Not to be mean or anything but the new generation fans are either easily butt hurt or they totally got no chill cause back in 2009-2012 kpop fans were chill, fan wars don’t happen SO frequently like now. Also the fact that back then everyone was so united, other fandom don’t pick fights with one another like how it happens so easily today. It’s annoying to be honest and well I just hope these fans get a grip and you know act a bit rational at times. Like, don’t harass idol cause they’re humans and stop hating on other fandoms.

Well that is all.

you cannot drop him

august eleven twenty sixteen


listen friends, i’m not sure what happened last night at Reading and it seems like not much is confirmed so not much is sure at all. 

regardless of what happened the truth is that these two boys mean a lot to a lot of us. 

and they deserve to be happy as can be.

ID #98080

Name: Elizabeth
Age: 15
Country: United States

Hello, I’m Elizabeth and I live in New England. I am looking for someone to get to know and form a friendship with. I am an artist and draw often. I love the bands panic at the disco, fob, and top along with many others. I watch doctor who, Sherlock, American horror story and anything sci rye or fantasy. I also love to read and am always looking for a new book. I would prefer snail mail and I have lots of fun stationery to use!

Preferences: Age 14-17
Religion, gender, place doesn’t matter
Only English or French speakers please

There has to be a real reason, right?

Aside from the fact that she’s an over-confident slacker, the first thing we learned about Rainbow Dash was that she wanted to join the Wonderbolts. Not much later, we found out she wants to make Captain someday.

But … I mean … do we know why?

The staff tends to leave things open-ended for possible development later on, but you know, we’re six seasons in. At this point, if we don’t know why one of our main characters has a life-long dream, we’re not going to learn why. 

There’s been any number of stellar headcanons and fanon ideas as to why, but I want a real, definitively canon motivation. And I think I found some.

If you’ve had a dream for multiple years of your life, there’ll be a lot of reasons you want to see it through. Some simple, some deeper, but a variety nonetheless. Rainbow’s no different because, ultimately, she’s the epitome of a dreamer.

Superficial Reasons: “Perform for Crowds of Thousands …” - Rainbow Dash

All of Rainbow’s fantasies involve her flying with the Wonderbolts and doing a bunch of cool tricks for an audience. Ego-stroking, basically.

It’s why we’re asking this question in the first place. The answer to why the Wonderbolts is usually ‘because awesomeness.’

Fact is, Dash was a gifted flier who didn’t do well in school and, as a result, focused on her athletic abilities. It’s entirely possible that the main reason she wanted to be a Wonderbolt is just as simple as an ego-boost to avoid the insecurities that she tries her best to outrun.

It also seems like at least the top three ‘Bolts come from Cloudsdale (seeing as they competed for Clousdales in the Equestria Games), meaning as far as we know, Cloudsdale is a producer of weather and Wonderbolts. 

Factory work isn’t glamorous and neither is weather managing itself, but you know what is? Being part of an elite flying squad for the Princess herself. You know what Cloudsdale also has? A giant coliseum in the sky made specifically to showcase flying and flight-based sports.

Between the most common job, weather control, and the most hyped-up job, anything to do with flying abilites, it’s easy to see why Rainbow’s dreams would have started.

Clearly, though, looking cool’s not the only reason, otherwise mortifying herself in front of her heroes and getting an embarrassing nickname that she believed would follow her “for life” in the team would’ve been cause to quit.

To Serve and Protect: “I will always stay loyal to the princess!” - Rainbow Dash

The Wonderbolts aren’t just a flight group. They’re a faction of the Equestrian military sent on missions to protect the country. 

It’s still not clear what qualifies as a crisis the Wonderbolts are meant to handle, though. In fact six seasons in, with several world-ending scenarios having happened, we’ve only seen them be deployed twice– and one was in another timeline.

That might be because they answer to and are sent out by Princess Celestia, who also employs groups like our very own Elements of Harmony/Rainbow-Powered Platoon/Friendship Counsel to take on baddies and threats. 

All the same, while their main function is acrobatic flight demonstrations, like the real-life Blue Angels or Thunderbirds, they also a serve a part in defending Equestria, something we know Rainbow is always ready and willing to do. Even dreams of on a regular basis.

