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Imagine your Squad

We all have a favorite squad, either our OCs or from canon, that is basically like a happy dysfunctional little family. Imagine that they are now living in an apartment/dorm together

-Who is the annoying roommate who never does the dishes? which one stays up so late and keeps everyone up? which one is the mom friend who keeps everyone from burning the house down?

-imagine gaming nights. They decide to do Mario kart/smash brothers. which one swears? which one always wins? which one flings their whole body around and hurts themselves? does it end in a physical fight? imagine them playing guitar hero

-imagine it’s like 4am and they are all crowded in the living room helping each other finish their cosplay for comic con. what is each dressed as? who is just wearing a t-shirt and calling it a day? who has spend three months on their cosplay? who is mom friend who wears the backpack full of everyone’s water and money. who comes home with so much merch they can’t fit it in their room

-imagine pizza nights. what do they order? who pays? who steals the last slice and who fights them for it?

- imagine your squad going to Denny’s at 3am and filling up a booth and being so loud and crazy that they get kicked out. which one is asleep the whole time? which one orders more pancakes than a human being should ever eat?

-imagine them deciding to have a sleepover in the middle of the living room. imagine them all pulling out sleeping bags and flashlights and staying up until 5am. which one tries to get everyone to stop talking at a reasonable hour because they’re so tired? who starts a game of “truth or dare”? how does it end? about what time do the dirty secrets start coming out? who is wearing the crazy pajamas? who snores so loud nobody can sleep? who brings the epic snacks? who starts the pranks? is there blanket sharing?

-imagine a rainy day. they decide to play board games. who rocks at which game? (scrabble/risk/chess/connect-four) imagine little candles out, and one of them makes Ramon noodles and hot cocoa, and everyone of them in sweaters

-imagine one of them gets the horrible idea to play monopoly. who owns the board? who is always in debt? who spends the whole game in jail? who flips the board? who tries to kill whom in the fight that is guaranteed to ensue?

-imagine it’s 1am and the squad decides they need to take an emergency trip to the store, because they need more energy drinks or Doritos or something. who sits in the cart? who pushes them around the store? who gets lost? who is the mom friend trying to contain them and ends up paying for the food and something they broke. 

 -imagine Christmas time. imagine they sharing hot cocoa and eggnog and all wearing sweaters. who made all the sweaters? who gets (and gave) what for secret Santa? who drinks a little too much eggnog and blasts Christmas music so loud the landlady has to intervene? who bakes Christmas cookies for everyone? who puts something ridiculous as the star on the tree? who puts up the mistletoe (and is there kissing?) who puts Christmas lights on everything and everyone?

-imagine clothes swap, where everyone has to change clothes with someone else. Who switches with whom? who looks like a child with giant clothes on? who’s clothes are about to burst? who looks embarrassed and who owns it. 

-imagine them playing a tabletop RPG. who is the DM/GM? who is obsessed with loot? who is always rollling 1s and who is always rolling 20s? who has a superstition they have to follow or their dice will be cursed? imagine the healer gets killed and they all begin to panic. who makes the bad decision that gets them in the mess? who is the healer? who brings all the good snacks? 

-if the squad is magical/superpower imagine their powers going out of control and they destroy the apartment and the landlady has a heart attack (alternative, squad is solider/spy or something and ends up using weapons in the house and leaving bullet holes and knife marks in the furniture)

-imagine one of the squad members wakes everyone up because there is a pokemon outside and they have to catch it, so they all pull out their phones and go on an adventure.

-imagine the squad at the beach. imagine them in their suits laying on the sand. imagine them playing in the waves, and knocking each other over and splashing each other. who stays on the sand with the stuff while the others swim? who builds the epic castle and who builds a mount of dirt. imagine the squad burying one member up to the neck. imagine them having sandwiches and lemonade and chips and salted watermelon and getting sand in everything.

-imagine the squad skipping rocks. who’s good at it and who just lugs a giant rock into the water to splash everyone. 

-imagine the squad trying to make a cake (maybe for one member’s birthday?) and getting cake batter everywhere. who tries to eat all the batter? who squirts frosting onto whom?

-imagine the squad having a dance off. 

-imagine all the members of the squad wearing shirts saying “if lost return to xxx” and one person wearing a shirt saying “i am xxx”

-imagine sqUAD ROAD TRIP. Who drives? who rides shotgun? imagine them fighting over music. who distributes the snacks? who complains the whole time? 

