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It seems like forever, but it was just one year ago that Donald Trump was elected president. So what have we learned about the presidency and who is running the country? 

1. The first big thing we’ve learned is that Trump is not really the president of the United States – because he’s not governing.

A president who’s governing doesn’t blast his Attorney General for doing his duty and recusing himself from an FBI investigation of the president.

A president who’s governing doesn’t leave the top echelons of departments and agencies empty for almost a year.

He doesn’t publicly tell his Secretary of State he’s wasting time trying to open relations with North Korea. Any president with the slightest interest in governing would already know and approve of what his Secretary of State was doing.

He doesn’t fire half his key White House staff in the first nine months, creating utter chaos.

A president who is governing works with his cabinet and staff to develop policy. He doesn’t just tweet new public policy out of the blue – for example, that transgender people can’t serve in the military. His Secretary of Defense is likely to have some thoughts on the matter – and if not consulted might decide to ignore the tweet.

He doesn’t just decide to withdraw from the Paris Accord without any reason or analysis.

A president who is governing works with Congress. He doesn’t just punt to Congress hard decisions – as he did with DACA, the Iran nuclear deal, insurance subsidies under the Affordable Care Act, and details of his tax plan.

He doesn’t tell a crowd of supporters that he’s ended the Clean Power Plan – “Did you see what I did to that? Boom, gone” – when any such repeal requires a legal process, and must then withstand court challenges.

Instead of governing, Donald Trump has been insulting, throwing tantrums, and getting even:

Equating white supremacists with people who protest against them. Questioning the patriotism of NFL players who are peacefully protesting police violence and racism.

Making nasty remarks about journalists, about his predecessor as president, his political opponent in the last election, national heroes like Congressman John Lewis and Senator John McCain, even the mayor of San Juan Puerto Rico.

Or he’s busy lying and then covering up the lies. Claiming he would have won the popular vote if millions hadn’t voted fraudulently for his opponent – without a shred of evidence to support his claim, and then setting up a fraudulent commission to find the evidence.

Or firing the head of the FBI who wouldn’t promise to be more loyal to him than to the American public.

A president’s job is to govern. Trump doesn’t know how to govern, or apparently doesn’t care. So, logically, he’s not President.

2. The second thing we’ve learned is that Trump’s influence is waning.  

Since he lost the popular vote, his approval ratings have dropped even further. One year in, Trump is the least popular president in history with only 37 percent of Americans behind him.

Most Republicans still approve of him, but that may not be for long.

He couldn’t get his pick elected to a Senate primary in Alabama, a state bulging with Trump voters.

Republican senators refused to go along with his repeal of the Affordable Care Act. And they’re taking increased interest in Russia’s interference in the 2016 election.

Business leaders deserted him over his remarks over Charlottesville. They vacated his business advisory councils.

NFL owners have turned on him over his remarks about players. Tom Brady, who once called Trump “a good friend,” now calls him “divisive” and “wrong.”

There’s no question he’s violated the Constitution. There are at least three grounds for impeachment – his violation of the emoluments clause of the Constitution by raking in money from foreign governments, his obstruction of justice by firing the head of the FBI, and his failure to faithfully execute the law by not implementing the Affordable Care Act. And a fourth if he or his aides colluded with Russia in the 2016 election.

But both houses of Congress would have to vote for his removal, which won’t happen unless Democrats win control in 2018 or Republicans in Congress decide Trump is a political liability.

3. The third big thing we’ve learned is where the governing of the country is actually occurring.

Much is being done by lobbyists for big business, who now swarm over the Trump administration like honey bees over a hedgerow of hollyhocks.

But the real leadership of America is coming from outside the Trump administration.

Leadership on the environment is now coming from California – whose rules every automaker and many other corporations have to meet in order to sell in a state that’s home to one out of eight Americans.

Leadership on civil rights is coming from the federal courts, which have struck down three different versions of Trump’s travel ban, told states their voter ID laws are unconstitutional, and pushed police departments to stop profiling and harassing minorities.

Leadership on the economy is coming from the Federal Reserve Board, whose decisions on interest rates are more important than ever now that the country lacks a fiscal policy guided by the White House.

Most of the rest of leadership in America is now coming from the grassroots – from people all over the country who are determined to reclaim our democracy and make the economy work for the many rather than the few.

They stopped Congress from repealing the Affordable Care Act.

They’re fighting Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s plan to spend taxpayer money on for-profit schools and colleges that cheat their students.

They’re fighting EPA director Scott Pruitt’s crusade against climate science.

And Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s attempts to tear down the wall between church and state.

They’re fighting against the biggest tax cut for the wealthy in American history – that will be paid for by draconian cuts in services and dangerous levels of federal debt.

They’re fighting against the bigotry, racism, and xenophobia that Trump has unleashed.

And they’re fighting for a Congress that, starting with next year’s midterm elections, will reverse everything Trump is doing to America.

But their most important effort – your effort, our effort – is not just resisting Trump. It’s laying the groundwork for a new politics in America, a new era of decency and social justice, a reassertion of the common good.

Millions are already mobilizing and organizing. It’s the one good thing that’s happened since Election Day last year – the silver lining on the dark Trump cloud.

If you’re not yet part of it, join up.


Phrases you may hear or use in a Korean cafe!

Along with our Friendly Phrases tag, we’re now launching our Korean Phrases tag! Each of these posts will feature 8 sentences in any given topic, along with a breakdown of the vocabulary and sentence structure! 

BASIC SENTENCE STRUCTURE:  Subject - Time -  Object - Adverb - Verb

Let’s break down the vocabulary.

어서 오세요 - Welcome
주문하다 - to order
~하시다 - to do (high formal)

것 - thing(s)
확인한다 - to check
드리다 - to give, to offer (high formal)

데우다 - to heat, to warm up
드리다 - to give, to offer (high formal)

EG: “머핀 데워 드릴까요?” Would you like me to heat up the muffin?

여기 - here
드시다 - to eat (high formal)
아니면 - or
가지다 - to have, to carry
가다 - to go

영수증 - receipt
필요하다 - to need

올리다 - to lift up, to raise (in this case, “to put on top”)
드리다 - to give (high formal)

어떤 - what, which
사이즈 - size
원하다 - to want
하시다 - to do (high formal)

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deadass wanted to kms seeing minho meeting melania. like uhm, do ya kno, how shitty, her shit bag, of a husband, is??? i was shook that everyone was just like "omg lol he's with melania wow," like all yall really jus gon act like shes not also a part of whats wrong with america atm. idk das jus me, im disgusted and like shook B.

I agree. I didn’t post any pictures because she and her husband have personally targeted people like me and many of my followers on a varying level of grounds, whether it be on basis of sexual orientation, gender, race, ethnicity, you name it.

However, take solace in the following:

Minho did not volunteer to meet Melania. Minho was slated to appear at this event months ago; the purpose of the event was to promote women and girl’s athletics. The underlying reason was to get people excited for the upcoming Winter Olympics, and big names were present at the event.

