Leggiamo per noia, per curiosità, per scappare dalla vita che facciamo, per guardarla in faccia, per sapere, per dimenticare, per addomesticare i mostri fra la testa e il cuore, per liberarli.
Per rimediare, in qualche modo, all'esistenza.
—  Chiara Gamberale
My TOP 10 blogs about Aaliyah Dana Haughton and MORE!

In this post you’ll find my favourite fan blogs/pages about Aaliyah. At first, here is my TOP 10 (in no particular order). You should know them but if you are not following them, make sure to do it right after reading this post. I also included a list of many other blogs and pages that I like. I added links to each blog/page to make it easier for you. Enjoy. ♥

Aaliyah.PL: “AALIYAH.PL [previously known as Just-Aaliyah.Net]
is your hottest online source for everything related to miss Aaliyah Dana Haughton.”

FOLLOW AALIYAH.PL: Aaliyah.PL Website | Aaliyah.PL Forum | Tumblr: AaliyahPL | Instagram: AaliyahPL_ | Twitter: JustAaliyahNet | Facebook: Aaliyah.PL

Aaliyah Always: “Fan blog dedicated to the late, great & beautiful Miss Aaliyah Dana Haughton aka “Babygirl”. The Highest, Most Exalted One,The Best. January 16th, 1979 † August 25th, 2001.”

FOLLOW AALIYAH ALWAYS: Tumblr: AaliyahAlways | Instagram: AaliyahAlways | Twitter: _AaliyahAlways | The Infuential: Store: TheInfluential | Tumblr: TheInfluentialCo | Instagram: TheInfluential

Came To Give Love: “A fan blog dedicated to the great R&B legend Aaliyah Dana Haughton, and her loving fans. We love you and miss you, Baby Girl.”

FOLLOW CAME TO GIVE LOVE: Tumblr: CameToGiveLove | Instagram: CameToGiveLove | Twitter: CameToGiveLove | Facebook: Aaliyahlicious

We Love Aaliyah Haughton: “On 16th of January 1979 bornt the most shining star, and on 25th of August 2001, an angel went to sky. This is dedicated to you babygirl. We love you, and we’ll always miss you. With Aaliyah in our hearts.”

FOLLOW WE LOVE AALIYAH HAUGHTON: Tumblr: WeHeartAaliyah | Instagram: WeLoveAaliyahHaughton | Twitter: WeLoveAaliyah / WeHeartAaliyah

Aaliyah Queen of Urban Pop: “Aaliyah, thank you for STILL saving my world, a lot. I love you. Rest in peace, this blog is for you.”

FOLLOW AALIYAH QUEEN OF URBAN POP: Tumblr: AaliyahQueenOfUrbanPop | Instagram: Aaliyah_Spain | Twitter: IsmaExtraSmooth

Aaliyah Archives: “Dedicated Aaliyah fan determined to keep her memory and legacy alive. Gone but never forgotten. R.I.P Babygirl.”

FOLLOW AALIYAH ARCHIVES: Aaliyah Archives Website | Tumblr: AaliyahArchives | Instagram: Aaliyah_Archives | Twitter: AaliyahArchives | Google+: Aaliyah Archives | YouTube: Aaliyah Archives

Maximum Aaliyah: “Sabrina: French Aaliyah fanatic. This page is in dedication to all Aaliyah’s angels worldwide!”

FOLLOW MAXIMUM AALIYAH: Maximum Aaliyah Website | Tumblr: Maximum-Aaliyah | Instagram: Maximum_Aaliyah | Twitter: Maximum_Aaliyah | Facebook: Maximum-Aaliyah: Aaliyah Angels Team | Youtube: MambaLilSab

Dana’s Angels: “In loving memory of full on entertainer, Aaliyah Dana Haughton. The legacy continues.”

FOLLOW DANA’S ANGELS: Tumblr: DanasAngels | Instagram: Danas_Angels | Twitter: Danas_Angels | Google+: Danas Angels | Youtube: Danas Angels  

Ultimate Aaliyah: “Fan blog for the beautiful and talented Aaliyah. A full on entertainer, someone who can do it all, and a good person.”

