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Barriscowest playing truth or dare
Iris: Truth or dare, Cisco
Cisco: Dare
Iris: Order me a pizza
Cisco: … Truth or dare, Barry?
Barry: Dare???
Cisco: Pay for the pizza
Barry:… Truth or dare, Iris?
Iris: Truth. Nice try though, honey.
Barry: *grumbles to himself as he brings out his wallet* 

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To the people who are upset about the Wanna One final line up and are calling the top 11 talentless,

How? How can you say that? None of the top 11 are talentless. All of them deserve to be there. The issue was that there were only 11 spots and 20 amazing, talented boys who deserved those spots. In fact, all 101 of the trainees are talented. I could go on and on about how talented each and every member of that show is, but I’ll just talk to you about the top 20. 

TR;DL: It wasn’t anyone’s fault but Mnet’s. DO NOT BLAME ANY OF THE FINAL WANNA ONE MEMBERS. IF you wanna be mad, BLAME MNET. 

Rank 20 - Choi Minki - Nu’EST’s Ren - Ahh Ren, he was very good at everything. Maybe not the best in any regard but definitely an all rounder. Singing. Dancing. Variety. Visuals. All check. The issue with him gettng this rank however was that Mnet’s edits didn’t give him much screen time (this is the case with many of the following on this list). 

Rank 19 - Joo Haknyeon - He is talented. Despite needing some help, this boy is talented. He just learns slower than the other trainees and was greedy for positions he wasn’t ready to take on. He got way too much uncalled for hate because of it. I want to see him make a comeback one day as a stronger, wiser person.

Rank 18 - Kim Samuel - I shouldn’t have to say this but Samuel choreographed a lot of the dances they did for P101- hell he choreographed the Super Hot stage (baby is only 15 TwT). He kicked ass as center in Showtime! He was also good in Get Ugly! But Mnet didn’t give him that many behind the scenes cuts so I think that might have hurt him. He truly deserved so much better and I am going to support his solo. Hopefully, one day, he’ll debut in a group. 

Rank 17 - Yoo Seonho - He’s got cute maknae charms and improved so much throughout the show. He’s only been a trainee for 6 months and despite that he grew a lot in a matter of months. I’m so proud of you, Seonho. Thank you for comforting all the people who needed it at the finale. You are an absolute angel who deserved to debut as well.

Rank 16 - Anh Hyungseob - Hyungseob is a good dancer and despite not being the best singer he tries very hard. He’s also hilarious XD (fondly remembers the times he ran into a door) He’s also got variety skills. *cough* His rank is probably low cause the Yuehua boys are planning to debut soon *cough*

Rank 15 - Im Youngmin - Great dancer. Great rapper. I don’t need to say anything. Just watch any of his performances and you’ll see. He got fucked over by his fake scandals and because knetz eat people alive without knowing if the rumor is true or not. 

Rank 14 - Kim Jonghyun - Nu’EST’s JR - Amazing leader, who is selfless and always a sweetheart. He could have asked for center. He could have been greedy and asked for more lines. He never once did. On top of that, he’s a great rapper and a great dancer. Plus he a cute shy Wartortle. I have no clue how someone who was hailed the Nation’s Leader didn’t make it into the Nation’s Boy Group. 

Rank 13 - Kang Dongho - Nu’EST’s Baekho - He had vocals for days and visuals for days. His charisma was like fire and his personality is so <3 He was the cute babysitter for all the kids of P101 and I’m honestly so sad Guanlin lost his fav sexy uncle. 

Rank 12 - Jung Sewoon - Okay, look I love Ponyo . I love him so damn much you don’t even know. I was depressed when I saw him not get in. I can’t put into words how much I wanted him to be in the top 11. I thought he wouldn’t be close to 11 because he was 19 last time, but damn I feel trolled about this. VOCALS. DANCING. CUTENESS. I want to see him again in the future so badly.

Rank 11- Ha Sungwoon - HOTSHOT’s Sungwoon - It’s probably not right for me to say I didn’t want him in the top 11 because he needs to return to HOTSHOT so they can finally have a comeback. But he was Rank A from the start. Even Boa was like how are such talented kids not popular. 

Rank 10 - Bae Jinyoung - A lot of you seem to have an issue with BaeJin. But he’s got stage presences. He might not have shown it off at the start but he improved so much since then. Plus he has a great personality which you can see in any of the back stage cams since the actual show cuts his and Jihoon’s screen time.

