DJ Mag reveals Top 100 Clubs

We all know that dance music is enjoyed best when its played out on a top-of-the-line sound system. If you add some state-of-the-art visuals, a premiere location, and the right ambiance, then you may have a bonafide club on your hands. Week in and week out, dance music enthusiasts from around the world line up outside of their favorite venues for their weekly release. And of course, contentions are made by those same club-goers as to which spot is every dancer’s haven. But exactly which club is worthy of being named the mecca of dance music? Well, the results for the DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs 2013 Poll may be of some service. This year, the annual public poll sees Exchange come in at #60! Thank YOU all for the support and we hope to see you on the dancefloor!

1. Green Valley : Camboriu, Brazil (Up 1)
2. Space Ibiza : Ibiza, Spain (Down 1)
3. Pacha Ibiza : Ibiza, Spain (Non-mover)
4. Fabric : London, England (Up 4)
5. Zouk : Singapore (Non-mover)
6. BCM : Mallorca, Spain (Up 1)
7. Ministry Of Sound : London, England (Down 1)
8. Sirena : Maresias, Brazil (Up 2)
9. Fabrik : Madrid Spain (Down 5)
10. Amnesia : Ibiza, Spain (Down 1)
11. Marquee Dayclub & Nightclub : Las Vegas, NV, USA (Non-mover)
12. Octagon : Seoul, South Korea (Up 85)
13. Cavo Paradiso : Mykonos, Greece (Up 2 )
14. DC10 : Ibiza, Spain (Up 2)
15. Guaba Beach Bar : Limassol, Cyprus (Up 5)
16. Warung Beach Club : Camboriu, Brazil (Up 22)
17. Privilege : Ibiza, Spain (Down 3)
18. Berghain/Panorama Bar : Berlin, Germany (Down 5)
19. The Warehouse Project : Manchester, UK (Re-entry)
20. Yalta : Sofia, Bulgaria (Down 8)
21. Pacha Sharm : Sharm El Shiekh, Egypt (Up 2)
22. Gurvernment : Toronto, Canada (Up 5)
23. Anzu Club : Sao Paulo, Brazil (Up 5)
24. Row 14 : Barcelona, Spain (Down 7)
25. Papaya : Peg, Croatia (Up 5)
26. Pacha NY : New York, NY, USA (Down 8)
27. Cocorico : Rimini, Italy (Up 12)
28. Ushuaia : Ibiza, Spain (Up 39)
29. Duel:Beat : Naples, Italy (New Entry)
30. Venue : Athens, Greece (New Entry)
31. Motion : Bristol, England (Up 6)
32. D-Edge : Sao Paulo, Brazil (Down 7)
33. Paradise Club : Mykonos, Greece (Re-Entry)
34. Surrender/Encore Beach Club : Las Vegas, NV, USA (Down 1)
35. Trouw : Amsterdam, Holland (Up 8)
36. Footwork : Toronto, Canada (New Entry)
37. Studio 80 : Amsterdam, Holland (New Entry)
38. Echostage : Washington DC, USA (New Entry)
39. Ellui : Seoul, South Korea (Up 52)
40. The Mid : Chicago, IL, USA (New Entry)
41. Space Sharm : Sharm El Shiekh, Egypt (Up 28)
42. Sub Club : Glasgow, Scotland (Up 40)
43. Tenax : Florence, Italy (Down 14)
44. Castle Club : Ayia Napa, Cyprus (Down 130
45. XS : Las Vegas, NV, USA (New Entry)
46. Club Space : Miami, FL, USA (Up 43)
47. Mansion : Miami, FL, USA (Up 14)
48. Bootshaus : Cologne, Germany (New Entry)
49. Avalon : Los Angeles, CA, USA (Up 9)
50. Miroir : Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (New Entry)
51. Club Midi : Transylvania, Romania (New Entry)
52. Roxy : Prague, Czech Republic (New Entry)
53. Air : Amsterdam, Holland (Up 28)
54. Guendalina : Leece, Italy (New Entry)
55. Foundation Seattle : Seattle, Washington, USA (New Entry)
56. Digital Newcastle : Newcastle, England (Down 35)
57. Sankeys Manchester : Manchester, UK (Down 35)
58. Tao Beach Club/Nightclub : Las Vegas, NV, USA (Up 15)
59. Electric Pickle : Miami, FL, USA (Up 5)
60. The Exchange : Downtown Los Angeles, CA, USA (Re-Entry)
61. Cable : London, England (Down 2)
62. Beta (Waterloo) : Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (Re-Entry)
63. Watergate : Berlin, Germany (Down 18)
64. Womb : Tokyo, Japan (Up 14)
65. Robert Johnson : Offenbach, Germany (Re-Entry)
66. Stealth : Nottingham, UK (New Entry)
67. Club Vertigo : San Jose, Costa Rica (Down 15)
68. Ageha : Tokyo, Japan (Up 28)
69. Circus Afterhours : Montreal, Canada (Down 50)
70. LIV : Miami, FL, USA (Down 23)
71. The Warehouse : Leeds, UK (Down 16)
72. Fuse : Brussels, Belgium (Down 38)
73. La Rocca : Lier, Belgium (Down 10)
74. The Garage : Leeds, UK (New Entry)
75. IL Muretto : Venice, Italy (Re-Entry)
76. La Huaka : Lima, Peru (Re-Entry)
77. Asylum Afterhours : Honolulu, Hawaii, USA (Down 27)
78. Rex Club : Paris, France (Up 10)
79. Cielo : New York, NY, USA (Down 25)
80. Sankeys Ibiza : Playa D'en Bossa, Ibiza (New Entry)
81. Beta Nightclub : Denver, CO, USA (Down 57)
82. Spybar : Chicago, IL, USA (Down 14)
83. Set : Miami, FL, USA (Down 11)
84. Matrixx : Nijmegen, Holland (Up 2)
85. Tresor : Berlin, Germany (Re-Entry)
86. Stereo : Montreal, Canada (Re-Entry)
87. Cacao Beach : Sunny Beach, Bulgaria (Re-Entry)
88. Arma17 : Moscow, Russia
89. Republiq : Manila, Philippines (New Entry)
90. The Arches : Glasgow, Scotland (Down 7)
91. Café D'Anvers : Antwerp, Belgium (Down 7)
92. Corsica Studios : London, England (Down 18)
93. Skybar : Beirut, Lebanon (Up 6)
94. Digital Brighton : Brighton, England (Down 37)
95. Space B. Camboriu : Balneario Camboriu, Brazil (New Entry)
96. Plan B : London, England (Up 4)
97. Melkweg : Amsterdam, Holland (Re-Entry)
98. Mint Club : Leeds, UK (Down 23)
99. The Rainbow : Birmingham, UK (New Entry)
100. Tabarin : Brno, Czech Republic (New Entry)

