I’m not saying that Kim Seokjin is the most beautiful man in the universe and should be on top of the “100 hottest men” list but that’s exactly what I’m saying


Top 100 Sexiest Men For 2017 - Glamour UK by their voters.

Screenshots: a few (favourite) actors. The number by their name is their ranking in top 100.

Benedict Cumberbatch is nr 22… at 221B bakerstreet.
Tom Hiddleston is nr 9… together we are a perfect 10
Jensen Ackles is nr 66… coincidence? XD

If you needed more proof that rankings are bullshit just remember that in the Glamour Top 100 Sexiest Men of 2017 Oscar Isaac is ranked on 75.

While Benedict Cumberbatch is ranked at twenty-two

So you know, sometimes a high rank just means a lot of people have really bad taste (be it in ships or in men). And that is the only worrisome thing about the fandom metrics ranking.