If you needed more proof that rankings are bullshit just remember that in the Glamour Top 100 Sexiest Men of 2017 Oscar Isaac is ranked on 75.

While Benedict Cumberbatch is ranked at twenty-two

So you know, sometimes a high rank just means a lot of people have really bad taste (be it in ships or in men). And that is the only worrisome thing about the fandom metrics ranking.

The top 100 fashion infographics of 2014 - Men’s Edition (Click here for the Women’s Edition):

01. How many times can you wear it between washes?
02. Plaid cheat sheet
03. 5 clothing fit tricks every guy should know
04. A visual guide to vest types
05. Guide to suit & shoes color matching
06. Laundry symbols 101
07. Dress codes 101
08. The ultimate pattern fashion vocabulary (Part 1)
09. Laundry stain cheat sheet
10. Lacing patterns for athletic shoes
11. A primer on men’s hairstyles
12. Hats and caps of European armies of WW1
13. The ultimate pattern fashion vocabulary (Part 2)
14. Visual guide to men’s dress shoes
15. How to accessorize with pocket watch
16. A guide to social dress codes
17. How to choose the perfect pair to suit your face
18. A visual glossary of chain types
19. 5 stripe patterns for dress shirts you should know
20. The suit shoe matrix - what goes with what
21. The gentleman’s guide to dress shoes
22. A visual glossary of dress shirt collars
23. How to find your undertone
24. How to pair shirts with sweaters
25. Eyeglass frame types
26. Famous sweaters
27. Men’s guide to suits & blazers: What to wear when
28. A visual dictionary of men’s shoes
29. The best way to fold a shirt
30. Carry-on travel checklist
31. How to pack your backpack when going camping
32. How to pack a shirt when travelling
33. Pocket square tutorial
34. How to fold a pocket square - The Flower Fold
35. How to tie the New Knot
36. How to tie a bow tie
37. The Military Tuck
38. How a dress shirt should fit
39. Know your tartans
40. How to organise your closet
41. Famous bow ties ~ from Charlie Chaplin to James Bond
42. How to assess the quality of garments: a cheat sheet
43. Which shoes go with which suit?
44. The jacket/coat guide
45. The ultimate cheat sheet to matching shirts and ties
46. How to cuff your shirt sleeves: The Italian
47. Types of dress shoes
48. How to tie the Ediety/Merovingian tie knot
49. Dress shoes for the occasion
50. How to cuff your shirt sleeves: The Casual
51. The right way to iron a dress shirt
52. 5 tie knots to try
53. How to tie a tie in 6 easy steps
54. How to fold a pocket square
55. Tie DIY: Every knot you need to know
56. A visual guide to the proper fit
57. Famous eyewear
58. Common suit features: Material, color & pattern
59. The ultimate guide to jean fit
60. A guide to right fit
61. The Sometimes, Always, Never rule
62. A visual glossary of dress shirt fabrics
63. A capsule wardrobe for men
64. Tie tips: A visual guide
65. 4 tie knots to try
66. Guide to men’s hats
67. Bridal party attire: For men
68. How to tie a tie: The Four-in-Hand knot
69. The gentleman’s guide to a perfect suit
70. Modern fit vs. Slim fit suit
71. Comprehensive guide to men’s shoe terminology
72. The pieces every working man should possess
73. Body type vs. jeans cut - Finding your right fit
74. Footwear of the Byzantine Empire
75. The ultimate collar fashion vocabulary
76. Famous mustaches and beards
77. Common suit features: Lapels
78. From 1818, the first printed guide to knotting
79. A field guide to hangers
80. Men’s vintage hats
81. A guide to pairing tie knots to collar types
82. 18th century shoes
83. Bow tie styles
84. Anatomy of a trenchcoat
85. Last minute Halloween costumes: 2 of 5
86. How to tuck in a shirt
87. The gentleman’s watch guide
88. Suit jacket 101
89. Signs of a quality shirt
90. The ultimate cuffs fashion vocabulary
91. Your guide to breaking black tie rules
92. 6 popular bow tie options
93. Office shirt trends: US vs. UK
94. Suit alteration guide: What to ask your tailor
95. Dress shoe embellishments explained
96. Men’s style 101: Know your neckwear
97. The guide on how to wear a suit
98. Men’s dress shoe jargon explained
99. Know your wool
100. Types of pockets

Top 100 Gorgeous Men: Matt Smith

What I know him from: Doctor Who as The Doctor (11)

“Now the question of the hour is: Who’s got the Pandorica? Answer: I do. Next question: Who’s coming to take it from me? [Pause] Come on! Look at me! No plan, no back-up, no weapons worth a damn! Oh, and something else I don’t have: Anything to lose! So, if you’re sitting up there in your silly little spaceships, with all your silly little guns, and you’ve got any plans on taking the Pandorica tonight, just remember who’s standing in your way! Remember every black day I ever stopped you! And then, AND THEN… do the smart thing: Let somebody else try first.” ~ The Pandorica Opens

The top 100 fashion infographics of 2015 - Men’s Edition

(Check out the 2015 Women’s Edition here.)

