160525 [Oh Hae Young Again ②] Shinhwa Eric goes ‘Roco King’ after 13 years of acting career, “Roco-optimized actor” + Top 5 Comments

Eric has a lot of story to tell with his eyes. Due to his occupation related to ‘sounds’ (sound director), his sensitivity is always on full blown. Not only is he a die-hard workaholic, but also a perfectionist when it comes to work. When a guy like this puts aside his natural characteristic to focus on one girl, a wave of interest came rushing into the television theater. Eric is playing Park Do Kyung, a man got entangled in between the two ‘Oh Hae Young’ who share the same name.

Soon to be 40 years old Eric (37) has received a title for himself - ‘Roco King’. Counting in his Shinhwa era since year 1998, he is approaching a whopping 20 years in show biz industry. In fact, he’s been acting for 13 years already. Eric has many succeeded dramas, and there were once a time when he was the hottest pick for the main lead role of mellow dramas.

Eric announced his multi-career as both actor and singer with 2003 drama ‘Breathless’ (MBC). That following year, he naturally took the route to acting through ‘Phoenix’. This particular drama left quite an impression to not only viewers, but also Eric himself. “Don’t you smell something burning? My heart is beating for you.”   To address this cheesy line, Eric jokingly said, “I’m being happily tortured by this for over 10 years” (at ‘Oh Hae Young Again press conference). Thanks to ‘Phoenix’, Eric was honored a Rookie Actor of the Year awards in MBC ‘Drama Awards’ the same year.

Eric’s drama during 2006 ‘Wolf’ was canceled after 2 episodes due to injuries (both Eric & Han Ji Min).  His consecutive attempt, which was ‘Invincible Ranger’ (SBS) wasn’t of much luck either. MBC ‘Que Sera Sera’ was the project he selected a year after, and it was the drama that helped him overcome his struggles and take over another challenge. Through this drama, Eric had his first encounter with actress Jung Yumi (which he later was able to act with on ‘Discovery of Love’ proven his possibilities of becoming the ‘Roco King’). This was the era (Que Sera Sera) when his acting stabilizes itself to the point where he fulfill the requirements of what each scene had to express without making it overwhelming.

Strangely enough, the dramas featuring Eric had many incidents going on but these were not caused by his own wills.  One of his series ‘Wolf’ had to be canceled due to a stunt accident gone wrong (you can read more about the accident 👉🏽 HERE), and his next series got into a controversy due to a dispute between the director and main actress in 2011. This drama was KBS2 ‘Spy Myeong Wol’, with Han Ye Seul as the co-star. It was an unprecedented crisis of an actress leaving the filming.

After ‘Spy Myeong Wol’, Eric took a break in acting. He went to back to the stages doing activities as a member of Shinhwa.

Discovery of Love’ (KBS2) was the drama Eric featured in after a 3 year pause, and also a drama of which portrayed his values as an actor. As the audiences were far too familiarized with his face from the many years of Eric’s singing and acting career, it is certainly uneasy to reappear in front of the public with different charms and to conquer the ‘Roco King’ title. Eric was the one who achieved this with his own power. And that first step was ‘Discovery of Love’. 

In this drama he chose after 3 year worth of break, Eric played Kang Tae Ha, a character filled with confidence and haughtiness. He had to recreate a character of a man reflecting back on his mistakes and empowering himself throughout a breakup with his girlfriend. The drama’s director Kim Sung Yoon stated, “Before we started with the filming, I was a bit worried whether he’ll adapt himself to the drama comeback, but I found myself getting more and more satisfied within time.” Following on, he mentioned, “Immersing into characters with natural acting skills is Eric’s biggest advantage. He is amazing both as an actor and a person.

Actually, there were many intersections for Eric inside the dramas. Each of the character is an extension of one another. The flawless conglomerate (Phoenix) and a bad guy who doesn’t take love seriously (Que Sera Sera). These were all characters possessing high confidence and arrogance but wounded internally. A required trait for an actor is “an eye for drama selection” (as said by Jung Duk Hyun a.k.a pop culture critic), and Eric has the abilities to see through which characters would fit him like gloves. To this, Eric explained, “I’m turning 40 years old real soon. A woman knows best how other women feel. I’m just following along the script I’m given.

Director of ‘Oh Hae Young AgainSong Hyun Wook complimented Eric by saying, “While shooting with Eric, I felt it deeply that he is an actor optimized for the romance comedy and mellow genre. Rather than blowing out his emotions recklessly, he has created his own version of Park Do Kyung by focusing on the detailed aspects such as expressions, gestures, gaze, etc.