Rank 9 - Hwang Minhyun - Nu’EST Minhyun- Don’t fucking sit here and tell me Jonghyun deserves to debut but then go off and say the top 11 aren’t talented when Minhyun is fucking in the top 11. Emperor Hwang has everything. Visuals, vocals, dance skills, and the relationship with the rest of the top 11. He made half this top 11 happen. So much talent you can’t even. 

Rank 8 - Yoon Jisung-  Auntie Jisung was gonna give up if he didn’t debut. He has stable af vocals while dancing. Plus he’s hilarious. Like really fucking funny. That’s been evident since he made himself a meme in episode 1. He took care of whatever team he led. I’m so so glad he got to debut. 

Rank 7 - Lai Guanlin - I personally didn’t want him to debut because I think he’s too young and still has a lot of growing to do. He wasn’t the best rapper or dancer but he’s got stage presence not only that but he was also only a trainee for 6 months. He’s only been in Korea for 6 months. Plus he’s like 16 so chill. 

Rank 6 - Park Woojin - I will flip tables if you tell me Park Woojin didn’t deserve top 11. He had shingles and still gave a bomb performance. He’s a great dancer and always draws attention when he’s on stage. He’s a great rapper too. He’s been Rank A from the start (BNM kids are so talented guys).

Rank 5 - Ong Seongwoo - Talented. So fucking talented. I can’t. He’s funny af, he’s an amazing dancer, he’s a god singer, he’s got a great personality, AND he’s got actor like visuals. Seriously, how can you call him untalented? Again he was rank A from the start. 

Rank 4 - Kim Jaehwan - If you have hearing, you know Jaehwan is talented. He improved his dancing so much to be here. Plus he’s savage and hilarious. Kim Jaehwan was actually someone I was worried wouldn’t enter top 11 because he didn’t have a strong solo fanbase.

Rank 3 - Lee Daehwi - This child did not suffer to have you call him untalented. He’s an adorable baby who can do it all. He is only 16 and he writes songs for crying out loud! He can dance and sing and maybe rap (I think). He was also Rank A from the start! (All the BNM kids are talented af so never fucking say he’s talentless)

Rank 2 - Park Jihoon - Got here because he winked BUT that doesn’t mean he’s not talented. He’s a good dancer like a really good dancer, And he knows how to work a camera, clearly. He’s not the best singer but he tries. He’s an okay rapper but we never got to see much of that. Jihoon is adorable and cute and a whole lot of goot things but people kept bashing him for getting to the top because he winked. He’s still talented though (Rank B isn’t that bad cause Jaehwan was Rank B).

Rank 1 - Kang Daniel - I will not take anyone calling him untalented. Seriously there are too many people saying he didn’t deserve it. Have you watched ANY of his stages. He ALWAYS stole the show and he’s NEVER been center. Look, people forgot he was a rapper because he sang so much on this show. Like he gave all the rap parts to other rappers because he knew they couldn’t sing. He’s an angel who loves cats and people. He’s also awkwardly hilarious. He was bound to be in the top 11 from the moment he hugged small Woojin. Worked hard and moved from Rank B to Rank A. Watch any of his fancams and prepare to be shook. 

If you’ve made it this far, I applaud you. 

Wanna One is talented.

Everyone in the top 20 was talented. 

I wish they made a group with the top 20 because I loved so many of them. 

For Eclipse Day:
  • Waverly: "Nicole, why are you wearing those solar viewing glasses indoors? You can't see anything except for the sun with those."
  • Nicole: "I'm afraid I'll get blinded."
  • Wynonna: "By what?? We're indoors!"
  • Nicole: "I might get blinded by Waverly's radiant smile." *puts glasses on top of head and winks*
  • Waverly: *Blushes*
  • Wynonna: "JFC you sap."
Divination Part III
  • Harry: Alright, Ron, I've got a date tonight. Look at my tea leaves and tell me what's going to happen.
  • Ron: Let's see... You've... got a sort of wonky cross. That's trial and suffering... but that there could be the sun and that's happiness. So... you're going to suffer, but you're going to be happy about it.
  • Harry: Huh. Never figured I'd bottom this quickly. Draco will be thrilled though.
  • Ron: Wait, what?
among peasantry and princes part ii

part i 

summary -  virgil, his brothers patton and logan, and their mother octavia live a quaint life of peasantry in a small village far away from the rest of civilization. their lives are hardly out of the ordinary — that is, until a prestigious prince with an ego so large it outmatches even his castle takes an interest in virgil, which can surely only end in disaster. 

word count - 2,474

warnings - yelling, mentions of anger issues 

tags - human!au, prince!roman, peasant!virgil 

a/n - ahh okay i’d just like to thank you all for the overwhelming support on this au!! seriously you guys are amazing and i hope this chapter meets your expectations! (if you would like to be tagged/i forgot to tag you let me know!)

