top ten non disney animated movies

zawanahahaha  asked:

Once you get this it would be cool if you posted ten facts about yourself and then passed this along to your ten favorite followers💗

Oh cool thank you 💕💕💕:

1. My favorite color is purple

2. I’m still afraid of the dark

3. My Top 3 favorite non-Superhero Movies are: The Secret Life Of Bees, The Martian, and War for The Planet Of the Apes

4. I hate olives

5. Do not take me to Hot Topic, I will buy all the Funko Pops

6. I’ve never actually seen Disney’s Aladin, The Little Mermaid, or Frozen

7. That being said my favorite animated Disney movie is a tie between Lilo & Stitch and Atlantis the Lost Empire

8. My favorite Marvel comic is Runaways

9. Got about 10 favorite songs because I can’t make up my darn mind

10. And I love long road trips!