Soooo, Gerard Way unleashed his cover of “Superstar” by The Carpenters on an unsuspecting internet. I am agog, a trifle confused that this wasn’t released as a b-side for something from The Black Parade (which is when it was recorded), and full of nostalgia for the radio hits from my childhood.

StuntHusband, stop cringing away from your computer. 

anonymous asked:

Sorry if this is a lot, but what colors do you use to color your amethyst and peridot? I'm planning on buying some Steven universe based Copic colors and Id like to use the colors you use.

If you go to my page and search ‘colour chart’ there is one specifically for Peridot already there :)

As for Amethyst: 

BV11 for her skin (V25 to shade)

V20 for her hair (V22 to shade)

N7 for her top/stars (N9 to shade)

C5 for her leggings (C6 to shade)

V17 for her gem

anonymous asked:

Hi! Which are your Top 5 doramas starring Ninomiya Kazunari (non-main roles included) and which are your Top 5 movies starring him (voice-actor roles included)?

hi anony ^-^


  1. Stand Up!!
  2. Ryusei no Kizuna 
  3. Yamada Taro Monogatari 
  4. Yowakutemo Katemasu
  5. Maou (guest)


  • Yellow Tears (I’m sorry, that’s the only Nino-movie I’ve seen)

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Star Signs as Types of Emo

Aries - The phan trash

Phan is real!!1!!11!!

Don’t forget Phil! 

Phan trash #1

Taurus - The Scene Kid :

Botdf is life 

rawr XD 

10% human, 50% hair dye, 20% vampire, 20% mermaid XD

Gemini - The top fan


Ew 5sos isn’t even punk 

omg halsey is soooo hot 

Arctic monkeys! 

probably gay

Cancer - The ‘punk’ : 

5sos is life omg 

Red flannels 

what’s nirvana? 

Leo - The grunge kid

Rip Kurt Cobain 

Joy division is my fav 

doc martens are essential 

Virgo - The scremo lover

Bmth is life

rip Mitch Luker 

Slipknot isn’t even that intense 

Libra - The EMO emo :

Emo trinity 

Panic! at the disco is still emo 

Skinny jeans and band shirts 

*cries cause mcr* 

Scorpio - The actual Punk

Green day is the reason punk exists 

The clash needs more recognition 

It’s one eighty two, not one hundred and eighty two 

Sagittarius - The fake fan 

I love Gerard Way from Fall out boy 

panic at the disco 

who’s Andy Hurley? 

Capricorn - The anime nerd : 

Death note XD 

Senpai ^_^ 

*is rlly good at drawing* 

Aquarius - The new emo 


*only knows american psycho / american beauty*

*only owns one band shirt which is a nirvana one probably from k mart* 

Pisces - The overprotective emo

Person : “I love Fall Out Boy”

“NaMe alL tHe MemBErs AnD thEIr BirTHdayS! dO yOU eVeN reMeMBEr THe HIatuS”

Knows everything about the emo trinity 

dyes hair alot 

loves black 




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