01. How to sew a button
02. A visual glossary of dress shoe toe styles and brogueing
03. A man’s guide to beards
04. Decoding dress codes
05. The 5 levels of business attire
06. A cheat sheet to match your suit and shoes perfectly
07. A visual glossary of dress shoes
08. 6 coats that will stand the test of time [2/6]: The trench coat
09. the ultimate glasses fashion vocabulary
10. Fashion Brands Timeline (1850-200)
11. Guide to wedding attire
12. Matching collar styles to ties
13. How to remove armpit stains
14. A visual glossary of tuxedo styles
15. Cheat sheet: Ties and Pockets
16. Helmets of First World War
17. A visual guide to buzz cuts
18. How a shirt should fit
19. How to never regret a purchase
20. A cheat sheet to choosing the right spectacle frame
21. 6 fabric patterns every man should know
22. What to wear for the job interview
23. How to organise your closet
24. The ultimate fabric care cheat sheet
25. How to choose the right ring
26. A cheat sheet to zit-busting
27. How to tie a bow tie
28. How to dress for a business meeting
29. Men’s sweater style hierarchy
30. Popular men’s hairtsyles
31. 9 ways to fold a pocket square
32. How to pick the perfect running shoe
33. A cheat sheet to pairing shirts and ties this spring
34. Men’s guide to cold weather dressing
35. How to tie the Balthus and Eldredge tie knots
36. How to pick the best hairstyle for your face shape
37. Hat styles of ancient Egypt
38. How to roll your shirt sleeves
39. Tie bar guide
40. How to pick out a tie
41. How to button a blazer
42. Dressing for the occasion: Collar-shoe combos
43. Business casual vs. professional - decode the dress code
44. A chronological compendium of watches
45. Know your cigars
46. How to tie a Trinity knot
47. The fit priority guide
48. How to tie a barrel tassel knot
49. How to tie the Murrell and Trinity tie knots
50. A visual glossary of bow tie shapes
51. A guide to beard grooming
52. DIY Pocket square folds: The Square Fold/ Tips Up / The Scallop
53. A visual guide to lacing your dress shoes
54. How to dress for a job interview
55. Ancient Greek hairstyles and headdresses
56. A visual glossary of dress shirt collars
57. Men’s grooming checklist
58. Men’s wardrobe essentials
59. 6 coats that will stand the test of time [6/6] : Parka
60. Necktie anatomy
61. How to perfectly fold a T-shirt
62. How to tie the Bow Tie
63. Men’s Victorian fashion
64. Best beard type for your face shape
65. Anatomy of the dress shoe
66. Bow tie size guide
67. 5 ways to roll your shirts sleeves
68. History of the Necktie
69. The ultimate patch pockets fashion vocabulary
70. Ancient Mesopotamian hats
71. How to fold the multipoint pocket square
72.  A lean wardrobe for men
73. How to wear cufflinks
74. Rolling your dress shirt sleeves
75. How to roll jeans - Men’s Edition
76. A complete guide for necktie care
77. 6 coats that will stand the test of time [5/6]: Duffle Coat
78. How to tie the Kelvin tie knot
79. Matching shoes with pants
80. How slim or wide should your tie be
81. A visual glossary of cufflinks
82. Dress codes decoded - Black Tie
83. How to tie the Full Windsor tie knot
84. Scarf knots for men
85. Dress codes decoded - White Tie
86. Shoe anatomy
87. How to tie the Trinity tie knot
88. 6 coats that will stand the test of time [3/6] - Overcoat
89. How to tie the St. Andrew tie knot
90. How to tie the Four In hand tie knot
91. Modern fir vs. Slim fit suit
92. How to tie the Nicky tie knot
93. Know your face shape
94. How to tie the Hanover tie knot
95. How to tie the Cafe tie knot
96. Bow tie styles: Visual glossary
97. How to tie the Balthus tie knot
98. A step by step guide to the Merovingian tie knot
99. How to tie the Pratt tie knot
100. How to tie the Half Windsor tie knot

The top 100 Fashion Infographics for men:

