Favourite Routines Of...

2014 Worlds - Coed
Small Coed
Rockstar Cheer - The Beatles

Beatles really should’ve had the bronze in 2014, and arguably the silver in 2015, but they just couldn’t pull it together. Also, catch a young Haley Miller killing it off centre right.

Medium Coed
World Cup - Odyssey

Really not spectacular in terms of difficulty and it didn’t really stand out against the other teams in medium coed (Obsession/Royalty/shouldn’t have placed higher than WE Ops). But this music really was the most lit of any team across all divisions.

Large Coed
Top Gun All Stars - TGLC

This one was predictable but really TGLC was the undisputed champions of Large Coed. There really was no other team that could even touch Coed and I’m surprised Cali scored as close as they did (6 pts behind TGLC iirc). The stunts, the transitions, the visuals, the magnetic socks that attached to flags!!
Also, TGLC really went undefeated the entire season.