It Ain’t About Bars No More!

That shit is out the fuckin window - or is it? Before reading please watch the video above. 

Jadakiss’ album “Top 5 Dead or Alive” been siting on my laptop for months and just yesterday I finally gave it a listen. I been meaning to for a minute but that’s beside the point. The album is good - that’s not the point of this post either. The point of this post is from a skit he has on his album “Shop Talk”

In the skit you hear conversation among the guys at the Barbershop discussion what Hip Hop is now vs what it use to be. Hip Hop has shifted through the years and I agree, it definitely isn’t how it use to be but I feel like we’re slowly finding a good balance again in hip hop. 

As much as people put emphasis on bars being important to Hip Hop, that was just a piece of what made Hip Hop grand. If we go back to beginning of Hip Hop, most of the rap songs out weren’t what you say “Bar heavy”. If you ask me it was corny. We had rappers that came and made people start paying attention to how they spit, like a Rakim and Big Daddy Kane (Not saying they’re the only ones at the time).

What I think happened to Hip-Hop was everyone trying to do the same thing. I feel this happened after 2007. What I loved about Hip-Hop/Rap is yes you had your rappers like a Jadakiss who you knew would give you bars out the window, but you also had rappers that made them party hits, rappers who were good on wordplay, you had your gangsta rap, conscious rap,dare I say goofy rap. (We won’t name nobody.)

Post Soulja Boy I feel like instead of rappers staying true to their lane they were trying to crank out songs in the name of getting radio hits. Everyone was sounding the same. You can say this worked out on the success side but what it did for the culture wasn’t good. 

The past couple years I see the balance in Hip Hop coming back. The rap game is still polluted with a bunch of hot ass mess rappers but we got some gems. We have rappers with originality again and their own lanes. With the internet help its easy to find a rapper that suits your needs versus listening to the radio and hearing that mess. 

But what’s your opinion on this topic? What’s Hip Hop about to you and where do you think it stands currently?


“Vibrate” - Andre 3000

External image

The only hip hop song that i know of that has touched on the subject of touching on yourself. Not many artist can make a song on the subject and then have other undertones of conservation of the earth. For this it puzzles the fuck out of me that most dont have Andre Ben/Jammin 3000 on their top 5 list. 


Jadakiss & Styles P

Haze V Sour Arguement

Who Rotten 'Em
Slick Rick

A soldier, what I do to that hood?
“Are you that slave everybody tell me rap good?
Calm down, not going to murder ya
Clean yourself, Pharoah said he wanna have a word with ya”
My mom, pop look concerned
After taking a shower, dressed and returned
The soldier, kinda on the dark end
Brought me and the motherfucking palace was barking
In the midst, a poet, tryin’
Pharoah and his girl being entertained by him
Motherfucker got some nerve
said “Bring slave forward, let me observe”
He asked me my name and start to badger me
Ricky, what?”, ‘Ricky, your majesty’
And bowed because I had to
“Kick a rap, that shit better sound fat too”