1. How to tie a scarf ~ The Twice-Around Ascot
2. A visual guide to vest types
3. A packing guide to making the most of your luggage
4. How to pair Shirts with Sweaters
5. How to choose the perfect pair to suit your face
6. The Suit Shoe Matrix ~ What goes with what
7. Men’s guide to Suits & Blazers: What to wear when
8. A primer on men’s hairsyle
9. Pocket Square Tutorial
10. Men’s Guide to Dress Shoes
11. Types of Dress Shoes
12. How to tie a Bow Tie
13. How to tie a tie in 6 easy steps
14. How to fold a jacket
15. 5 tie knots to try
16. Common Suit Features: Material, Color & Pattern
17. A guide to Right Fit ~ Men’s Edition
18. A Visual Guide to the Proper Fit
19. A Capsule Wardrobe for Men
20. The Ultimate Guide to Jean Fit
21. How to tie a tie: The Four-in-Hand Knot
22. 5 Clothing Tricks Every Guy Should Know
23. Bridal Party Attire ~ Men
24. A cheat to wearing sweats outside
25. Dress shoes for the occasion
26. Guide to men’s hats
27. Common Suit Features: Lapels
28. The Gentleman’s Guide to Shoes
29. Body Type v/s Jeans Cut ~ Finding your right fit
30. A guide to pairing Tie Knots to Collar Types
31. Men’s Vintage Hats
32. What to wear for an interview
33. Signs of a quality shirt
34. 6 popular Bow Tie options
35. Suit Alteration Guide: What to ask your tailor
36. Dress Shoe embellishments explained
37. The Jacket/Coat Guide
38. Hat Styles 101
39. How to determine if your shirt fits perfectly
40. How to choose your lapels to match the occasion
41. Common Suit Features: Buttons
42. Common Suit Features: Darts & Vests
43. How to tie a scarf: 4 easy knots
44. How to wear a Tuxedo
45. 60-second guide: How to roll your shirt sleeves
46. The Mad Men Suit Guide
47. Common Suit Features: Pants
48. Dressing for the Kentucky Derby: Men’s Edition
49. How to tie the Half-Windsor Tie
50. Common Suit Features: Sleeves
51. How to fold a pocket square
52. How to tie the straight lace
53. 4 steps to a Pocket Square ~ The Puff
54. How to dress for the First Date (Men’s Edition)
55. Common Suit Features: Pockets
56. Men’s Jackets and coats ~ mapped on weather protection and formal-causal axis
57. Movember Special: Know before you grow
58. Capsule Wardrobe for Men ~ The Interview
59. Common Suit Features: Vents
60. Deciphering the invitation ~ Dressing for the occasion
61. A Bow Tie tutorial
62. A visual glossary of hat types for men
63. Hat Style Guide
64. How to fold a suit jacket ~ Method 3 of 3
65. Men’s Hat Types ~ 18th-19th Century
66. A visual comparison of necktie knot types
67. ‘How to Tie a Tie’ Part 5/18 ~ Bow Tie
68. 'How to Tie a Tie’ Part 17/18 ~ Trinity Knot
69. A visual glossary of Man Bags
70. 'How to Tie a Tie’ Part 16/18 ~ Eldredge Tie Knot
71. How to tie a scarf like Sherlock (on BBC)
72. A basic tie know tutorials
73. A Gentleman’s Guide to Shoes
74. 4 scarf knots to try out this week
75. The Knot Tutorial: Windsor, Half-Windsor, Shell & Four-in-Hand
76. Les Mustaches
77. A 6 step guide to tying a tie
78. Black tie vs. White tie ~ Deciphering the dress code
79. How to Tie a Scarf Series ~ 10 of 11: Four in Hand
80. 5 creative ways to fold a pocket square
81. Dress Shirt Collars Tutorial
82. A gentleman’s guide to collars, cuff and lapels
83. How to look dapper in a suit
84. How to roll sleeves ~ The Master Roll
85. 'How to Tie a Tie’ Part 13/18 ~ Grantchester Knot
86. Anatomy of a Dopp Kit
87. How to pack your suit jacket in 6 easy steps
88. A scarf knot for The Weekender
89. The trinity knot in 10 steps
90. Modern Hair Styling
91. How to tie a scarf: the Fake Knot
92. Anatomy of the overnight man bag
93. 21 poses for your photo-shoot ~ A handy guide for men
94. Suit versatility matrix
95. How to tie a scarf: The Twice-Around & The Hitch knots
96. A Visual Guide to Shirt Collars
97. 'How to Tie a Tie’ Part 3/18 ~ Full Windsor Knot
98. 'How to Tie a Tie’ Part 6/18 ~ Kelvin Knot
99. How to take care of a lambskin leather jacket
100. How to Tie A Scarf Series ~ 3 of 11: Over Hand

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Top 100 Sexiest Men For 2017 - Glamour UK by their voters.

Screenshots: a few (favourite) actors. The number by their name is their ranking in top 100.

Benedict Cumberbatch is nr 22… at 221B bakerstreet.
Tom Hiddleston is nr 9… together we are a perfect 10
Jensen Ackles is nr 66… coincidence? XD