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It’s 1 am over here and look who I’m drawing

Anyways, I freaking love dream daddy (I’ve watched every gameplay that exists on this planet because I ain’t got no computer) and I just HAD to draw Jack in his smexy crop top.

I really love his overall attitude around this game, especially coming from a straight man playing this game. It’s amazing honestly!

Also; I’m trying to get back into drawing. I’ve had the largest artist and writers block for the past couple of months and I hope to break that soon :D

Redamancy ; T.O.P

Characters: Seunghyun (T.O.P) / Fem ! Idol ! Reader
Genre: Slight angst, fluff, mention of blood and stabbing
A/N: i added to your request a bit~ hope you don’t mind ^^ this’ll take place in January, 2017 btw
S/N = stage name
:4NGELS is pronounced as angels


Originally posted by taeyangspecs

[Y/N] sighed as she stared up at the darkening sky, content with life. Another, much bigger hand was intertwined with hers as the owner followed her actions. [Y/N] smiled up at the man beside her, the famous Choi Seunghyun of BigBang.

“I’m proud of you,” Seunghyun stated, a look of adoration and pride on his face. [Y/N] grinned in gratitude, squeezing his hand gently. “I honestly didn’t think we’d win,” [Y/N] admitted sheepishly. Seunghyun clicked his tongue, bringing her into his arms, hugging her tightly. His warmth comforted her, greatly contrasting against the cold January air of New Years Day.

“Please,” he began, “you guys won a newcomer award even though you only debuted three months ago. That’s something to be proud of.” [Y/N] hummed in response, nuzzling her face into his chest. A smile etched itself onto her face at the thought of the award show.

The rookie group [Y/N] was in, :4NGELS, had in fact won an award at the prestigious Golden Disk Awards despite only having debuted a few months prior. It was quite surprising; many other rookies had been on that stage with them, and yet [Y/N]’s group won over the votes.

A peaceful silence overcame them as they started to walk again. [Y/N]’s mind wandered and she frowned. She rested her head against Seunghyun’s arm, gulping nervously. “What’s wrong?” he asked, sensing her unease.

“You’re enlisting in a few weeks,” [Y/N] mumbled, her frown deepening. Seunghyun sighed, stopping completely. 

“Don’t think about that just yet,” he said, his voice just above a whisper as he played with her hands. “Let’s just enjoy the time we have together before I go.”


The peacefulness of their date was shattered when the two heard conspicuous whispering behind you. [Y/N]’s curiosity overcame her, and she turned around. Regret immediately filled her being, as the whispers turned into screams. A group of people stood behind them, both male and female, and it was obvious that they could identify the two idols, despite them wearing masks and caps.

Shit, [Y/N] thought, tugging on Seunghyun’s sleeve. Not turning around, Seunghyun broke into a sprint, taking [Y/N] with him. She could hear the sound of camera shutters and squeezed her eyes closed. “It’ll be alright,” Seunghyun said calmly, as if he weren’t running at all. “Just keep running.”

Unfortunately, a car drove past and blocked their way. Before they could maneuver around it, the group had caught up to them, surrounding and trapping them. The group shamelessly took photos, gasping to one another. Seunghyun pushed [Y/N]’s cap down, unsure of what to do. “Please let us pass-”

The group of, presumably, fans only gathered closer, this time they started asking questions. “Are you dating?” one of them asked, causing a ripple of shocked expressions within the group. “No,” another exclaimed, “they can’t be!”

[Y/N] kept her gaze to the ground, her grip tightening on Seunghyun’s jacket. She wouldn’t dare take his hand in front of the fans. “Is that [S/N]?”

[Y/N] instantly regretted not listening to Seunghyun when he suggested that they have a stay-at-home date. The glint of metal caught [Y/N]’s attention, her eyes widening in shock. She had heard of extreme sasaeng cases, but a fan wouldn’t dare threaten an idol like that, would they?  

Sadly, she was wrong. She let out an audible gasp when the fan took out a small knife. Her eyes shot to Seunghyun’s form, who was too busy trying to get the rest of the group to let them pass. It was as if time passed in slow motion as the fan crept toward [Y/N] and Seunghyun, though clearly going for him and not her.

When the fan raised his arm, [Y/N] panicked and closed her eyes, stepping toward Seunghyun.