Minho, then, was at this event to encourage younger girls to follow their dreams of athletics, irrespective of what society tells them they should do; the summary of his speech was, if you wanna be an athlete, follow your dream and don’t let society tell you no.

So why was Melania there?

Well, the event took place at the home of the U.S. Ambassador to South Korea, who hosted the event. The Trumps are currently on an Asia tour and while Minho has been slated to appear at this event for several months, Melania has not. Melania was there because Cheeto-in-Chief was speaking to South Korea’s current president, Moon Jae-In. Her speech discussed the importance of teamwork in sport, and she advocated for allowing girls equal access to sports facilities before encouraging those present to tune in to the WInter Olympics this February to see what countries would win the gold.

Now, my opinion on this is, as always, Melania is tone deaf. Because of Scrooge McDuck’s laundry list of sexist comments, actions, and legislature, her words hardly mean a damn thing. But on top of this, she is not addressing the real issue like Minho is. Melania’s comments imply women do not have access to sporting facilities in Korea. Korea has a big sexism problem when it comes to many issues. However, people, irrespective of gender or race, have equal access to facilities. Minho addressed the real problem; there is a very negative culture around women in athletics. Minho’s words, which encouraged young women to defy societal expectations and be who they truly want, actually addressed this issue by, for one thing, getting the problem right, and for another, advocating for real change. 

So, yeah. Minho was slated to be there before she was and he handled the topic at hand far better than she did. I hope people are not upset with Minho for this, because Melania’s appearance and words were not something he had any say in (and did you see the way he physically recoiled when she touched him?).

There’s a big difference between (incorrectly) pointing out a problem and saying “Girls can play too!” like Melania did (those are exact words), versus encouraging people to be a part of what CHANGES it. And that’s exactly why Minho nailed it.

Spam Me Some Kpop

Send me a number and I’ll tell you:

  1. What’s my favorite Girl Group song as of now?
  2. What’s my favorite Boy Group song as of now?
  3. What’s my favorite MV as of now?
  4. What’s my favorite dance to a Kpop song as of now?
  5. Who’s my (group name) bias?
  6. Who’s my favorite solo artist?
  7. Do I own any merchandise? If yes, what is it?
  8. Do I know any Kpop song lyrics off by heart? If yes, what is it?
  9. What are my top 3 Kdramas as of now?
  10. What is my favorite (group name) photoshoot as of now?
  11. What weird things do I sometimes to do when seeing my bias?
  12. What is my OTP?
  13. Have I ever been to Korea?
  14. Do I have a friend/partner who’s into Kpop/Korea?
  15. Did I ever call something by an idol’s name?
  16. Do I keep my love to Kpop/Korea to myself or do I share it with others?
  17. Would I want to live in Korea? Why? OR Do I live in Korea? How is it?
  18. Have I had a dream about something Kpop related? If yes, what was it?
  19. Do I watch any Korea-related Youtubers? Who are they?
  20. Did I ever regret getting into Kpop/Korea? Why?

Honestly moments like this make me cringe so fucking hard. There are so many fans who do the craziest shit and are obsessed with Korean culture and make Korean food and try and study the language and have a life goal of going to live in Korea and talk out their ass about how good kimchi is. But as soon as something happens that doesn’t show idols in a positive light they do a complete one fucking eighty and appear so ignorant.

As a nonKorean, you don’t get to pick and choose what parts of THEIR culture is wrong or right. You don’t get to choose what parts of THEIR culture you agree with. You don’t get to shit on them because they think differently to you on topics. Their opinions come from years of their own cultural knowledge and socialization.

I’m so fucking sick of the warped view people have on an entire fucking country. The fetishism that goes on. The weird blindness to only seeing things from a western lense. Because guess what? Korea is extremely conservative in lots of ways. They don’t let you do drugs. Porn websites are blocked. You generally don’t live with your bf/gf before you’re married. Having a child before you’re married is considered shameful. You live with your parents until you’re like 30 and when they tell you not to do something, you don’t do it. Abortions are illegal (but not hard to get). Birth control outside condoms is hard to obtain. And drugs are literally the fucking worst.

And idols don’t live in bubbles. They’re Korean. They have grown up in this culture and they know the rules. They know what is culturally acceptable. They know what could cause a scandal and ruin their career. But they, like all other Koreans, take calculated risks and make decisions based on all the schema they have.

No one FORCED TOP to bring a girl back to his house. No one FORCED TOP to smoke weed with her once. Or on the second time. Or the third fucking time. They were decisions he himself made. He then made the decision to try and lie about it, knowing all that he knows about the Korean culture. There is nothing more to it than that.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t think it’s fair. It doesn’t matter if you don’t think it’s right. Because it’s what happens. And if you really cares about all this ‘injustice’ to him, you wouldn’t be worried about just him. Lots of other famous Koreans have gone to jail for weed. Lot’s of other Koreans have had huge scandals and felt the force of the public, but I haven’t seen a single thing said about it.

And it’s shitty because you pick and choose who is worthy of being defended. No one said shit about Bom and her prescription drugs. No one said shit about that huge marijuana ring involving idol trainees and rappers last year. Because you don’t seem to actually care about the fact drugs are an issue in Korea. You care about the fact TOP is in trouble. Stop trying to make this a political thing about marijuana, because it’s not. He’s a grown ass man that knew the law and consequences. You just care that your idol got caught.

I get so angry about this shit. Not all of you do it. But some of you honestly need to grow up and see shit for what it is.

Distraction (M)

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@isabelle-297 I know I may be late girl, but I promised to write this story and here you go 💕

“I could not tell you if I loved you the first moment I saw you, or if it was the second or third or fourth. But I remember the first moment I looked at you walking towards me and realized that somehow the rest of the world seemed to vanish when I was with you.”

JYP has announced a new girl group in the company and you happened to be one of the members. The moment you signed in, that was the moment you were hoping to just focus on music and your career, but something gets in the way. A massive love triangle is what causes a bumpy road for you and your future.

Part 1~

More Parts:

Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 //



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Hi!! Do you have like a top 5 favorite sheet masks? ^^

Believe it or not, I really only use budget sheet masks. I use them so frequently (now that the weather/air has gotten SO DRY, I use 1 sheet mask a day!), that it would be impractical for me to be using anything too pricy. And I mean, all they do is hydrate, so I’m not going waste money on sheet masks that claim to do more than that without the ingredients to back it up.

  1. Prelab Skin Energy Aqua Energy Masks- My favorite sheet masks, hands down. Hydrating (with an insane amount of essence), brightening, soothing, and cooling!
  2. Memebox Bonvivant Botanical Mask Packs- These are my top cheap sheet masks. They’re now $2 a mask instead of the <$1 they used to be back when Memebox was a thing (R.I.P.)
  3. Dermal Korea Sheet Masks- The price on these is too good to beat. For standard masks, they’re on Amazon for roughly 50¢ a mask.
  4. Tosowoong Pure Sheet Masks- Cheap go-to masks. Their snail and propolis ones are my favorite.
  5. Cosrx Holy Moly Snail Masks- These cost a few dollars (still super cheap), but they’re just so good. The first 2 ingredients are red ginseng water and snail secretion filtrate. gotta love cosrx.

