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Orion by Anon

So, anon girl and I were talking the other day, and coming up with new Artemis and Orion headcanons because that’s how we roll…

Anyhow, she came up with this headcanon that Orion is actually super neat (like, kind of OCD neat) and I agreed because I do think he’s all clean and stuff (I mean, do look at my drawings of him, he’s always pretty clean and it is obvious his hair doesn’t just “fall that way”)… but little did I know that anon girl was going to write the LOVELIEST piece of fiction that is MELTING MY HEART!

Honestly, do read this.

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Yes, it’s Rupert! More photography I’d never seen before!

Photograph by JC/Katz Pictures. (No full name given, sadly: if anyone can sleuth that, I’ll add it.) My big new HQ scan.

Sunday Times, Culture supplement 7 April 2002 – published on the day The Forsyte Saga (series 1) made its Sunday-night ITV debut in the UK.

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