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the youtube mother’s day vid has a lot of dislikes and the comments are actual hell what a surprise

Something I liked about Nihilego is that I would never guess its typing just by looking at its design. Even though its body shape does resemble a jellyfish (a clue toward the Poison type), it has almost nothing in common with either Poison- or Rock-type design themes. No jagged edges, no oozing sludge or toxic gas, no harsh greens/purples or earthy browns/grays. It looks smooth, fluid, and pure. 

The rest of the Ultra Beasts may not look like Pokémon from the world we know, but they do look like their typings for the most part, and that’s…almost disappointing. Buzzwole and Pheromosa look like athletic humanoid bugs (plus Buzzwole looks like it’s taken a truckload of steroids). Guzzlord has typical Dark-type coloring and seems suitably draconian. Xurkitree looks like electrical wiring, which isn’t such a far cry from slapping an eye on a steel ball with magnets stuck to it. Celesteela’s Steel typing is pretty damn blatant from its metallic appearance, although its not-so-obvious Flying part makes it a bit less conventional than the others. 

Kartana is probably the least predictable after Nihilego with the Grass/Steel combo, even if being modeled after an origami samurai with blades for limbs sort of points toward the Steel part. I’d probably guess Steel/Fighting if I didn’t know about the Grass. 

In general I like the designs (especially Guzzlord, because dragons), and the lack of prominent eyes/faces certainly helps them feel more alien & unsettling. I just think they could have pushed them further past “creepy” to get something even more bizarre and unexpected.

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Ok I went to listen to Kiwi to see and the top comment on YouTube was "Arctic Monkeys who" haha. Loads of people are saying it and I agree the instrumentation sounds a bit like from AM. The first few lines maybe too and some line about dripping candy was good. But the rest? What even is that chorus lol not something Alex would write anyway. Someone said Only Angel sounded like them too. Maybe backing vocals but that's about it.

lol yeah i noticed that comment when i watched it too. i kinda understood why ppl thought it sounded like AM for the first like 25 seconds (the first few lines, like you said) but after that i was like nah. the rest of it doesn’t really to me. especially the chorus hahaha can u imagine alex singing “I’M HAVING YOUR BABAAAAY! (HEYYY!)  IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!” lmao. i just listened to only angel and yeah idk i don’t hear it. i mean it’s similar in the way that all guitar music written by men about women is at least vaguely similar, but nothing beyond that really

[ COVER ] DEPARTURE 출발 ( 김동률 ) BY OK:GO 델타&마룬

Published on Apr 22, 2017

We apologize for the delay of our promised comeback, however we will be back soon for our Allrights, so please don’t be too disappointed and enjoy this little gift from the 96 liners. The song is Departure by Kim Dong Ryul sunbaenim. Just like the lyrics, ‘like this I leave, into the bigger world’,  OK:GO will work our hardest to step out into the bigger world, no matter how long it takes.

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  • stan talent, stan ok:go ❤
  • more than half the trainees on pd101 have more talent than these two
  • they’re okay but they lack emotion …
  • delta’s voice screams daddy but his face says 12 year old
  • they bicker so much, how do they make such a good harmony?

So one of the streamers I watch on youtube used the word “triggered” in his video

This has happened a lot recently, and I’ve gotten in the habit of posting a comment politely asking them to stop, and then engaging with the replies so that the comment ends up near the top (youtube currently boosts comments with lots of replies)

So I was arguing with a couple of dudes with, you know, anime icons making jokes about “safe spaces” or whatever

And then a guy comes in the comments telling me to kill myself

Heartwarmingly, the two guys I was arguing with told him to back off, and fortunately I’m not strongly affected by Internet trolls

But like, my suicidal ideation has been through the roof for the past month or so, so I decided to do something a little mean and just replied to the guy asking me to kill myself with “…okay”

I was planning on abandoning the thread anyway–pretty sure it’s already reached top comment.

Idk was this a bad thing to do? I feel like it’s kind of mean, but it kind of feels like the right way to end a thread that was a bunch of insensitive 20 somethings telling me that it’s the internet and what you say doesn’t matter and you should “toughen up”

Tbh BTS has to be embarrassed by ARMYs at times. Yeah, not all ARMYs are annoying, but the loud majority is. I feel bad for them that they have to deal with an annoying part of a fandom that makes ‘no jams’ jokes in 2016 and prefers to focus on Jimin’s ass than his talent. Like yikes, that must suck. It’s hard to take some ARMYs seriously. Not to mention some ARMYs actually think BTS made khiphop popular. I actually saw that as a top comment on youtube lol

Gain - Fxxk U

I’m just going to start off by saying many people may disagree with me about Gain’s new song ‘Fxxk U’. IT IS NOT ABOUT SEX!! Well technically it is, but not how many people are speaking about it. Yes it is sexual and the MV is too. But not in the way people are thinking. This, in no way is a normal relationship between a man and a woman who are in love. This is not a healthy relationship where they “make love.”

The lyrics and the music video portray an abusive relationship and the never ending struggles of trying to get out of it, but being unable to. Throughout the MV Gain continually refuses the man and pushes him away. But the man comforts her and reassures her. This is clearly about an abusive relationship. This will be addressed more when talking about the lyrics.

Here are some 'top’ comments from youtube:

1. “Are all adults in this world just thinking about having sex” and “We can see from the MV. The concept is about wanting to have sex” - No, this is not what all adults think like. And this isn’t even what the song is about. Gain is refusing sex from her partner, she is saying no. He’s forcing her and this can be seen in the lyrics and MV. This, in no way, is about two adults mutually wanting sex.

2. “Didn’t get why there was suddenly blood in the bathtub” - During this scene Gain sings “This can never really end.” From my take on this, I see this as the repetition of pain(physically and mentally) in this relationship. She is in an abusive relationship and cannot escape it. This can also be seen as it being her first time. The lyrics after the ones stated above were “Fxxk U, we’re going to fast.” He did not care for her body and it resulted in a bad experience. 

3. “Why kpop turn so sexual?” - This is my opinion. It is sexual and many people may not like this. But I respect what she has done. First she addressed becoming a woman in 'Bloom’ and now she is addressing abusive relationships. She is taking chances, and I see this as a step forward in Kpop. I don’t mean that all songs should be around topics that can be controversial, but I do respect what she is doing and has accomplished. Gain is known for her sexy concepts and this is no exception. It is pretty obvious that many other groups are also doing sexy concepts this new year as well. There are phases when it comes to concepts. Sometimes sexy is the trend and then cute and then street. It just happens. It’s like how fashion trends will repeat themselves.

4. “Great video and song. Gain (actually all of BEG) are all about showing the ins and outs of relationships from a lady’s perspective and she/they do a wonderful job at it!” - I have nothing more to add to this comment.

5. “….. very trashy.” - Ummm, no. In no way is this trashy. You do not comprehend this song and MV, so this is what you end up saying. People need to stop writing comments like this. Just because you are behind a computer screen and can type whatever you like, you really need to think about what you’re saying. At least try to understand the lyrics and maybe you’d be able to understand the message behind the MV. People have said that this MV is over the top, but it should be. Abusive relationships shouldn’t be down played. 

Now that I’ve addressed some of the top comments on Youtube, let’s take a look at the lyrics.

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Do you notice the ads for YouTube cropping up in newspapers, buses, and other web sites?

If you haven’t, the video site is doing an ad campaign (because they really need to put the word out on this “You Tube” thingy). The campaign features some of their more followed accounts with 1-5M+ followers. I decided to put my own little spin on them. Thanks to tamaralynnchambers for allowing me to use her image for one of them. :) I’ll make more when I get the chance.

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