top thrill dragster cedar point

anonymous asked:

Ah! I used to work at Cedar Point! Did you like Top Thrill Dragster? What were your favorite rides?? Have fun at colossalcon!

Anon: You went to Cedar Point?! I live not too far from there and I always go there!! I’m to scared to go on the dragster tho. Which ride is your favorite? Mine’s the Rapter!

yess I think the scariest part of the Dragster was when it was going up, the descent was so fast it was over p soon, and I went on the Blue Streak, the Millenium Force, the Maverick, the Magnum, the Rugaru and some more I don’t remember the names! they were really cool, very intense haha I had fun uvu

Anon: hello, i saw you were going to ohio for colossalcon, what part of ohio are you going to? i used to live there so im just curious if you’re anywhere around my hometown. i love your art, by the way!

just Sendusky for the con 8′) I’m in the Kalahari hotel (thank youu <3 )