Hi guys, I’m back with more recolors. I’m on this maxis-match kick lately and I love this crop top by @pxelburrito​. These lil babies just have a whole bunch of cute gimmicky sayings and stuff all in simlish. I made all of these by hand along with inspiration from the interwebs and some sim icons.

  • Maxis Match.
  • 20 Swatches!
  • Teen to Elder
  • Custom Catalog Thumbnails.

Download, swatches, mesh and other information under the cut.

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As expected, Lets Play Live was incredible and honestly I’m still not registering it all. A man in a gimp suit came out, introduced as Lawrence who was there to punish the funhaus team for dying in dark souls, but Lawrence runs out and then it’s revealed its Michael in the suit full of lube. They built a lets play family pyramid with Gavin at the top. Lil J busted out an awesome rap and destroyed at Dead by Daylight, also Ryan was dressed up as a psychopath (shocking) and harassed the other players. Also the entire theatre screamed the Pokemon theme song. It was incredible


top 10 april/arizona moments in season 12 [as voted by my followers]
 3. ~the reconciliation~ (s12e17)

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i just saw Suicide Squad and even tho she is older, Harley Quinn seems really nymphet to me - I was wondering what you think and also if you could post some stuff with her kinda style in the movie ? thankss

Here are some other things that could be inspired by her style <3






Other Things


For Dae-stans. Just save yourself the trouble and go to 0:33.

I don’t own the video


so last night I learned that tyler leaves the stage before hometown even starts, then runs over to where he’s going to pop out and sits there in a hoodie until it’s time for him to stand up

i just bought

and honestly im losing my shit this is the most excited i’ve been about anything i’ve bought for such a long time


Wont you stay alive, I’ll take you on a ride. I will make you believe you are lovely |-/