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Weekly Top 10 Writers

Writers Creed has complied yet another list of 10 wonderful writers whose works have wowed us this week. Do take a look and check them out if you don’t already follow them! Great job everyone and as always, keep writing! ❤

1. @pomegranatepithos

2. @thissometimepoet

3. @bluemonkwrites

4. @mysublimejourney

5. @snuffyart

6. @merseawaves

7. @thepoeticprocess

8. @livewireonfire

9. @the-ravens-song

10. @jtbarnett

11. A very Jaysome and secret spot reserved for @randomlyjay :D

My Top 10 Favorite Blogs

There’s quite a few killer blogs here on Tumblr but I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge and thank my personal favorites. You are the hardcore, death dealing machines of hate; you vicious lot are truly agents of chaos and I commend you all…


…you bunch of bad-asses


Top 10 things trending today at this moment in time

1) Star Wars

2) rpdr

3) nhl

4) coachella

5) selena

6) danisnotonfire

7) easter

8) guitar

9) 90s

10) splatoon

tonight the first episode of BBC Class is going to be shown on BBC America and I propose that we make either #class or #bbc class one of the top ten tags on tumblr

anonymous asked:

Top ten Tumblr memes

1 - every lesbian meme

2 - respect women

3 - cracking open a cold one with the boys

4- the normal brain -> glowing brain -> etc one

5- never gonna give you up never gonna let you dowwwn

6 - some people?? to x?? to cope??

7 - the political compass

8 - editing serious but cringy stuff to make it stupid (like the edited versions of “hey girls, did you know”)

9 - everything from Shrek

10 - Mass Effect Andromeda bad animation

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I don't have notp's in bangtan because literally give me ANY combination I'll find some sort of justification it might work somehow somewhat in some AU. But i usually skip through main pairings(yoonmin,yoonseok,taekook,jikook) because i already got a lot of them(?)i have a thing for rarepairs basically lol (also did u know jikook was one of the top ten pairing tags in tumblr? The only kpop related pairing among anime ships lol)

lol I’m pretty much that way with fics and such, like I have my preferences definitely but like honestly I’ll read any fic with any ship if it’s a good au or the writer is great. It’s the art of it I appreciate, less about the people that the writer/artist choose to be their muse.

The only exception for me is nam/Jin, I think there’s maybe one or two times I’ve ever enjoyed their written dynamic?? Like I can’t ship them, everything about how they are written and displayed is not to my liking.

The being said, they are notp but they come close to being a brotp. I ship them platonically more than anything else.

But!! These are my opinions, I understand we all have our preferences and I have my likes and dislikes but I’m all for expressing yourself through your muses and ships, if you love namjin and yoonmin and only write them? That’s fine. You do you, I’ll still support you. As long as you also support me in my ships and muses too.

Sorry this turned into a rant lmao


End of the Year Challenge/2014 - Part Two: Top Ten Most Popular Tumblr Posts (x)

1. Winter Soldier’s Googly Eyes (113k+)

2. 4th of July - Captain America Edition (112k+)

3. Sparring Session Gone Wrong (50k+)

4. Loki Warns Midgard About Ragnarok (37k+)

5. Taking Little Steve to Comic Con (33k+)

6. S.H.I.E.L.D. Recess (32k+)

7. Bucky Goes Shopping (32k+)

8. Little Cap on Bucky’s Shoulders (12k+)

9. Trick or Treating CATWS Style (8k+)

10. Natasha’s Piggyback Ride (7k+)

Runners up:  Sassy Steve(7k+) and The Wiener Soldier(6k).

vile-priestess  asked:

The pairings that make it into the tumblr top ten are there because of how often they get tagged. I think Sasusaku is there precisely because it's so controversial and infamous that people still talk about it a lot.

I guess I was just surprised to see it pop up now? I can definitely see how people still talk about it – because Naruto is the series that will never die  – but I was wondering what prompted the sudden spike. If I understand how the rankings work, it wasn’t on the list last week? Is there a fandom event going on?

tagged by @golyhawhaw for top 10 posts of 2016

tbh most of my top ten posts based of tumblr would be my CC, because thats what ya’ll really care about to reblog xD, but I didn’t wanna do that. So I just picked images of mine that weren’t cropped at weird sizes, and mashed them together lol

I have plans to improve my editing style in areas I feel that I personally lacked in. Also in 2017, all my models aren’t gonna be unemotionally bitch-faced lmao. My Salim and Grace sim edits, was an attempt to move away from that xD and I liked how it came out a lot. Anyways, I hope all of you achieve your sim/simblr goals this year! (and your irl goals too)

(edit: I cropped some of the images off, so it wouldn’t look as blurry)


My 2013 Top 10! 

My shots that I am the most proud of from this year :)

It was a super exciting year - I got better at the technicalities of taking a photograph (and learned to use some of the awesome features of my camera!), and was able to do some cool macros and portraits and get into dance photography! 

Thanks to all of my followers - old and new! - for your likes and re-blogs, it means so much to me! 

Wishing you all a lovely year ahead :)

Most Reblogged Ships; Top Ten:

(According to Tumblrs statistics)

In order:

1. Destiel - Supernatural

2. Johnlock - Sherlock

3. Larry Stylinson - One Direction

4. Captian Swan - Once Upon A Time

5. Ereri - Attack On Titan

6. Sterek - Teen Wolf

7. Troyler - YouTube

8. MakoHaru - Free!

9. Narry - One Direction

10. JeanMarco - Attack On Titan

“Self [wall chart version]”

From the “Urban Reflections” series
Main station, Kassel (Germany)
January 2016