Which, again, is partially due to how kick-butt and cool that is, but is also grounded in a desire to protect those she cares about. It’s her loyalty. We can see it on display when we learn the only thing persuasive enough to get her to be disloyal to her friends in Return of Harmony is the illusion that her hometown will “crumble without her.” Effectively, she’s choosing between helping her friends and saving the lives of the ponies she’s lead to believe are in danger, and we know what she chooses, and it has zero to do with looking cool or doing cool things.

“I believe it’s very important to help ponies who are in need, and I try to help whenever I can.” (The Wonderbolts Academy Handbook, p160)

Potentially, with the Wonderbolts, Rainbow can protect all Equestria, and has in another timeline. These days she can do that at home, though, so even if that was a big factor, it couldn’t be the most important one.

Rainbow’s Cadet Handbook: “You’re a good journal.” - Rainbow Dash

Recently Hasbro released The Wonderbolts Academy Handbook. It mostly goes over things like Wonderbolt conduct, the history we know from Testing, Testing 1,2,3– that kind of stuff, but it does have some tidbits of insight from Rainbow herself.

Included near the end is a small essay Rainbow had to write to get into the academy, and I guess this isn’t really analysis anymore because the question asked of her is “Why do you want to attend the Wonderbolts Academy?”

Her answer makes so much sense.

“The first time I saw the Wonderbolts, I knew I had to be one. They’re not only the premiere aerialists of our time but an inspiration to ponies of all ages. Their dedication to their abilities is impressive and commendable …”

“… Thankfully my friends have always been there to support me. They inspire me not only to follow my dreams but to be a better pony. I look at the Wonderbolts, and I see an opportunity to be a role model and share a positive message that nopony is alone and, together, we’re all able to achieve great things.”

When I see the Wonderbolts soar majestically through the clouds, it’s not only very cool, but it makes me remember I’m not alone.”

“I believe if I am selected to become a student at the Wonderbolts Academy, I will not only excel in my studies, but I will also graduate to full Wonderbolts membership and become a guiding spirit to the ponies of the future.”

Rainbow Dash wants to inspire ponies. 

In Wonderbolt Academy, we find out that she admires “pushing yourself” to be better, but will give up her dreams if they require her to endanger ponies around her to do that. So, it’s about striving to better yourself for the sake of bettering yourself, doing great things, and showing other ponies that they can do it, too.

After all that talk about Rainbow’s ego (which is still all true by the way, this doesn’t erase her more vain reasons), it’s interesting to me that she doesn’t just want to show off for the sake of boosting herself up, but to boost other ponies up, too.

Of course, the line that breaks my heart is the whole ‘when I see the Wonderbolts, I don’t feel so alone’ part. Rainbow Dash hates being alone. If she loses a loved one, even for a few months, it breaks her. So to find out in retrospect that the Wonderbolts make her feel like she has support and love, that they’re a symbol of the love and support she already has …

Holy crap, Rainbow.

Rainbow Dash is a jerk with a heart of gold. Inconsiderate, obnoxious, self-centered, and just about the biggest braggart this side of wherever Trixie is now. Even so, the reason she’s always been my personal favourite is because despite all that, she’s a dreamer.

All the reasons Rainbow has for wanting to make Captain of the Wonderbolts someday, even the simple ones, represent what it means to be a dreamer. To be vain, and want praise. To want to help others or improve the lives of those around you. To strive to be the best you can be and set an example for what can be done, with a little help from your loved ones.

And Rainbow’s done that in the series. She’s obviously still young and has a lot to left to learn, but beyond developing her physical capabilities, she’s slowly becoming more humble, more considerate, and better able to put others first. She’s growing over time, and it’s a good thing, too; despite her natural ability to lead and even nurture young ponies like Scootaloo, if she’s always thinking about herself and stuck in her own head, she’ll never be a truly great leader. Slowly but surely, her character arc is bending towards changing that, and that in and of itself is inspiring to watch.

So that’s Rainbow Dash to me, or, at least, the core of who she is, underneath her personality. A self-centered dreamer who wants to inspire other dreamers. I mean, the message she’s hellbent on sending is that “we can all achieve great things.” 

I, for one, would like to believe her.

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Cre8iveWing’s Rainbow Dash Vector on DeviantArt

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Two great, hardworking artists you can check out! Stinkiehund does the German translation for Dash Academy among other awesome stuff, and Cre8iveWing does so many different kinds of things– from vectors, to wallpapers, to original pen and paper stuff. 

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Live your dreams. Captain’s orders.