Top 5 comments:

[+3,914; -96] Eric solidified his position as a Roco King by receiving the best actor award during 2005 with “Super Rookie”, along with Kim Sam Soon and Hyun Bin, but there’s not a single mention about that drama…

 [+2,744; -61] This is a drama that makes 70 minutes feel like 7 minutes… need I ask for more! All I want is a happy ending for Do Kyung and Seo Hae Young~

[+2,455; -80] ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ Eric is so cool ㅜㅜ ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

[+2,159; -72] He’s so fine ㅜㅜ I fall so deeply into him that I’m not even aware of it ㅜㅜ Eric just seems like Park Do Kyung now ㅜㅜ

[+1,974; -85] My heart stops when Eric smilesㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Source: Herald + Translation by EricMun.tumblr

*Note: the highly rated and popular Super Rookie wasn’t on this list most probably because it’s more of comedy than a heart fluttering rom-com

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1. 3 fan arts/fics with the most comments

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Help us to Survive (Sherlock) The latest fic in the Eating us Alive verse where Sherlock has an eating disorder. 

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2. 3 fan arts/fics with the most likes (kudos)

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My Soulmate’s Soulmate (MCU) Nice with a non-Sherlock fic up here too! A Clint/Laura/Natasha soulmate AU fic where your soulmates name is written on your wrist, and Laura is the one with two names on hers.

3. Oldest fan art/fic

New circumstances (Sherlock) It’s almost five years since I wrote that one. Goodness me, I’ve been in this fandom for a long time.

4. Your latest fan art/fic

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5. Your proudest fan art/ fic

Short Message Service (Sherlock), probably. Not so much for the amazing writing, or my attention to details, or the massive amount of work I put it, because… none of those things are really there. I’m having fun writing it, and I’m so happy other people find it funny as well. And I get all warm and fuzzy when people recognise me because of this fic. This fic is me, and I’m so happy about that.

If we’re talking being proud for the sake of being proud of the actual craft of writing, then it’s  Help us to Survive (Sherlock).

6. Your longest fan art/fic

Help us to Survive (Sherlock) with 34258 words. SMS will pass it shortly. 

7. Top 3 crossover fan art/fics

I’ve only written two crossovers, one of which I’m not very enthusiastic about and won’t mention (though you can easily find it). Instead I give you one fic and two things I won’t call art.

All mobile phones should be turned off for the duration of the flight (Sherlock/Cabin pressure) It’s an Anthea/Martin SMS spin-off with the initial sole purpose of getting @zedille to listen to Cabin Pressure, but then it sort of… grew.

The most dangerous men you’ve ever met (Sherlock/Kingsman) A Mycroft/Harry thing I threw together because my fic came to a complete standstill and I had to do something with them after seeing the movie!

Joanthea (Sherlock/Elementary) A series of Anthea/Joan… things. Because I needed that in my life then.

8. Your favourite character to write/draw in fan art/fic


9. Favourite lines or favourite scene from a WIP fan art/fic

I’m picking the one with the highest word count. It’s a MCU fic I was supposed to have finished before CACW because I didn’t want to have any new canon to mess things up. That obviously didn’t happen.

So the working name for this is Clint is dead Natasha is Danny. That’s the actual name of the document. I’m seriously toying with the idea of naming this fic There you’ll be if I ever finish it. 

“Everything under control?”

Natasha startled at the sound of Steve’s voice, and turned around. She felt truly embarrassed by the fact that she hadn’t noticed him coming.

“So far,” she muttered. “But you might have to stop me from hitting Bruce in the head with a frying pan if this goes on for much longer.”

Steve smiled. He leaned against the rails next to her, his back to the garden and the guests.

“It was a nice ceremony,” he said.

“It’s a ridiculous ceremony,” said Natasha. “It’s for the kids. Laura thought that something should be normal, at least. I don’t see why it’d matter, but what do I know.”

“I heard you’re taking some time off.”

Natasha nodded. “I have some six years of vacation days to take out. I thought I’d help Laura out for a while.”

“That’s all there is? Because when I talked to Hill it sounded like she’s forcing you to take the time.”

“Well,” she said, shrugging. She didn’t want people to know that. Not Steve, not Tony, not Sam, not Bruce, not… Laura. Definitely not Laura. She was supposed to be the strong one, she’d had over two months to process this. It was other people’s time to work through it now.

Steve put his hand on her shoulder. She moved away from his touch, but not from him. Though she wished he’d stop looking at her like that. Like if she was someone to pity.

“You know,” he said, his voice annoyingly sympathetic, “the first time I lost my best friend, I deliberately crashed a plane into the Arctic.”

She let out a huff of laughter. “Yes, that’s exactly the same as what I did.”

“Have you told Laura about where you’ve been the last months?”

“There’s no point.”

“Are you sure?”

“Where’s that frying pan when you need it?” she asked, but finally looking at him and giving him a smile.

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