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Tour De Columbus-Nationwide Arena 6/24/2017

The lineup:
So me and Kaylee were able to get general admission tickets. So we got to the lineup at about 9:30 Friday night. At about 10 nationwide moved us to the property and let us camp out there with security watching us. It rained, i got a phone out of a porta-potty…it was lit. They honored our numbering system and answered all the questions we had. I was honestly so amazing at how nicely we were treates. Met some great people in line and made some great friends. It was honestly exhausting but fun as hell. Before we went in, they made sure that everyone was still in their spot and made sure that nobody was cutting in the line. Very professional.

Going in:
They kept us in an orderly line and made sure we didnt run to the pit. Everyone was respectful and it was pretty chill. I was really impressed by all the fans and security/staff respecting one another.

Wow. I mean, WOW. Not a lot of people knew their songs but we were all dancing and having fun. The bassist was amazing, the lead singer was amazingly talentes, and the fucking drummer man, how adorable!!!!!! They were all having fun and they just put a smile on your face. 10/10 probably went home and downloaded their new ep…(So you need to as well)

Judah and the Lion:
I was already excited to see them but hot damn!!! They were so amazing! From the little dances to almost EVERY person in the arena raising their lights…it was so beautiful. The songs were, as always, amazing. Honestly, they treated the fans like friends and when he talked to us it felt like a conversation with a buddy from your old neighborhoodm If you ever get the chance to see them live…TAKE IT

Now, before i talk about the beautiful humans that are Josh Dun and Tyler Josheph, i wanna say a quick word on the pit. It started off great but by the end of the night it wasnt. It was the worst part. I camped out for 20 hours in rain, cold, and horrible heat but i would do that again before going into the pit with some of the people I did last night. Don’t get me wrong, i loved it but some of the people made it such a bad experience. I know pits aren’t supposed to be calm, I’m not stupid, i didn’t go into this blindly. But don’t shove people to the point where they litterally can not breathe. And please, NEVER FUCKING DRAG THEM DOWN. The moment you kick or drag someone to the floor, is the moment you put them at risk for serious injury. It doesn’t matter if it’s not a *mosh* pit, it’s still a place where people will jump around. So if you go to a concert and you know its not a mosh pit kind of band, don’t act like it is!

Twenty One Pilots:
This band. These two people. The songs.  It all means so much to me. When the curtain dropped, so did my heart, but in the best way possible. I lost my shit when they played Cancer, i was a crying mess tge entire time. Message Man was everything and more that i wanted live. It’s the song that got me through some things and inspired me to pick myself up.  I was one row away from holding Josh up and hold Tyler’s hand so seeing them that close was an experience in itself. I can’t express how amazing they are. If i I ever had to sum them up in 3 words id say “pure beautiful talent”. The vocals gave me chills and the beat of the drums vibrated through my entire body. No, it wasnt the experience I was hoping for but hearing them, seeing them, I can’t complain too much. Everyone’s gotta have a bad experience at a concert at some point in their lives. I’m glad it was at one where the songs kept me calm and together. Seeing them live was just so wonderful and i will always remember it.

“We’re Twenty One Pilots and so are you” |-/

yo guys idk what to do because all my cool friends/acquaintances are at the hometown shows and are all meeting each other and i feel like the fucking social outcast bc i didnt even try to go bc i wouldnt know anyone that closely and its bringing out a bunch of insecurities and making me really sad that im not a big part of the clique anymore, and on top of that im sad bc i cant see top in concert. help


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as much as i love twenty one pilots i’m gonna kind of be glad when this emotional rollercoaster of a week is over. between being so sad that i can’t go to TDC and feeling so left out, to being so stoked over the livestreams and watching and singing and celebrating, to seeing other people meet the guys and being sad (again) because i just want to hug them and thank them, to being excited for a new era, to realizing it could be a while before i get to see them again and being bummed…

i’m more exhausted than i was when i came back from an ACTUAL TOP concert. wow.

I’ve been very busy these past few weeks. With concerts on top of concerts and trying to get our house more together. When I haven’t been going, I’ve been busy being a total sloth to make up for the crazy times.

