

All recruitments are competitive in their own way! It doesn’t matter if there are several hundred girls rushing or thousands. To each individual PNM her own recruitment is super important. At a big school. there are many different houses to choose from, which gives you more chances to make a match. Be confident that you will find your special sisterhood on bid day! xoxo ;)

⭐️  20 PNM Competitive Recruitment Tips: ⭐️ 

  1. No detail is too small. From your lipstick to your toenails, all elements should be perfectly polished.
  2. Get the very best recommendations you possibly can. 
  3. Submit your most beautiful headshot.
  4. Have a sterling PNM resume of accomplishments and a high GPA.
  5. Be a super friendly, outgoing PNM. Shy wall flowers will not get noticed in the large crowd.  
  6. Pick your rushwear fashions carefully. Compliment your figure, skin tone, eyes and hair color. 
  7. Be totally authentic and genuine. If you connect on a “real” level with sorority sisters you will have a much better chance of making a match. 
  8. Ignore greek ranking and rush week gossip. Choose a house that’s right for you, not what the “crowd” thinks. 
  9. Don’t get caught up in the numbers. In a large recruitment, you will face cuts from many chapters. It’s a normal part of the process. So don’t freak out when 10 sororities go by the wayside. 
  10. Make connections with older high school friends who are already in greek life. Network with everyone you know in sororities on campus. 
  11. Get on the radar of the sororities prior to rush week. Make contact at ‘meet the greek’ events and follow chapter’s social media.
  12. Keep a positive attitude no matter what happens during recruitment. Disappointments will come, but don’t allow set-backs to effect your mood at the remaining chapters. Save the tears for your private time.
  13. Trust the system. Sororities know what they’re doing. They know what type of sisters they’re looking for. Gravitate towards the sororities who appreciate you. 
  14. Do your own research prior to recruitment. The more you know about each chapter, and rush in general, the more comfortable you will feel. Stress comes from being afraid of the unknown. Knowledge will calm your nerves. Be fully informed. 
  15. Act energetic and excited about rush. Nothing turns a sister off quicker than an uninterested, bored, lackluster PNM. You must sparkle and shine during every round. No matter how tired you are. 
  16. Remain totally flexible. An open mind is a mandatory requirement for any sorority recruitment. Things never go as you imagined. 
  17. Stay focused on your ultimate goal. In a large recruitment, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds of confusion and conflicting emotions. Going greek is the goal ~ keep your eyes on the finish line. 
  18. Prioritize your health. A hot summer recruitment takes a lot out of you. Drink plenty of water, eat healthy and get lots of sleep. For one week you need to be discipled and extra careful about your well-being. Stamina is a must. 
  19. Practice your conversation skills in the months before rush. Role play with family and friends. Get comfortable talking about yourself and acting interested in other people. Prepare some key questions and topics ahead of time. 
  20. Combine what your heart and your head says. The ideal sorority for you is the chapter where your heart feels at home and your mind says they are the highest quality sisters as well. Look for strong character and enduring values behind all the flash!  

Heeey! I was tagged by ruessterteeth to post my top ten favorite albums. I usually fall in love with about ten songs by an artist from all different albums, so these were chosen by how many of the songs I actually liked. I’m tagging: justmeamberlee , chilloutchey , rainbowkitteh , and anyone else that wants to do it. Y'all that I tagged don’t HAVE to, just thought it’d be kinda neat. My top ten include: AM - Arctic Monkeys From Under the Cork Tree - Fall Out Boy Songs About Jane - Maroon 5 Skeletal Lamping - of Montreal Prolonging the Magic - Cake In the Aeroplane over the Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel Hissing Fauna are you the Destroyer - of Montreal False Priest - of Montreal Cherry Peel - of Montreal Sublime - Sublime. Ye, so there u go.

I am such a fan of Thomas Sanders for getting me through some rough times with laughs but I’ll never be able to thank him for it because a) I’m terrible at drawing and b) how’s a great guy like him gonna notice someone like me, he gets so many notifications per day and I’m just so unimportant

idk he means a lot to me because he just makes me laugh especially when I’m super depressed like I am these days, there isn’t a day where I’m not sad anymore but he’s just something I look forward to

he’s just super nice