“For three months when I was in middle school, I created small inventions in my mind and documented them on a daily basis. For example, things like… recycling dead leaves in the fall that nobody uses and creating energy from it, or when a typhoon hits, utilizing the wind against the buildings by converting frictional force into electrical energy. I presented my ideas to my teachers as well.”
“What did your teachers say?”
“They said things like…’Those ideas are ridiculous. How are you going to enter a science high school with these ideas?’ After that, I stopped. I felt like the inventions I created weren’t ‘good enough.’”
“In the end, did you get into a science high school?”
“No, I didn’t. I got to the final interview, but I didn’t make it. Still, I want to be someone who is always keeping busy regardless. Instead of just being someone who does nothing but rest because there isn’t anything they can do, I want to be a person who is always doing a lot of things.”

* Science high school: It is an advanced school for the top students in Korea. Students can only enter by passing an entrance exam based on their middle school records.

“중학생 때 3개월 동안 매일 조그만 발명품을 생각하고 기록했어요. 예를 들어 가을에 그냥 버리는 낙엽을 모아 에너지로 활용하거나, 태풍이 불면 바람이 많이 부니까 건물에 닿는 마찰 에너지를 전기 에너지로 바꾸는… 그런 아이디어였어요. 그리고 선생님들한테 보여드렸죠.”
“선생님들이 뭐라고 하시던가요?”
“그냥… ‘이건 말도 안 되는 것들이다. 이걸로 어떻게 과학고에 갈래?’ 라고 하셨어요. 그 뒤로는 더 이상 하지 않았어요. 내가 한 것들이 ‘별로구나’ 라고 느꼈거든요.”
“결국 과학고에는 가지 않았나요?”
“네. 최종면접까지 올라갔는데 떨어졌어요. 그래도 전 쉬지 않는 사람이 되고 싶어요. 아무것도 못하게 되어서 그저 쉬는 것 말고는 할게 없는 사람보다 계속해서 무언가 하고 있는 게 많은 사람이 되었으면 좋겠어요.” 

All My Idols Ch 1: First Class

Hi lovelies I’m sorry I don’t have a new chapter of Bad Girl or I Am An Alpha for you tonight so I’m going to add another one of my stories. This one has no smut! It’s a lot of fluff so be prepared!

Summary:  Twenty-two year old, Charlotte Quinn has decided, on a whim, to up and move to Korea. She has a good idea of the culture and knows the language well, and can’t deny her love of kpop. So when she runs into big bang at the airport on her way to her new home she doesn’t know what to do. Somehow she ends up befriending them and is lead into a whole new world of idols. She doesn’t know what to do when she sees all of her favorite idols in person and is even more thrown off when they want to befriend her as well. What is a girl to do but say yes?

I have never been so exhausted in my whole entire life. I sit down at the terminal, frustrated and starving, upset that all the little shops were closed or too expensive. After being stuck at the Chicago airport for almost 24 hours I have never been so excited to get into one of those uncomfortable economy seats. Glancing around, I’m surprised to be one of the few at the terminal, only about half of what it would take to fill one of those giant planes. One of the screens displaying the take off time and board time changes once again. Another hour delay, giving me three more hours to wait, having us leaving at 3 am. Fucking delightful.

I slouch lower in my chair before deciding to use the bathroom one more time incase the flight leaves earlier. Making sure I have all my belongings I head towards one of the many bathroom, picking the one farthest away just to waste time. To my surprise I see a group of security guards standing outside of the men’s bathroom. I try not to stare at I pass, quickly going into the women’s bathroom. After taking care of my business I leave the bathroom, mindlessly staring at my phone, when I bump into someone. Looking up to apologize, I’m surprised at the strangely familiar face staring back down at me with a solid cold expression.

Top. Big Bang’s Top. My bias of the group. He’s even more handsome in person with his strong jaw and perfect face. He is wearing what you expect from Top, a very nice suit, his black hair is perfectly styled.

Without a thought, I bow slightly, mumbling a small sorry in Korean. I can tell he is slightly surprised by me speaking to him in his own language. He tells me it’s no problem before scanning around us. I follow his eyes, noticing the group of security is now gone.

“They left me,” He puffs out.

“Where are you trying to go?” I ask. He looks back down at me, still surprised by my Korean.

“The flight to Korea.”

I give him a small smile, “I’m heading there too,” He just stares at me, “I can show you the way.” I start walking without waiting for his response, figuring if he wants to follow he will and if not, oh well. I’m a bit surprised seeing him here. I knew they were in America, I had just seen them not to long ago when they were in Newerk but to see him this close makes me nervous. But I’m much too scared of fan girling and scaring him away to show it. He stays a few steps behind me as I lead him through the almost empty wing. I can feel his eyes boring into the back of my head.

I’m surprised when he asks, “Do you know who I am?” I look at him over my shoulder, like I thought his eyes are glued on me.

“Yes,” I all I say as I turn back around.

“I feel like I’m at a disadvantage.” He walks faster, coming up next to me, “What is your name?” It’s my turn to stare, from what I now of Top he isn’t the friendliest person, just the quiet one that can randomly get weird with those he is comfortable with.  

“Charlie,” I say slowly, over pronouncing it.

“Charlie,” He repeats just as slowly, trying his best to say it right, making me smile. He gives me a soft smile in return. We walk basically across the whole entire airport talking about nothing really, he asks me random questions, as if he is filling out a profile for me. I tell him my hometown, age, blood type, where my new apartment is located, and he almost died laughing when I told him my height. We talk as if we are old friends, his friendliness and silly questions, ruining my idea of him, replacing it with something much better. Neither of us notice when we finally reach the gate.

“Hyung!” A familiar voice yells out, drawing us out of our bubble. We look to the man who yelled, Seungri. My smile drops as I step away from Top, not realizing how close we standing. The younger blonde man’s eyes move away from his hyung to me, nervously wrapping my arms around my body. “Who do we have here?” The younger steps closer to us to get a better look at me, prompting me to step back and Top to step in front of me.

“A friend.” Top deadpans, his playfulness gone. Seungri, like I had imagined, isn’t phased by the older’s coldness.

“Seungri-ah, leave him alone,” Another familiar voice calls from their spot amongst the seats. Peeking around Top I see the other three were looking away from their phones to stare at these two. They were siting in the last few rows of the gates seating, a few security guards re hanging around, along with their staff.

“Are you a fan?” Seungri asks me once he sees me peeking around Top.

All I can do is nod.

He smiles big at me, making me give a small smile back, “Really? Who is your bias?” I’m surprised when he steps around Top to be right in front of me. I nearly fall back as I try to step away, not that I don’t enjoy his closeness I’m just overwhelmed by it.

“Seungri,” Top growls as he tries to get in between Seungri and I.

“Just let him ask Hyung,” The voice from before, GD, says with amusement, his phone now put away, his complete attention on us. I realize that Taeyang and Daesung have done the same, small smiles on their faces.