Anyways, the Third Eye Blind show was amazing! I didn’t take any pictures at the Tears for Fears show as I wanted to be completely present for that one. I legit got teary eyed seeing them play. That band has always been very important to me and I’m so glad I got the chance to see them live.


Happy one year anniversary to my favorite concert EVER and happy belated to my fav @joshuadun #hersheyroadshow #twentyonepilots #top #tylerjoseph #joshdun #concert #igdaily #instalike #instadaily #instafollow (at Hersheypark Stadium)

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top 3 concerts you've been to, choose between reading or watching the movie, give one slightly embarrassing but not necessarily an exposing story about you

ohhhhhhh boy thank u so much!!!

okay top 3 concerts: 

1. Taylor Swift SNWT (aka the rain show!!!)

2. Halsey (final installment of Badlands)

3. Monumentour (Paramore AND Fall Out Boy and my life was changed forever)

next: I would rather read the book bc sometimes the movie is shit and u never know 

and embarrassing story: one time i was running to catch the bus and i lived on a hill and i like slid down the hill and ripped my knee open and the bus like stopped for me but when i didn’t stand up it drove away lmao :( 

sleepover saturday! ask me stuff!

im so sad about the whole hamlet musical situation like this was one of his musical goals way back before he was even a musical actor

he kept it a secret from us bc he was so excited about it and he worked hard to prepare for it on top of another musical, concert preparation and comeback prep + promotion :( i’ve never seen him work this hard and be so determined for a job before, he even built up his body and got those lil abs he’s been trying to gain for like. 5 years and he gained so much body confidence as a result ;; despite not having the ‘’’’’’’’’’perfect bod’’’’’’’’’ for that One scene

to see it being cancelled every day and seeing him so sad because he cant perform for himself and his fans… and the fact that he isnt even getting PAID for it…… i’m so sad i cant even imagine how jaehwan is feeling himself :(

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Top 6 solo Harry concert moments ;)

OMG!  You did this so much better than I could have with your Troubadour moments.  Cause fuck!  Stevie Nicks!  Like that’s the best of the solo Harry moments!  But I’ll do my best.  

Today Show:  When Harry asked the audience to sing a song they had heard only once before on SNL, but that wasn’t yet released.  

Graham Norton:  When he first NAILED Sign of the Times live and was so proud of himself.  

Late Late Styles:  KIWI!

Ultralight Beam:  Fuck yes!  I’m here for Harry doing more amazing covers like this.  

SNL:  Harry’s performance of Sign of the Times, while not perfect, was brilliant and iconic. 

STEVIE!:  And of course, my favorite solo Harry tour moment (so far) is him with Stevie.  (See B’s post about those moments because she chose some amazing iconic moments.)  

And to think that this is only the BEGINNING of the solo Harry era!  It’s overwhelming!

Ask me my top six anything!

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Hey, sorry it's a long msg, but I was wondering where the 1. Matching round neck cream round neck top and shorts with frayed edges/hems are from (fabric looks quite thick) // 2. black asymmetrical JB concert singlet top // 3. white crochet kind of loose poncho like top (worn in nyc) is from // 4. silver reflective sunglasse // 5. stortoise shell thick sunglasses // 6. white linen like dress with black stripes (of different widths) and has off the shoulder flare like sleeves Thank you xxxxxx :)))

A-Line, vintage D&G, Spell (I think, but not 100% sure), Dior, Celine and Kitx :) xx 

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You don't need to put him down. Yes GD lost weight but he is not as skinny as he was during heartbreaker. Do you know how much stress it is to put together an album, especially this is his last tour and last album before he enlist so that's causing even more stress. On top off the concert and album preparations right before everything was released t.o.p literally almost went into cardiac arrest. On top of that GD loves spicy food and Korean spicy food burns fat away.

Listen if you’d seen he’s pictures from like 2 or three years ago you’d know that difference is huge he wasn’t that skinny back then and even click couple months ago posted a picture on Instagram with caption for him to stop losing weight and he looks more skinny for example you can see his ribcage which you couldn’t see like year or two ago because he wasn’t that skinny… And i like eating spicy food too and I’m not super skinny he’s stressed yes understandable but this problem was noticed couple months ago so let me just sail he wasn’t that skinny all the time and it’s definitely not because of food