FOLLOW ULTIMATE AALIYAH: Tumblr: UltimateAaliyah | Instagram:TheUltimateAaliyah / UltimateAaliyah_ | Twitter: AriAYvonne1

Favourite Things by Azzizz: “Tumblr dedicted to SWV, Pebbles, Salt-N-Pepa, Aaliyah, TLC and more. Find me on &”

FOLLOW FAVOURITE THINGS BY AZZIZZ: Tumblr: FavouriteThingsByAzzizz | Instagram: FavouriteThingsByAzzizz | Twitter: AzzIzz88 | Google+: ItsAzzizz | YouTube: ItsAzzizz

Although these were my TOP 10 favourite Aaliyah blogs/pages, there are plenty more blogs/pages about BabyGirl that I like, so here is the list (in alphabetical order):

AALIYAH 1979: Tumblr: Aaliyah1979

AALIYAH DANA FAN PAGE 21: Instagram: AaliyahDanaFanPage21 

AALIYAH DANA HAUGHTON: Tumblr: AaliyahDanaHaughtonn | Instagram: AaliyahDanaHaughton

AALIYAH.DH: Instagram: Aaliyah.dh

AALIYAH EDITSS: Instagram: AaliyahEditss

AALIYAH ETERNAL: Tumblr: AaliyahEternal | Instagram: AaliyahEternal

AALIYAH FAN PAGE: Instagram: AaliyahsPage | Facebook: Aaliyah Fan Page

AALIYAH FAN PAGE 1979: Instagram: AaliyahFanPage1979

AALIYAH FANS: Tumblr: Aaliyah-Fans

AALIYAH FOR MAC: Tumblr: AaliyahForMac | Instagram: AaliyahForMac | Twitter: AaliyahForMac

AALIYAH HAUGHTON: Instagram: AaliyahHaughton

AALIYAH ISS FOREVERR: Instagram: AaliyahIssForeverr | Twitter: AaliyahIsForeve

AALIYAH POLAND: Instagram: AaliyahPoland22 | Facebook: Aaliyah Poland

AALIYAH’S HEART: Instagram: AaliyahsHeart

AALIYAH’S WORLD: Tumblr: AaliyahsWorldd | Instagram: AaliyahsWorld_ | Twitter: AaliyahsWorld_

AALIYAH UNLEASHED: Tumblr: AaliyahUnleashed | Facebook: AaliyahUnleashed

AALIYAH VIVE: Tumblr: Aaliyah-Vive

AALIYAH WITH ME: Tumblr: AaliyahWithMe

ALWAYS AND FOREVER AALIYAH: Instagram: AlwaysAndForeverAaliyah | Facebook: Always And Forever. Aaliyah

BEAUTY OF AALIYAH: Tumblr: BeautyOfAaliyah

CAME TO SPREAD LOVE: Tumblr: CameToSpreadLove

DIARY OF AALIYAH HAUGHTON: Instagram: DiaryOfAaliyahHaughton

ESSENTIAL AALIYAH: Instagram: EssentialAaliyah

ETERNAL AALIYAH: Tumblr: EternalAaliyah

I DREAM OF AALIYAH: Tumblr: IDreamOfAaliyah

INTENSELY AALIYAH: Instagram: MeryMariahLopez | Facebook: Intensely Aaliyah /.\

JOHNLUVAALIYAH: Tumblr: JohnLuvAaliyah

MISS AALIYAH HAUGHTON: Instagram: MissAaliyahHaughton

ONLY AALIYAH: Tumblr: OnlyAaliyah

QUEEN AALIYAH: Tumblr: QueevxnAaliyah

QUEEN AALIYAH HAUGHTON: Instagram: QueenAaliyahHaughton

THE BABYGIRL AALIYAH: Instagram: TheBabygirl_Aaliyah

THE HIGHEST, MOST EXATLED ONE, THE BEST: Tumblr: The-Highest-Most-Exalted-One-The-Best

Thank you all for everything you are doing for keeping Aaliyah’s legacy alive! ♥

FOLLOW LEGACY OF AALIYAH: Tumblr: LegacyOfAaliyah | Instagram: Legacy_Of_Aaliyah | Twitter: Legacy_Of_Liyah