“Well?” Seungri digs. When I don’t respond he frowns before looking to Top, “Does she not speak Korean?”

“She does, she probably just doesn’t want to talk to you,” Top teases. I laugh at that, making Seungri’s head snap back to me.

“You do speak Korean!”

I nod.

“Why won’t you answer me?” He pouts like a child.

“I don’t speak Korean that well,” I say quietly. That’s a bit of a lie, I actually know Korean very well, but my speaking isn’t the best. I have never felt embarrassed speaking it to people here but now with five Koreans staring at me I feel as if I’ll mess up and insult them in some way.

“You speak just fine,” Top says waving my fears away.

“Just say the name,” Seungri demands.

“Top-ssi.” I reply honestly. Seungri pouts, Top smiles at me, finally successfully moving the pouting blond away from me.

“Who is after him?” Seungri tries again.

Without any hesitation, “Taeyang-ssi.”

“After that?’


“I swear to god.” He whines.

Without him asking I say one more, “Daesung-ssi.” The others are laughing their ass off as Seungri goes back to his seat, grumbling something about how no one appreciates him.

“I like her,” GD says between laughs, “Come sit with us,” he waves me over to the empty spot next to him. I look over at Top, who waves through their bags on the floor to the spot over. I quickly follow sitting between the two very handsome men.

“What is your name?” Daesung asks, he is sitting across from me, his arms resting on his elbows as he leans closer to me.

“Charlie.” I respond shortly.

“Where are you from?”

“A couple states over.”

“Why are you going to Korea?”

“I’m actually moving there.”

He smiles, “That’s exciting! Do you have any friends there? Or is it for work purposes?”

“It’s more of a spur of the moment thing,” I answer nervously, Taeyang and Seungri, who have been looking at their phones, are now looking back at me. “I just kind of decided this within the last month.”

“Wow, why so sudden?” GD asks this time.

“I just felt like going? That sounds really irresponsible but I don’t have much holding me back here, so I just decided to pack up and go.”

“That brave, what make you pick Korea?” Taeyang asks, all their questions and attention is making me nervous. I look down at my hands.

“I’ve liked the idea of living in Korea for the couple years, since I was 17, and since I took the time to learn the language, I figured why not there?”

They all nod.

“So how long have you been a fan?” Seungri asks, coming out of his slump.

“Almost a year.”

“Were we your first?” He earns a punch from Taeyang for such a dirty phrased question.

I laugh, “Technically, yes. Though I listened to Super Junior first, you are the first group I learned.”

“Really? And are we your favorite right?” Seungri continued to ask.

“You are the group I have traveled the farthest for.”

“What does that mean?”

“I went to Newerk to see you in concert.”

They all smile at that, “You saw us in concert?”

“Yea! It was absolutely amazing! You guys did such a great job!” I say, letting my fan girl out a bit.

GD is grinning big at me, “Thank you so much, it’s great to hear that the fans had fun.”

We talk for the next two hours, I ask about their other concerts and the places they’ve been and things they’ve done while on tour. In turn, they ask me about myself, their interest in me surprising, not just me but from the stares of their crew, I can tell this isn’t normal. I’m thrown off even more when Top puts his arm around the back of my chair; his hand brushes my shoulder. An action noticed by everyone of the member but no one says anything, they just glance at it every now and than. When it’s time to board, it no surprise that they are in first class, they stand up when class 1 is called.

I give them my best smile and say, “It was nice to meet you.”

They all share a glance before Taeyang speaks up, “Come to first class with us.”

“There probably aren’t any spots,” I wave that idea away, “I can’t afford it anyway.”

Again they glance at each other, Top ends up grabbing my hand and leading to the entrance to the plane. We pass the woman at the desk, who just looks confused but once one of Big Bang’s people come up and talk to her the problem seems to be resolved. Top wordlessly leads me to one of the seats, placing me in the aisle seat, while he gets the window. The others join us with smiles on their faces, Taeyang sits on the other side of the aisle next to me, GD is next to him, while Seungri and Daesung are in front of us.

“Thank you,” I say, staring at my hands, a small blush crosses my tan cheeks.

“You’re welcome.” Top says as he pats my head like a child. The action is strange but comforting, making me smile. He relaxes in his seat, something he does with ease and elegance. I don’t even want to know how much I look like a mess as I try to get comfortable. An attendant walks by, handing out blankets and pillows which I eagerly accept. Making myself comfortable became much easier as I lean my chair back and curl up on my seat with my blanket, sleep sounds amazing, and an 11 hour flight is the perfect time to do so. I didn’t notice that the boys have been watching me with interest as I had made my little nest.

“Tired?” Taeyang asks as he also leans his seat back, making our eyes level, both of us on our sides.

“I’m exhausted. 30 hours with no sleep.” I yawn back as I nuzzle myself deeper into my pillow. He doesn’t respond when my eyes close but I can feel him staring at me, actually I can feel almost all of the staring at me. All except for Daesung, who is like me and actually wants to sleep.

I don’t sleep for long, only 4 hours, because of breakfast. It’s seven back home but I don’t know what time zone we are in at the moment. Top has woken me up to eat, I pick the rice and chicken, while Top take the omelet. We eat in silence, just enjoying each other’s company, at least for a little while before Seungri starts talking again. I can’t get myself to fall back asleep when they start talking, I just want to listen and talk to them forever. The flight goes by quickly, too quick if you ask me, and I’ve already shared my embarrassing stories with, and earned a few of theirs. The idea of not being able to talk to them like this again breaks my heart.

I can’t believe my ears when Top asks for my phone number, not in a hit on me way though, definitely a friendly way. With the other boys hounding me, I can’t say no to them, not that I want to. After typing my number in Top’s phone I feel nervous and can’t help but start giggling. When we land the boys leave first, actually giving me hugs as they go, Top being the last and the longest hug. Even though we are only friends, if that, we didn’t want the fans who were waiting to spot us together.

I find myself laughing at the last day and a half of my life, thinking that would be the high point for me. But little did I know, that it was just the beginning.

