Jadakiss & Styles P

Haze V Sour Arguement

Who Rotten 'Em
Slick Rick

A soldier, what I do to that hood?
“Are you that slave everybody tell me rap good?
Calm down, not going to murder ya
Clean yourself, Pharoah said he wanna have a word with ya”
My mom, pop look concerned
After taking a shower, dressed and returned
The soldier, kinda on the dark end
Brought me and the motherfucking palace was barking
In the midst, a poet, tryin’
Pharoah and his girl being entertained by him
Motherfucker got some nerve
said “Bring slave forward, let me observe”
He asked me my name and start to badger me
Ricky, what?”, ‘Ricky, your majesty’
And bowed because I had to
“Kick a rap, that shit better sound fat too”