-imagine the squad all wearing fuzzy socks, and sliding around and pretending that they’re having a hockey match

-imagine the squad at the apartment, all trying to reach a deadline for their work/school before morning. who can’t handle it and starts crying? who falls asleep? who keeps everyone hydrated and motivated, (and carries a squirt bottle to wake up sleepy heads). 

-imagine the squad at the bar. imagine all but one of them are sober, who is the sober one(aka the driver)? who does something really stupid? who catches it on tape? who gets really flirty and who starts bawling and telling all their secrets? who ends up paying? 

-imagine a squad prank war. Who starts it? who takes it a little too far? what are the pranks? who tries to stay out of it but ends up falling into all the traps meant for someone else?

-every squad needs a swear jar. who the top contributor? who carries it around and thrusts it into peoples arms when they swear? who shamelessly swears and drops a coin in every time they pass the jar. who feels like an awful person whenever they swear  and will run all the way home to put their coin in? who refuses to put their money in when they swear, but is perfectly fine with collecting? what do they do with the money when the jar is full?

-imagine the squad creating a secret handshake, involving no less than 18 different motions, a hip bump, lyrics to chant during the handshake, and ending in a full body flourish and someone throwing confetti 

-imagine a squad sick day, when that one person (we all know who) gets the cold that means everyone is getting it, there is no use trying to hide. imagine everyone is sick and sprawled out on something (bonus if one is on the ground) and covered in blankets and surrounded by tissues. They do rock paper scissors to see who is making everyone chicken noodle soup (who loses?) 

-imagine the squad going camping. who puts up the tent? who makes the fire? who tries to roast twenty marshmallows at once? who gets bitten the most? who complains the most? who spots the deer? imagine them going canoeing. who tips over the canoe? who makes sure everyone wears a life vest?

-imagine them playing in the snow. who builds a snowman? who cannot for the life of them make a snow angel? who wears so much clothing that they can’t move? who throws the first snowball? who takes the fight a little too seriously? imagine the chaos.

-imagine the squad at the arcade. Who spends all their cash on tokens? who tries to climb into the skeeball machine? who kicks the coin pusher to try and knock the coins hanging over the edge? Who beats all the high scores on all the games? who wins the giant stuffed animal? (and who do they give it to?)

-imagine the squad having a really nice family dinner with spaghetti and garlic toast and salad and milk in wine glasses. Who makes the dinner? who stands by the whole time trying to steal bites? who tries to force salad onto everyone’s plates? who puts one lettuce leaf on their plate to make that person happy? who eats all the garlic toast? who slurps their spaghetti? who ends up cleaning afterwards?  

-imagine squad movie night! what movie does each suggest? imagine them all trying to share one couch and one blanket. who closes their eyes for the scary parts? who keeps a deadpan expression through everything? who screams the most? who cries first/the most when the dog dies? who laughs the most and who make stupid comments throughout the movie? who eats all the popcorn? who falls asleep?

-just imagine a happy squad with nobody trying to kill them and the world not ending

Important read: We must stop indoctrinating boys in feminist ideology

Feminist organisations, backed by government policy, are teaching young boys at school to feel guilty and ashamed of their gender.

A school in Oxford, UK, has become the first to introduce “Good Lad” workshops, in which boys are singled out for sessions that teach them about “the scale of sexual harassment and violence aimed at female students” and how they must stand up for women’s rights.

The workshops are the latest in a mushrooming series of initiatives in which ideologically-driven activists are being invited into schools, driven by the belief that boys need to be re-educated to prevent them from becoming a threat to women.

In November last year, The Times reported on a programme in London Schools in which two American women, one a former sex crime prosecutor, “re-programme teenage boys’ sexual manners so they are fit for a feminist world”.

According to the report, they start the class by asserting that “misogyny is on the rise”, before going on to “describe real-life sex crimes that have happened to teenagers in this area with brutal accuracy”. The article concludes – approvingly - that by the end of the session, the boys are “scarred for life”.

In context of the chasm between boys’ and girls’ educational attainment and a rising male suicide rate that is now nearly four times that of women’s, why are schools deciding that when it comes to talking about gender, what boys need most is an extra dose of guilt and shame?

Another organisation, A Call to Men UK, also goes into schools, stating on its website: “A CALL TO MEN UK believes that preventing violence against women and girls is primarily the responsibility of men. We re-educate through trainings, workshops, presentations, school projects and community initiatives.”