PS I love watching you guys binge read Good Girl and other stories, my friends keep asking why my phone is blowing up and I don’t know how to tell them it’s from a bunch of girls reading my dirty fan fiction. Please enjoy and let me know how you like it!

bodyguard reader! Dino

anon requested: “ requests are open omg! is it possible to do a bodyguard AU but with a female character as the body guard instead? any member is fine, even if you can’t thank you ❤️❤️  “

  • to be honest you were highkey salty 
  • you were a highly trained agent, excelled in all forms of martial arts, trained in hacking, a perfect candidate for undercover work
  • and your father was actually making you come bodyguard for some group 
  • wth
  • you were “too young to work for the government” according to the higher ups 
  • i mean if you were talking international age, you were already 18 
  • in a few months you’d be legal in Korea, so what was the deal 
  • “yah, listen, you can’t even drink yet, so take this time to relax, taking on this easy job” 
  • you know better than to groan in front of your father, so you bow respectfully before leaving 
  • it was okay though
  • the job was only a few months, as you were a guard during their World Tour
  • you had the rest of your life in front of you you don’t need to be doing life threatening things yet 
  • so with a bag swung over your shoulder, dressed in black leggings, a floral top, cardigan, and cute sneakers
  • hopefully you look makeup noona enough
  • your cover for the time you’re going to spend guarding, to avoid suspicion
  • so you sit on the chair at the front desk, crossing your legs, and leaning back casually 
  • listening and watching attentively, you hear foot steps, the sound of someone coming downstairs 
  • you’re already staring at him when he sees you 
  • “who are you?” he asks, standing as far away from you as possible, guarded 
  • standing calmly, you smile, “finally someone, i wonder why there’s no one at the front desk”
  • you hum, purposefully not matching your tone with the serious look on his face 
  • he squints at you suspiciously, “she’s on lunch break” 
  • “well then,” you take a step closer, small smile still on your face
  • “my name’s y/n, i’m your new… makeup artist” 
  • his face had clicked in your brain
  • Lee Chan 
  • even with the cap and mask covering most of his features 
  • his glaring eyes are still distinct 
  • “and how do I know you’re not a saesang” 
  • you almost laugh at his defensive stance 
  • “just get someone who works here and they’ll explain” 
  • you smile prettily 
  • he backs away carefully, and you hear the sounds of his steps quickly pounding against the stairs 
  • just five minutes later, a crowd of men stagger into the small lobby
  • staring at you 
  • while you calmly introduce yourself again with a smile on your face, their manager steps up 
  • “we’re sorry for the inconvenience, come this way” 
  • the looks on their faces as they make way for you, priceless
  • turns out, they were excepting a new bodyguard, just not the bodyguard to be 
  • you
  • they open up to you quickly, the common age you shared with Chan helping
  • ironically, that’s the only one you didn’t talk to often 
  • you converse with Jun and Minghao about marital arts in Chinese 
  • make jokes with Joshua and Vernon in English
  • mess around with BooSeokSoon after letting your guard down
  • helping Mingyu cook for guys who eat more than humanly possible 
  • even Jihoon let his guard down and got comfortable with you after a week 
  • but besides the first confrontation, you and Chan haven’t had a single conversation
  • it was painfully obvious too
  • that’s how you end up sitting on the dance floor in silence with Chan 
  • “hey doesn’t dance practice start in five minutes” 
  • he nods, “i have no clue where they are” 
  • both of your phones ding simultaneously 
  • you look down to read a text in the group chat from Soonyoung 
  • “hey kids, we got hungry so we went out for food, don’t worry we’ll bring stuff back kekeke” 
  • you and Chan make eye contact
  • neither of you guys were stupid, very aware of their intentions
  • “yah” you smile at him, “let’s do something fun, make them jealous while they’re eating without us” 
  • he chuckles, grinning mischievously, “and how are we going to do that”
  • you hop up from the floor, “teach me one of your dances” 
  • he gapes at you, “Soonyoung hyung has been trying to convince you to learn a dance for days what the” 
  • you shrug, winking at him, “Soonyoung who?” 
  • he laughs and starts looking around and throws you one of the bomber jackets lying around at you
  • “Boom Boom?”
  • you stand closer to him stare at him confidently through the mirrior
  • you bite your lip at the thought that goes through your head, ‘we kinda look good together’
  • shaking that out of your head, you punch his arm lightly, “it’s the middle of June and you’re making me wear a bomber jacket really?”
  • rolling his eyes, he quietly takes out his phone and starts blasting ‘Boom Boom’
  • “okay okay once more, na ppaegi neoneun Zero“
    he’s standing right in front of you, watching closely as you’re doing his part, moving your hips left and right
    and you really can’t take his expression seriously
  • so when the rest of the members come back, they see you and Chan almost collapsing in laughter
  • almost
  • as in Chan is grinning, keeping your giggly self upright with his hands on your waist
  • “we leave the kids alone for an hour and they’re already making moves” 
  • “kids these days are so grown” 
  • instead of getting embarrassed
  • you both glare at them, Chan crossing his arms and you putting your hands on your hips
  • “where’s the food” 
  • some of the members get goose bumps as the two youngest speak in snyc
  • from then on, you and Chan are inseparable 
  • forget any other loyalties you may have had with the others 
  • you were always there to mess with the members with him 
  • up until then, they honestly had no clue what you were doing there 
  • sure, you were a huge help around their dorm and fun you be with 
  • but most of them forgot you were a bodyguard at all 
  • until there first concert of their World Tour rolls around 
  • and they catch you dressed in fitting dress pants, dress shirt, and blazer, on the side meeting with other guards 
  • watching as you guys salute to each other before they return to their posts and you return to them 
  • “you look so professional” 
  • you lean against the counter next to Chan while all the members are getting their makeup done 
  • you smile tightly, “I take my job seriously” 
  • ‘she looks so cool’ 
  • he gives you a once over, noticing your hair tucked behind your ear, showing off your earpiece 
  • but the gun strapped on your belt was the most eye catching 
  • “you don’t think it’ll get that serious do you?”
  • you glance away from your phone for your eyes to meet Chan’s worried ones 
  • softly, you smile, knowing he was worried about his fans 
  • “Yah!” you punch his shoulder lightly, grinning cheerily 
  • “it’s pretty much just for show, cool right!”
  • he looks conflicted, but still nods, his lips twitching back and forth into a smile 
  • the concert goes smoothly as expected 
  • you and Chan maintain your playful relationship just getting closer each day 
  • but it’s almost midnight as all the members and staff have arrived in Bangkok 
  • of course Seventeen is having a mini slumber party in one room 
  • meaning you have to be there also, watching them talk amongst each other cheerfully
  • then you get a call 
  • from your father 
  • stepping out casually, the others aren’t suspicious at all 
  • but Chan notices the way your grip on your phone tightens as you read the Caller ID
  • he watches the door closely, and as 10 minutes past, he voices his concerns 
  • “guys where’s Y/n” 
  • their heads whips towards him 
  • “omo she’s been gone for a while huh” 
  • Seungcheol takes the lead and peaks his head out the door
  • there’s no one 
  • after the call, you already went down to their managers room 
  • “i need to leave” 
  • he furrows his brows confused as you step into his room 
  • “why?” 
  • you hesitate, “there’s a situation.. and I happen to be very close to it” 
  • “i’ll be back in a few hours” 
  • he sighs, crossing his arms, “it’s midnight
  • you smile nervously, “duty calls” 
  • already making your way out the hotel, you habitually bite your lip thinking back to the other members 
  • you wish you could’ve said goodnight
  • “she went WHERE” 
  • Chan immediately hops up from his place on the floor 
  • their manager shakes his head, “you all just go back to your rooms okay? she’ll be back in the morning” 
  • Chan trudges back to his room with Soonyoung at his side talking his ear off
  • his heart clenches with worry as his mind wonders to the scenarios he’s imagining 
  • for the first time he realized some day, you were going to be doing something dangerous, top secret 
  • and he would never know 
  • just thinking about you coming back the next morning with even a scratch on your cheek left a weird sting in his stomach 
  • that night, as he stared at the ceiling for an hour before he finally gave into his exhaustion 
  • he drowsily realized
  • the feelings he felt were definitely not platonic  
  • you grunt as you try sneaking back into your room at 6 am, hurrying to wrap your wrist and cover your bruise before anyone worries 
  • but you halt as your eyes meet Chan’s fiery ones 
  • he moves away from your door that he was leaning against as you silent swipe your card to open it 
  • closing the door behind him, he gently grabs your arm spinning you around 
  • not a single words comes out of your mouths
  • you’re not sure why you’re like this
  • if it had been anyone else you would’ve laughed and kicked them out 
  • so you don’t know why you stand still as Chan raises his hand, fingers grazing over your bruise 
  • “are you okay?” 
  • when you step back, his hand limply falls back to his side
  • the way he stares at you makes it impossible to spill some lie with a cheerful smile on your face 
  • “i’m tired” 
  • you tilt your head down, closing your eyes 
  • delicate finger tips lift your chin up 
  • he flashes a grin, immediately warming your heart 
  • “the members are downstairs eating, let’s hurry before there’s no more food” 
  • the whole day you couldn’t get it out of your head 
  • the way Chan carefully helped you wrap your wrist
  • your cheek where his fingertips touched burning on your face 
  • the small but meaningful glances you and him shared between the hectic rehearsals 
  • the concert music is blasting through your ears currently 
  • you traded posts with a fellow guard so could have the perfect view of Chan performing his solo 
  • watching as Chan dances with every single ounce of passion in him
  • there’s a thumping in your chest 
  • that same feeling you felt early this morning 
  • as he finishes his stage, you trade back to your original post 
  • completely unsure about how you could face him now
  • when what you felt for him was too unprofessional 
  • “why do you keep doing this?” 
  • you’re surprised by the soft tone voice from behind you
  • glancing at him for just a second, 
  • he has beads of sweat dripping down his face from the performance, probably soon to be wiped off by a makeup noona 
  • you clear your throat, “shouldn’t you be getting an outfit change?” 
  • he raises his brows shrugging, “i still have a good ten minutes” 
  • you don’t reply secretly hoping he’ll go away soon 
  • you don’t know what inclined you to turn back around, knowing he was still there 
  • your eyes lock, making it hard to look away 
  • “why i choose to have this job?”
  • you laugh airly 
  • “to put it simply, how you feel about your job is how i feel about mine”
  • “i don’t like seeing you get hurt” 
  • a new wave of emotions comes on you as he takes a step closer 
  • the tension is thick as you both stare into each other’s eyes 
  • his show a glimmer of something you’ve only noticed now 
  • “i like you” 
  • your expression must have made him nervous 
  • “i’m serious, not in the friend way, like I like you, probably when i shouldn’t…” 
  • he trails off looking away from you 
  • you’re speechless 
  • “i-i” you mentally curses at yourself, you don’t stutter 
  • “i like you too” 
  • seeing the smile grow on his face, you can’t help showing your own 
  • he gets called back to the makeup room before the conversation can get any further 
  • he grins knowingly, holding your hand for a second before your fingertips pull away slowly 
  • leaning back against the stadium wall 
  • you can hear the vibrations of the song they were performing 
  • holding in a excited laugh when you hear Chan’s voice 
  • no matter how rough this relationship might be 
  • neither of you were doing down without a fight