Seunghyun suddenly felt [Y/N] slump against him. His arms immediately wrapping around her waist to keep her upright, his eyes widened when he saw the blood trickling down [Y/N]’s arm. His eyes raised to the assailant, meeting the horrified eyes of a lanky male, a bloody knife in his hand. 

“Call an ambulance,” he heard the group shout at each other. He moved his focus from the male to [Y/N] who had gone limp in his grasp. Dropping to his knees, ignoring the unwelcoming feeling of the freezing snow, he attempted to settle her in the most comfortable way possible, his shaky hands moving to her wound. “So much blood,” he gasped, the feeling of fright encasing him in its prison. True to his words, the crimson blood stained the once pure snow, leaving a pattern all of its own. 

The sound of sirens blared loudly as they neared, and it wasn’t long before paramedics arrived at his side. “We need to move her onto the gurney,” one of them called another and the gurney was at their side quickly. With the help of Seunghyun, the paramedics wheeled [Y/N] into the ambulance.

One of them made eye contact with Seunghyun. “Are you coming in?”

Nodding frantically, he jumped into the vehicle and took [Y/N]’s hands. Almost as quickly as it arrived, the ambulance sped off.

Seunghyun paced the small section in the corridor, members of BigBang, who [Y/N] had gotten close to after meeting Seunghyun in her trainee days, and :4NGELS filling the hallway. “Pacing won’t make the operation go by any faster,” Youngbae said gently, looking up at his elder with pity. Allison, a Canadian member, nodded despite the tears the flowed from her eyes. 

The three other members of [Y/N]’s group all had tears in their eyes as they huddled together, each one terrified for their leader. “It’s been hours,” Seunghyun mumbled, finally collapsing in a chair, dropping his head in his hands. Daesung bit his lip, rubbing his back comfortingly.

As if on cue, the head surgeon walked out of the operating room, blood covering his protective clothing.

[Y/N]’s blood.

“How is she?” Sonha, the youngest in [Y/N]’s group. “Will she be okay?”

The surgeon had a sympathetic expression as he took off the mask, along with his gloves and apron, and tossed it into the bin outside the door. “She’s alive.”

The group barely had time to let out a sigh of relief before he continued, a grim expression replacing his first. “However, she was stabbed in the brachial artery and lost roughly 62.5% of her blood. Luckily, we had her blood type available. If she had lost one more pint of blood, she would’ve died.”

The group exchanged nervous glances. The surgeon obviously had more to say, but none of them were sure they wanted to hear it. 

“The amount of blood that Miss. [L/N] lost was enough to induce a coma.”

The room went silent enough to have heard a pin drop.

Breaking News; Rookie Idol [Y/F/N], known as :4NGELS’ leader [S/N] was stabbed last night while out on a date with fellow idol and label mate, Choi Seunghyun from major boy group BigBang. She is currently in a coma because of Nam Jongsu, one of the few who had spotted the two idols out last night.

After being interrogated, officials revealed his statement. “I didn’t mean to stab [Y/N],” he had said in defense. When officers asked why he had targeted them, he had responded with this horrible answer. “[Y/N] was supposed to be mine. Someone like T.O.P doesn’t deserve her innocence.” He has been arrested for aggravated assault this morning–”

Seunghyun turned the TV off, not able to hear another word come out of the news reporter’s mouth. He already knew all of that; he had read a plethora of articles online and even had his manager run and grab a newspaper for him (since none of the managers wanted any of the members out).

He had also read comment after comment, each one filled with hate, that had been left on his social media. 

“It’s his fault anyway. If he wasn’t dating our [Y/N] she wouldn’t be in a coma!”

“I bet he’s jumping with glee over the attention he’s getting now…”

If anything, Seunghyun was filled to the brim with frustration. Toward [Y/N]’s attacker, toward her coma, toward the haters– he felt frustrated with everything at the moment. But at the end of the day, he had to accept the situation; he had no choice. [Y/N] was in a coma, and he had no idea when she’d wake up.

Or if.

That possibility, the if that hung in the air, was not something he could or would accept.

A month passed since [Y/N] fell in a coma and things haven’t gotten any better. The hate was piling up, VIPs sending hate toward :4NGELS while their fandom sent hate toward BigBang. Not to mention the fact that he had to act happy in front of cameras. It was exhausting and he felt as though he were mocking [Y/N]; smiling while she was confined to a hospital bed.

Hyungdon and Daejun had even asked him about the situation after filming their first Weekly Idol episode, but he couldn’t bring himself to talk about [Y/N].

