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Relationship status: In a one sided relationship with my one true love :/

Favorite color: I love all of the colors

Lipstick or chap-stick: neither? I dont really use lipstick or chap stick…

Last song I listened to: Wake me up by B.A.P

Top three tv shows:
1. Merlin
2. Doctor Who
3. The Leftovers

Top three characters:
1. The 11th Doctor
2. Leonard “Bones” McCoy
3. Gwaine

Top three ships
1. Taegikook because I can’t put the subdivisions in any specific order
2. Jinkook
3. All the other bangtan ships :D

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TOP 20 TV SHIPS (as voted by my followers)
16. Lily and Marshall (How I Met Your Mother)
“Marshall, I love you because you’re funny, and you make me feel loved, and you make me feel safe. And for our anniversary, you gave me a sweatshirt that says "Lily and Marshall: Rockin’ It Since ‘96”. Kinda wish I was wearing it right now, because it smells like you. But the main reason I love you Marshall Eriksen, is… you make me happy. You make me happy all the time.“

hoh boi

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RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single and NOT ready to mingle

LIPSTICK OR CHAPSTICK: chapstick, it keeps my lips from being chapped during the winter and summer… and fall,,, and spRING-

LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: Split… i watched it like, two nights ago?

LAST SONG I LISTENED TO: Self-Inflicted Achromatic English cover by JubyPhonic!! ( it was on one of my youtube playlists a few days ago and im addicted

TOP THREE SHOWS: uh,,, A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Black Butler, and,,, uh,,, Voltron? man idk i dont watch tv often

TOP THREE SHIPS: DAMN YOU! THERE IS TO MANY! uh, zene is a given,,, prinxiety? i guess? and,,,,,,, uHHH,,, travlyn??? i mean its one of my ships but im not extremely crazy about it :T


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Relationship- Single but not looking for one

Favorite color- Royal blue

Lipstick of chapstick- I did this one before but, once again, chapstick

Last song I listened to- Haven’t really been listening to songs lately but it was Just Keep Breathing by We The Kings (amazing song, 10/10 would recommend)

Last movie I watched- Haven’t really been watching movies lately either??? I think the last one I watched was Moana.

Top 3 TV shows- Once again, Voltron Legendary Defender, Miraculous Ladybug and I’ll put down NCIS for the third though I haven’t watched it in forever. I’m not really one for watching TV.

Top 3 ships- *cries again* I’m still gonna go with Iwaoi, Makoharu and Klance.

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LIPSTICK OR CHAPSTICK: chapstick all the way
LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: The Emperor’s New Groove
LAST SONG I LISTENED TO: The Wheel from Tuck Everlasting
TOP 3 SHOWS: SMASH, and like idk. I don’t watch much tv
TOP 3 SHIPS: hernst, javid, and dutchie

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TOP 10 TV SHIPS 01. Booth and Brennan

“Dear Agent Booth, you are a confusing man. You are irrational and impulsive, superstitious and exasperating. You believe in ghosts and maybe even Santa Claus and because of you I’ve started to see the universe differently. How is it possible that simply looking into your fine face gives me such joy? Why does it make me so happy that every time I try to sneak a peek at you, you’re already looking at me.  Like you, it makes no sense, and like you, it feels right. If I ever get out of here, I will find a time and place to tell you that you make my life messy and confusing and unfocused and irrational and wonderful. This is that time, this is that place.”

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Relationship status: single.
Favorite color: Pink
Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick
Last song I listened to: Mirror Haus by Lindsey Stirling
Last movie I watched: iBoy
Top three tv shows: I don’t watch tv
Top three characters: Again, I don’t watch tv
Top three ships: Deryn & Lilit (Leviathan) Sabrina & Puck (sisters grimm) and idk a third
Books I’m currently reading: None
Name: Sarah
Nickname: No one has ever given me one
Height: 5ft
Orientation: lmao
Favorite Animal: Dogs
Average Sleep Hours: 6-15
Cat or Dog Person: Dogs
Favorite Fictional Character: The fictional version of me that I have in my head
Number of Blankets You Sleep With: 1
Dream Trip: I don’t allow myself to dream.
Blog Created: I don’t even remember. I started my first blog in 2011 tho
Number of Followers: ~1600. About half of those are spam

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Goal: Like, in life?  To give my life away.

Relationship Status: Very much not looking, but very much being pursued.  It suuuuuucks.

Favourite Colour: Yellow, teal.

Lipstick or Chapstick: Probably chapstick?  Are we talking practicality or beauty here?

Last song I listened to: Me playing warm-up exercises on the harp…

Last movie I watched: I don’t even remember.  Maybe Rogue One?  Probably Rogue One. 

Top three t.v shows: I don’t watch TV, man. 

Top three ships: Ummm…. Ummmmmmmmmmmmm…. me x food?

Tag some folks: if you want, it’s all yours.  I am lazy.


TOP 10 TV SHIPS  03. Luke and Lorelai

“I don’t think I ever really loved anyone. Until Luke.”

you know how they say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?

yeah, that was about shipping wlw characters. we’re all fucking insane.