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Boy from 4C -- (15)

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10Part 11Part 12Part 13Part 14

“Seriously? You know SHINee?” 

“Kind of.” You said, wanting to get off the topic already.

“Tell us about Key!” Cheollie said.

“There’s not much to tell. he’s just Bummie”

“That’s it? He’s literally one of the top celebrities in Korea!” Cheollie argued.

“I’ve known him for three years so the celebrities thing isn’t an issue.”

“Still that’s so awesome SHINee are legends” Joshua said.

“SHINee are big freaking dorks”

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MYDAILY Interview ①: “It seemed like a dream getting acknowledged by Lee soo man and debuting as a solo artist.”

Taemin. As SHINee’s youngest member, who debuted at the young age of fifteen years old is now a 25 year old KPOP star who grew to be a full fledged solo artist. In elementary school he fell for the charm of dancing and grew a dream of becoming a singer, an embarassed young boy who mentioned that he likes meat in his SM entertainment audition. Taemin who debuted 10 years ago met up with MYDAILY and frankly had a talk with us.

▲ Last month Taemin who released his solo 2nd full album “MOVE” has made a “move disease”  trend in the pop music scene with his title song that has the same title as its respective album. MOVE incorporating the PBR&B genre that is gaining popularity overseas, is a charming song with a dreamlike rhythm in it that stretches out Taemin’s sexy performance. Through “MOVE” Taemin received an appraisal of going up one more step as a solo singer.

-Looking back on this “MOVE” activities, how was it?

I was/we were cautious when “MOVE” was decided as the title song.At first the company recommended “Love”. When I listened to the songs I felt like “MOVE” was the one to express me the best. Because it was different than the performances that I did until now. Not dancing with strength but while dancing more leisurely, I wanted to try a color that I didn’t attempt before. These days there’s a lot of good teams so it’s the part I wanted to make use of my own unique color and individuality. That’s why I decided to do it together with Sugawara Koharu, and I was thankful that more than I thought of, a lot of people understood my feelings. I think I was able to carve my image as a solo artist Taemin with this time’s promotions.

-Wasn’t “MOVE”s choreography or the song hard

The choreography’s sequence isn’t hard. I memorized it shortly but it was hard to express it. Even now it’s not perfect however I wanted to show sex appeal as the choreographic goal. i hoped that it’s look sexy even without a touch.At first I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to grasp the drift of it, but it seemed like it was more important to dance rather relaxed. I danced while thinking which is the best attitude to show how more relaxed I am.

- Were you thinking that “MOVE disease” would go to the point of becoming a trend?

I don’t always have the thought that it will do well, however I do it for the purpose of doing it well. It would be a lie if I say I enjoy it without thinking of the results. Of course I go through promotions enjoyably, however through “MOVE” I’m showing a musical part too and I’m satisfied that the “TAEMIN” identity seems like it was formed through it. There’s some cases where junior singers view me as a role model so I got to have a good feedback myself; and the senior noonas and hyungs have given me some great words so it all became a source of such a big strength for me.

-Alot of other celebrities followed the “MOVE” dance, have you seen any?

uhm, I saw Twice’s Momo’s video of it, and Lee Guk Ju noona’s one.

-What do you think is your own identity?

It looks like I’m still in the process of making it. Just like how in the past Rain hyung and Seven hyung were both symbols of solo dance singers, I want to properly grab a position and become a symbol someday too.

-Until where do you’ve come to realize that?

It seems like I still didn’t appeal to the general public as much as becoming a symbol. Through the next album, just the image of “Solo Taemin” occurring to whoever sees it is good.I want to broaden the spectrum. I hope there will be more public of different age range looking after me.

-Your solo debut was in 2014 with “Danger”. How did you feel at the time?