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#BigRonFilmReviews Top 100 Movies of all time


I’m finally there.

This was hard work. I collated a list of about 130 movies in Excel (yep) and moved it around for approximately 3 days until I ended up with a final list. 

I’ve ended up with a movie from each from Tarantino, Scorsese, Coppola, The Coens, Nolan, PTA and two from David Fincher. People may question the addition of Kevin Smith and Bryan Singer but as ever these are movies ranked according to an inexplicable, personal enjoyment algorithm. If you disagree do your fucking own. (Smiley face).

1) Pulp Fiction. It had to be really. I’m very happy with this being my all time favourite movie (so far). QT perfects the formula he created with Reservoir Dogs. Wonderful characters in amusing situations chomping through fabulous dialogue. A movie I simply do not tire of rewatching. Review here.

2) The Godfather Parts 1 and 2. And here we do not see The Godfather part 3. The first two Godfather movies are simply put. Masterpieces. A deeply intense look at the inner workings of a Mafia family with (at least) three stellar performances from three Titanic Hollywood Stars. Just Epic and beautiful whilst viscously violent and horrifying at the same time. Review here.

3) Fight Club. David Fincher’s cerebral, darkly comical commentary on consumerism and masculinity. A strange and very cool film with plenty of surprises. Love it, love it, love it! Review here.

4) Goodfellas. 

“You mean, let me understand this cause, ya know maybe it’s me, I’m a little fucked up maybe, but I’m funny how, I mean funny like I’m a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh, I’m here to fuckin’ amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? How am I funny?”. 

What a film. Review here.

5) Clerks. A super low budget movie set solely in and around a convenience store in New Jersey. Very little happens other than the two eponymous store Clerks shooting the shit talking about sex and Star Wars. I mean what more do you want? Review here.

6) Se7en. A slow burn Police Procedural with a very dark heart. Pitt and Morgan are trying to track down the serial killer who is in turn trying to send a message to society by mirroring the seven deadly sins. Awesome. “Whats in the Booooooox?” Review here.

7) The Usual Suspects. A surprising crime thriller with a übersupermega twist that absolutely blew me away. “Hand me the fucking keys, you cocksucker, what the fuck?” Review here.

8) Boogie Nights. All of Paul Thomas Andersson’s work is pretty special but this 70s porn industry tale is essentially a masterpiece. Perfect levels of humour, drama and sadness with a absolutely killer soundtrack to boot. Review here.

9) The Big Lebowski. Another of those films where not a great deal actually happens. There is a case of mistaken identity and a pissy rug. There is a kinda-kidnapping, some bowling, a few white russians and a fair amount of weed but because of the superb characters and wonderful dialogue it is just….. brilliant. Review here.

10) The Dark Knight Trilogy. Best Trilogy ever? Cor, could be man. I rewatched these recently and completely reordered my ranking of the three movies. Batman Begins is superb. This is how I want my Batman, flawed, brutal and dark. Aces. My Batman Reviews here.

The full list is available here.


Looks like dropping out of college wasn’t such a bad idea after all, Dad.

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