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At my first concert, (TOP) my fren got knocked unconscious at the very last song. But while backstage waiting for the meds to finish with her, I met Tyler and Josh and talked to them for like 15 mins. Never say that off anon cause I feel bad.

oh shit. and wow, thats really lucky. yeah, I’d probably feel a bit bad too.

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top 6 concerts you'd want to see?

In no particular order: Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Sia, Ed Sheeran, Pierce the Veil, and The Maine. I left out artists and bands that I’ve already seen.

Living through the wrong lens

One of the most amazing sporting spectacles that one can experience in life. A ‘Haka’ performed by natives of New Zealand (okay, so it’s not Rugby but it still counts!) I was lucky enough to enjoy this in London at a GB v NZ basketball match in 2015. It was so impressive that I took the liberty of getting my smartphone out of my pocket and video recording the performance so that I could share it on my Instagram page. I spent far too much time looking at my phone and trying to get a good video than enjoying what was something truly amazing.
Do not mistake me, the ability to capture and save moments such as these throughout our lives is amazing. We are capturing images and taking videos of everything we can in today’s revolutionary world of media. In the park, at a concert, on top of a mountain even in a restaurant taking pictures of our food; we are constantly capturing snapshots of our lives and submitting them to the enormous photo album that is social media.
My only worry is that it is seriously detracting from our real life experience of the world. I probably did not enjoy the haka as much as I could have. That person that I mentioned earlier? Who just climbed Ben Nevis? They didn’t think to stop and appreciate it. They just pulled a selfie stick from their back pocket took a snap and slapped it on Instagram. Then they zipped down the mountainside surrounded in likes of their new post, oblivious of the wonderful sight that they had just neglected.
It is brilliant that we can capture more memories than ever and we can look back at them when we are 80. I am afraid to say, however, that they are just images. So stop looking through the wrong lens. Live in the present because soon it will be your past.

The problem is that even if I ever do go to a TOP concert, my family would go with me. Which means I’d have to hide my emotions so they didn’t know how much this band has affected me. I don’t want them to know how vulnerable I am when it comes to this music.