It was like a dream. I had a dream of wanting to stand on stage alone someday, “When I’m prepared will the company recommend me” because I practiced really hard even after debuting. One day teacher Lee Soo man told me “ It looks like you have a singing skill, record some songs and bring them”. He liked them when he heard them, and a few months later my solo album was finalized. It was really like a dream, I felt proud to be acknowledged. Also it felt like I was being rewarded for all the hard work I did and I was truly thankful

-You rose to the top as a group and succeeded as a solo too what’s your next goal?

That’s not it. I still have a big desire to gain acceptance in Korea, and I also desire to fill up the symbolic Tokyo dome in japan alone too. When that’s done I wish to have activities in another foreign market, I want to do a solo world tour. There’s really a lot of things I want to do that are still left (laughs)


The Seoul Trip : The Beginning

Day 1

So,…to begin with, 16 hours on a plane (with a 3 hour layover in Dubai) is not as fun as one might have first thought - there’s only so many travel escalators you can ride before it isn’t fun anymore!
However, despite all my preconceived misconceptions about them, in-flight meals really aren’t that bad! And being able to play an endless amount of rounds of Tetris and Connect definitely helps to pass the time. But, needless to say, the minute we began the descent into Incheon airport, any tiredness that had began to pull at our bodies, in response to the 24+ hours of being awake, immediately vanished upon looking out of the window and seeing our home for the next almost 3 weeks: Seoul!
There are no words to describe the feeling of seeing the reality of a dream you’d been dreaming for 3+ years. Yet, the second we sat on the KTX to make our way to our airb’n’b, and we began to see the landscape of South Korea fly past us outside, we ended up sitting in near silence in our astonishment that we’d actually just flown half way across the world to temporary live a life that had always seemed so out of reach. Stepping off of the metro and emerging from Hyochang park station onto the street was even more overwhelming.

Now, if you ever find yourself making the dream trip to South Korea, and you find you get anxiety about not knowing where to go, how to get places, how to speak to people, etc, etc… DONT
‘Cause let me tell you, we were stood pondering our screenshot of google maps looking like your standard confused foreigners at the exit to the station for all of 3 minutes, before a woman (and her adorable dog) approached us, and asked in English (bless her soul) if we needed help getting somewhere! From there it took us around 10 minutes of walking before we rocked up at our officetel, completely haggard and with our clothes sticking to us where we’d been wearing them for so long. Then, almost immediately, we had to venture to the nearest convenience store to grab water and food, which despite our initial shyness was a walk in the park with how tired we were. And even though we hadn’t even begun to think about the language barrier in those kind of situations, the cashier looked just as done for the day as we were, and therefore purchasing our water and ramyeon went by with a simple ‘kamsamnida’, before we made our way back to our little home away from home, only just making it through the door before collapsing.

Day 2

The Exploring begins! Or rather, Jet-lag got us, and we only managed to leave the house at around 3:30pm xD
However, once we were dressed presentably and had woken up enough to deduce that we needed to eat food at least once a day to not starve, we rode down from our 18th floor apartment, and made our way to Samgakji station in the direct of Itaewon, by suggestion of a friend. All I’m going to say; two Caucasian, blonde, foreigners, stand out a little in the residential neighborhood - although, in no-way was it in a bad sense!
For anyone wondering what the Seoul metro is like, I’d consider it similar in efficiency to the London tube - it’s definitely a lot cleaner and much less cramped (so far!). We’d already bought our T-money cards the day before (in true koreaboo fashion they have Line© friends on them) so buzzing in and out of the metro was/is almost too easy, and when we emerged already completely overwhelmed in Itaewon we couldn’t wait to see what would greet us. Let me tell you now, it was the greatest feeling to see it with my own eyes, and have confirmed that it was everything i’d thought and dreamed it would be.

Although it was raining, the coloured roads and the enthusiastic business promotions shone as brightly as if the sun was shining, and the smells of gochujang, bbq, and pizza made our mouths water with every restaurant we passed. Despite Ju’s enthusiasm to find food immediately, after she put me on chief duty to find a place to eat, we ended up walking round for a while (2 hours!*), taking in the sight of each street and surveying the area; pretty much immersing ourselves in being here, before we ended up deciding to venture into a ‘foreign food store’ on the search for some teabags - which any British person will know, is an essential part of living, especially in the case of Ju, who, fyi, makes the best cup of tea in the world!
After grabbing the essentials, it was finally an acceptable time to eat, since we’d arrived at Itaewon between mealtimes, and so we headed towards what looked like a full on ‘foodie street’, and proceeded to do the traditional foreigner thing of heading into the first obviously Korean restaurant we saw. 

For all of you suffering from Wanderlust, but too scared to make the trip to Korea - or even to anywhere that speaks a different language - top tip number 1 would be; a language barrier is only a barrier when you see it as one.
Now, I’m not going to say I wasn’t scared shitless upon entering a restaurant in a foreign country for the first time, because lets be honest, I was crapping myself, but all you have to remember is businesses are just glad to have business (it keeps people fed and with roofs over their heads). So, the second I climb the stairs to the 1st floor restaurant and I catch the eye of the waitresses sat chatting in the corner of the empty room, I’m immediately ready to turn back. However, the second they see two people with hunger in their eyes, and who were obviously foreign, they waste no time in gesturing us in and after we greeted one another and asked for a table, they showed us politely in, providing us with water and menus immediately.
Given that we were hungry, it didn’t take us long to order a serving of bibimbap and Kimchi stew, and within 10 minutes? it was steaming away in front of us, accompanied by a couple of side dishes and a kind smile. Now, i don’t know about anyone else, but from the first minute i learned about the incredible taste of Korean food, i immediately began experimenting with recipes and ingredients in an attempt to create the same taste back in England…However, none of my culinary escapades had ever prepared me for the taste of genuine Korean kimchi stew. It was the BEST first meal I could have hoped for! Afterwards we had to sit for around 20 minutes just to digest the food - although it also gave us time to take in the view of the aesthetic green roofs and the beautiful decor of Itaewon.
Of course, as it was our first meal, we then had to go through the awkwardness of trying to call for the bill, which after looking up the translation so that my faulty memory filled with various Korean phrases didn’t offend anyone, simply involved politely gesturing to a waitress who showed me to the counter, before we were thanking the employees and were on our way. (Top Tip number 2: I’d like to remind anyone who plans on visiting South Korea and gets as overwhelmed as I do, that when you hand over money at the till (or just when you’re handling things in general), get that goddamn spare hand on your forearm! Manners Maketh Man, people!)
Other than visiting the convenience store once again to grab some foods for the evening, including the essentials (banana milk, HELLO! O.O), and watching dramas, music shows, and ‘Return of superman’  (*and edit a video) for the rest of the evening to try and scrap jet-lag for good, that’s pretty much all for our journey so far.