And now, he stood in front of the four boys he’s spent over a decade with, his suitcase at his side. They were already shedding tears, not making eye contact as they swiped at their cheeks. “You’re going to make me cry, stop,” he mumbled, feeling the sting of tears. “You’ll see me again, it’s not like I’m leaving the country.”

“But you’re still leaving,” Jiyong mumbled through tears. Seungri looked away, patting his eyes with a tissue, before sending a sad smile in Seunghyun’s direction. “We’ll update you on [Y/N], okay?”

Seunghyun gave the youngest member a grateful smile, albeit a broken one. “Be careful,” Daesung added, not even bothering to wipe away his tears. Youngbae hit his shoulder gently, pulling a sarcastic face (although it wasn’t quite working as it was wet with tears). “You say that like he doesn’t already know.”

Upon seeing Seunghyun’s expression, Youngbae’s eyes softened. “Don’t worry,” he said, “[Y/N]’s a fighter. She’ll wake up soon.”

The five flinched when Seunghyun’s driver drove into his driveway. Following prior instructions, the driver stayed in the car, letting them have their moment.

Without saying a word, Seunghyun brought the five of them into a tight hug. “Don’t do anything stupid, alright? And if you do… don’t get caught.” Jiyong let out a broken laugh, wrapping his own arms around his fellow members.

They let go reluctantly and watched as Seunghyun grabbed his suitcase.

“I’ll see you.”

No more than three weeks after Seunghyun’s departure, nurses caught movement in [Y/N]’s hands. “She’s awake?” Kanghee, the last :4NGELS member, said after picking up the phone. Allison and Sonha crowded around her, hopeful expressions on each one’s face.

Kanghee hung up, enveloping the girls in a hug. “She’s awake!”

The drive to the hospital didn’t take long; it was barely five in the morning when they received the call, so there wasn’t much traffic. The three practically burst into tears after seeing [Y/N] sitting up in bed. The four hugged, happy tears wetting the bed sheets.

“Careful with her arm,” the nurse in the room reminded, despite the smile on her face. 

“So,” [Y/N] said after drying her eyes, “what’d I miss?”

[Y/N], to be frank, was devastated when she found out Seunghyun had already left to do the mandatory military service. She hadn’t even gotten to say goodbye. However, she didn’t have much time to grieve. She was swarmed wherever she went; reporters had even stayed outside the girls’ dorm waiting for [Y/N]. 

She had been asked about Seunghyun and the incident more times than she could count on her fingers three times over. Due to the excessive questions, Yang Hyunsuk had even given her permission to confirm the dating rumours.

Although, she hadn’t even heard from Seunghyun. A feeling of dread filled her once she read hate comments on almost all of BigBang’s social media, all directed toward Seunghyun, and all about her. “What if he wants to break up because of this?” she had asked Kanghee.

She wasn’t able to answer.

After [Y/N]’s arm was almost completely healed, which took more three months, YG Ent. had announced :4NGELS first ever outdoor concert to commemorate [Y/N]’s recovery. According to Hyunsuk, one of the ‘pros’ of getting stabbed was the popularity that followed.

“We’re going to do great,” [Y/N] said, raising a fist once the girls circled her. “I’m nervous,” Sonha mumbled, clinging onto [Y/N]’s uninjured arm. Makeup artists were currently hiding the scar on her injured one, much to her discomfort.

“You’re on in twenty-five seconds,” a staff member called. The girls quickly straightened themselves out, letting out nervous breaths. “Let’s do this,” Allison breathed, a bright smile on her face.


Time passed too quickly for [Y/N]’s liking and the concert was nearing an end. The guitarist from their last cover, Butterfly by BTS, quickly left the stage, another staff member taking his place. [Y/N] looked around, confused when the staff member wrapped a blindfold around her head, taking away her vision.

“What’s going on?” she asked into the microphone. The crowd buzzed with excitement and confusion mixed together. “We have a special surprise for our leader,” she heard Kanghee sing. 

“Is it food?”

The crowd laughed at [Y/N]’s guess before erupting in screams. She could hear numerous things being called out, but amongst them one stood out.


She felt the blindfold being loosened and before her was Choi Seunghyun in the flesh. The crowd grew quiet, all eager to see what would happen. Sonha gave Seunghyun her microphone. “Hello,” he said with a smile.

[Y/N] couldn’t speak, her hand covered her mouth as her eyes shone with tears. 

“I missed you.”

The crowd screamed at his sudden proclamation, but [Y/N] tuned it out, moving forward to give Seunghyun a hug.

Any doubt [Y/N] once had about Seunghyun vanished into thin air. Her love, in the end, was returned in full.