Since when was it acceptable to impose ideology on school children?

And yet another, the Great Men Value Women project, frames its mission as about helping young men, but it’s also driven by the belief that young men need to be re-educated as feminists – not just for their own good, but for women’s too. On the section of their website listing the organisation’s values, their final point simply states: “Feminism: This says it all”, with a link to a video of TED X talk entitled: “We Should All Be Feminists”.

Really? Who says so? Most importantly though, since when was it acceptable to impose ideology on school children? And for that matter, would we ever dare to suggest school girls ought to be taught that Great Women Value Men?

By all means, let’s teach children about healthy relationships, but that’s not really what these campaigns are about. Instead there is an overwhelming emphasis on imposing an ideological worldview that first and foremost sees young men as potential abusers and perpetrators, while routinely ignoring and minimising the very real threat of violence, both physical and sexual, that boys and young men face themselves. 

You’d never know it from the rhetoric, but a man – and particularly a young man - is around twice as likely to be a victim of violent crime as a woman. And it’s not just drunken street violence either. A 2009 NSPCC report into domestic violence in teenage relationships, showed teenage boys suffer comparable rates of violence from their girlfriends as do teenage girls from their boyfriends.

In the same year another report, this time by Childline, found that of the children who called to report sexual abuse, a total of 8,457 were girls (64%) and 4,780 were boys (36%). 

The charity also found boys were more likely to say they had been sexually abused by a woman (1,722 cases) than by a man (1,651).

At the time, Childline founder Esther Rantzen, said the charity had specifically reached out to boys, because they were convinced the higher number of calls they had been receiving from girls “could not be explained by the fact that boys encountered fewer problems than girls”.

Imagine what it must it be like as a young man who has been beaten or sexually abused, possibly by a woman, to then be forced to attend a workshop that tells him that simply because he’s a young man, he should hang his head in shame as a potential abuser?

Neither are these activist interventions just the preserve of a few radical head teachers: they in fact reflect official government policy.

In March, the Government announced the introduction of new consent classes for children aged as young as 11. The plans were launched on International Women’s Day and the PSHE guidelines repeatedly state they are primarily part of the Government’s A Call to End Violence Against Women and Girls strategy.

According to a “Fact Sheet” published by one of the guidelines’ key contributors, a top priority for the lessons is “challenging notions of male sexual entitlement” and the lessons should be seen “in the context of a society in which gender inequality is the norm… and girls and young women are subjected to high levels of harassment, abuse and violence - overwhelmingly from men and boys they know”.

Apparently, in the eyes of the government, schoolboys don’t so much see girls as their friends and peers, but as potential prey. 

And the indoctrination doesn’t stop when a boy leaves school, it continues when he gets to university too – the “Good Lad” workshops in Oxford, are in fact a spin-off from compulsory consent classes for new male students that are now springing up across UK universities.

What impact must all this be having on boys and young men, who are themselves at one of the most vulnerable stages of their lives? Last year, insideMAN published findings of a focus group of young male students, which gave a disturbing glimpse into the ideological classroom climate faced by boys, this time told by young men themselves.

They told us that when it came to expressing any view that contradicted feminist orthodoxy, they were shouted at and publicly humiliated. They said their motives routinely came under immediate suspicion simply on account of their gender. And they said they wanted to be protected against fundamentalism by prominent and leading figures in the campaign for gender equality.

If boys like these are already coming under attack in A Level English classes, what might they expect in a PSHE lesson that – as one of the new suggested lesson plans propose - puts them through a “conscience alley”, in which they are asked to take on the role of a potential rapist, then walk between their classmates who tell them what they think of their behaviour?

In 2001, novelist and feminist icon Doris Lessing made a shocking assessment of what she had seen while visiting a school classroom.

She told the Edinburgh Book Festival, “I was in a class of nine- and 10-year-olds, girls and boys, and this young woman was telling these kids that the reason for wars was the innately violent nature of men.

"You could see the little girls, fat with complacency and conceit while the little boys sat there crumpled, apologising for their existence, thinking this was going to be the pattern of their lives.”

Lessing expressed deep concern that what she had witnessed was just a glimpse of an increasingly pervasive culture of toxic feminism in schools that was weighing down boys with a collective sense of guilt and shame.

She had every right to be worried. It seems there is now a drive to make shame and guilt a formal part of boys’ education.

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