 We have so much planned for this journey, but we also want to use it as a chance to experience properly living in the country, so there will be times when it seems like we’re cramming everything into one day, and times when it will appear as though we’ve done absolute nothing, but to be honest, that sounds like the perfect plan to us! 
So, for now, I hope you’ve enjoyed this little (jokes) summary of our past 48 hours, and I’ll catch you up with more of our adventure in Seoul in the next blog post! ^^
If you have any questions about anything to do with travelling to Seoul and being here in itself; communication, booking things, culture, experience, ANYTHING, just hit up our ask box, and we’ll be more than glad to give you as much of an answer as we are able! :) 

Ciao! ;)

- Admin Mo x -

*Ju’s notes


DO KYUNGSOO! KOREA’S TOP IDOL ACTOR! ONE OF THE BEST VOCALISTS IN THE INDUSTRY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you’re having a great day because you honestly deserve that and more. You’re dedication to the group and your roles in dramas/movies is really so inspiring. I hope you go out and do even better things in 2018 as a singer and an actor

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*I’m Chanyeol*


If Donald Trump is such a great businessman who wants to run the US like a business, why does he keep trying to impress people with tough talk instead of doing the American business thing and buy out his competitors. “Fire and fury” for North Korea? Nah, how about:

Only instead of bribing North Korea, just… buy it. I mean, for all their bluster, North Korean top dogs from Kim on down all really want one thing: to be rich as hell and living in luxury. We all remember Jong-Il’s cognac addiction and desire to make movies, yeah? Fuck it, they’re all evil murdering bastards, but let’s remove them from the equation by moving them into some McMansion colony in BFE Montana. By the time they realize they’ve been had, it’ll be too late! They are now utterly irrelevant!

Now with their government out the picture, we of course install the necessary puppets interim government to ensure a smooth transition to a 21st-century country that doesn’t run concentration camps and hold its neighbor hostage for aid. Now under the protection of the US military, they can downsize their military to something sane and put all that labor force back into more productive industries; modernization will open plenty of opportunities.

Yes, they will need an extremely costly investment in infrastructure, technology, and agricultural and environmental recovery. That’s fine; attract foreign investors to send American companies to handle it. Even if it turns into a giant boondoggle, the taxpayer isn’t the one left holding the bag! Well, the US taxpayer. Not most of it, anyway.

Well, look. By skipping the “break it” phase, you make the “buy it” phase unbelievably cheaper. It’s easier to upgrade existing infrastructure than build new infrastructure to replace what you’ve destroyed. And in the end, with minimal bloodshed, you’ll have ended a war that’s technically been going on for almost 70 years, eliminated an enemy, alleviated the suffering of millions, given your allies peace of mind, and won’t have senselessly murdered countless civilians and gotten your own servicemen killed and wounded in some bizarre dick-waving contest you’re only really having with yourself.

And hey, you have to admit it makes more sense than trying to turn South Korea into an island. And at least as much sense as Jimmy Buffett’s 1990 proposal for world peace, likely conceived with the same amount of alcohol being involved.

Capitalism, ho!

Dating T.O.P Would Include

“I’m late , sorry , but do you still take ‘dating would include’ ? If yes , could you eventually do it with TOP and Jackson? ( they are my fav ) Your previous ones were so good *_* thanks ! <3″

T.O.P is my ultimate so I cannot NOT. Hope you enjoy <3

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Hi there, i love your blog. Could you imagine how seventeen propose their s/o, it would be great...

S.Coups: Seungcheol would propose to you when you’re both on a trip together. He’d take you to one of the most beautiful places there, and propose to you under the stars.

Jeonghan: Jeonghan would propose to you in a grassy and flowery field. You’d both be watching the clouds, when he’d suddenly point out that one of the clouds looked like a ring. That’s when he’d take out the ring he got you and propose.

Joshua: Jisoo would propose to you at the top of one of the tallest buildings in the city at nighttime. You’d be looking at the view of the city, and when you turn to him, he’d on one knee holding out the ring.

Jun: Junhui would propose to you at the beach. He’d take you out for a walk when it’s sunset, and suddenly get down on one knee and propose to you. He’d say it in Chinese at first to tease you. “(laughs) Junhui, what does that mean?” “Marry me.”

Hoshi: Soonyoung would make a loud and extravagant proposal, one that perfectly describes him. He’d get all the other members in on it, and probably plan an entire Scavenger Hunt around the city, including a flash mob.

Wonwoo: Wonwoo would propose to you in a beautiful garden. He’d plan a creative proposal, maybe by carefully place the ring (he’d make sure it’s diamond) in the middle of a rose and handing it to you. It’d be cute, but he’d ruin it by making a lame joke. “I guess you could say you… slipped into the diamond life.”

Woozi: Jihoon would do it somewhere private. He’d propose to you through a song he made, singing while playing the piano or guitar. It probably took him months to complete the song, but it was all worth it in the end.

DK: Seokmin would propose to you with an amusement park picture. It’d seem like a simple hangout since the other members would be there too. He’d suggest a ride where they capture a picture at the end of a drop, and when you go see it at the end of the ride, the members are holding signs with a letter spelling out, “WILL YOU MARRY” and Seokmin’s at the end pointing at himself and holding a ring.

Mingyu: Mingyu would plan the entire thing, and follow it step by step. He’d probably do some research on the top ten most romantic spots in Korea, and take you to one of them. He’d get down on one knee, reach into his pocket, and that’s when he realizes… he forgot the ring. (But you’d still say yes).

The8: Minghao would take you to China and propose to you at one of his favorite spots. Once the stars start appearing in the sky and the pearl-white moon is out, he’d get down on one knee and propose to you. He’d make it as romantic as possible.

Seungkwan: Seungkwan would propose to you creatively. He’d propose to you through a game of Hangman, with a fortune cookie, with a Kinder Surprise. He’d want it to be an unexpected and unforgettable proposal.

Vernon: Hansol would be traditional and propose to you during dinner at a nice restaurant. He’d probably use a classic move by asking one of the waiters to hide the ring in the cake, growing more and more nervous as dessert time approaches.

Dino: Chan would take you to the secret hideout only you two know about. He’d decorate the place beforehand with the help of the other members, making it as beautiful as possible. He’d message you to go there, and when you do, he’d be on one knee holding out the ring.

thank you for your request!! ^^

The Meme and His Tutor

Part 13: The Time There Was A Meme War

Recommended Song: I Luv It by PSY

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Jungkook started something he could not finish and you begin to question yourself.

Genre: Fluff, comedy

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 3745

Length: 13/?

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i think the difference between exo vs others is that exo sets the standard so we're always competing against ourselves. it's like running a race and when you're first you're just trying to beat your past records and get through the finish line and you never look back. but with everyone else, they're just trying to catch up to us so when other fandoms release things, they're always trying to beat exo instead of themselves. at least they all have a great view of exo's amazing asses though :)

EXO created the standards, they defined the standards, and they are the ones who at the end of the day tear down and redefine the same standards. Wh do you think other groups try to mediapla with “[insert group] VS EXO” [so and so group has beaten exo’s records!” they ALWAYS have to insert EXO. That’s because EXO THEMSELVES ARE the standard of what it means to be a top group in Korea.