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Top Ten Kendall & Jo Moments of Season 2 (in no particular order)


Kendall: Four down, two to go.

Jo: Looking for me?

Kendall: If the prank battle lasts beyond 6pm…

Jo: …any device capable of directly applying mess, slap or pain counts as a prank.

Kendall: The Carlos clause. He refused to skip dinner to play.

Jo: And you have been caught empty handed.

Kendall: What can I say? It’s rotten milk.

Jo: Me too. It’s kind of grossing me out.

Kendall: I told you this battle would get messy.


Kendall: Jo!

Jo: Is it…bad?

Kendall: It’s gonna leave a nasty stain.

Jo: *groans* If I don’t pretreat this, I’ll never get it out. Good luck.