top ten dances

  • Narcissa: What if we have a daughter and she wants to get her ears pierced?
  • Lucius: Irrelevant, we’re not having a daughter.
  • Narcissa: Okay, what if we have a son and he wants to take dance lessons even though his friends all play Quidditch.
  • Lucius: He can dance if he wants to.
  • Lucius: He can leave his friends behind.
  • Lucius: [in tune] Cause if his friends don’t dance, and if they don’t dance, then they’re no friends of mine.
  • Lucius: *walks away dancing*

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Hi there ;) If you feel like it: Top 10 Times Yuuri Flashed The People Of Torville Cove?

idk if you’d consider it top, but these are the 10 most memorable incidents…

10) a lot of people in town have spotted him clambering onto the rocks at lovers’ point completely naked. it’s a little bit of a “you know you’ve really settled into torvill” kind of thing if you’ve spotted the local mysterious heartthrob’s eccentric sunbathing habit (or at least, that’s what they think he’s doing)

9) that one time he got into a fight with a seal and, mildly injured, had to limp up to viktor’s cottage for antiseptic and bandages? he was naked for a portion of that while he looked around for some way to make himself more presentable, finally settling on stealing a sailcloth from a boat that had been left near the little beach. whoever rented that boat was surely in for an unpleasant surprise whenever they resurfaced from their diving trip in the harbour haha

8) when he was 6, he would regularly streak through the hotel in a mad dash to avoid taking baths. several hotel guests had thought it was adorable. mari, who would be tasked with chasing after him with a towel, thought otherwise.

7) that one time he saved viktor’s life after the idiot got caught in a storm in the middle of the harbour. of course he didn’t necessarily flash everyone except maybe the plisetskys, but he certainly wasn’t wearing anything when he was checking to make sure viktor was okay.

6) one year during hogamany he had too much to drink and ended up pole dancing on one of the lampposts on the pier. then again, the rest of the town had been in similar states of inebriation, so the memorability of this incident is debatable. phichit swears he took videos.

5) when he was 17 and just finished with the last of his advanced highers, he agreed to go to a party held at the crispino winery to celebrate the end of exams. there, he might have overindulged on mead. he might not remember what he did, but sara crispino swears up and down that he had streaked through the entire estate and then tried to give her brother a lap dance.

4) when he was 10, vicchan stole his towel when he was swimming under mari’s supervision. they’d been under the pier so that there could be more privacy for the transformation, and yuuri had gotten out of his skin when he realised that his towel was missing and that vicchan was already halfway to the boardwalk with it. cue a naked 10 year old yuuri chasing after his puppy on the beach, and tongues wagged for a couple days about the katsuki boy liking skinny dipping. i don’t think some of the older people in the town really forgot.

3) yuuri was a very popular first-footer during hogamany because you know, he fits the description of being dark-haired and all of that. one year, he was asked to first-foot nearly half of the houses in town. by the time he was done, he was so drunk on whiskey that the last of the houses saw him on the doorstep dressed in nothing but black bun. 

2) yuuri tried on a kilt once, you know, traditional style and all of that. it was also a very windy day. viktor was very pleased. the rest of the town less so.

1) on the roof of yu-topia, gazing at the stars with viktor. the only reason he was naked was because he’d gotten wildly drunk with viktor and the two of them had somehow thought it a good idea to drag his old telescope up to the widow’s walk on the roof of the resort and try their hand at astronomy. there might have been misheard comments about people who might or might not have been named chihoko, but either way mari went up to fetch them and found them cuddling.


Top 10 Favourite 80’s Movies

1. E.T. (1982)

2. The Breakfast Club (1985)

3. Stand By Me (1986)

4. The Outsiders (1983)

5. Dirty Dancing (1987)

6. The Color Purple (1985)

7. Labyrinth (1986)

8. The Goonies (1985)

9. Short Circuit (1986)

10. Back To The Future Part 2 (1989)

(This List Does Not Include 80’s Horror Movies)


Favourite Dances in Films

4. The Princess Diaries II – The Queen and Joseph

When trying out the music for Mia’s wedding, Clarisse is swept off her feet by Joseph.

It is one of the first times we are properly introduced to the idea of them as a couple and it is really sweet.

This moment is one of those that I wish could happen to me in real life and has a special place in my heart.


My top 10 releases of 2013 in no order.

1. Attila – About That Life

2. Dance Gavin Dance – Acceptance Speech

3. Sworn In – The Death Card

4. Born Of Osiris – Tomorrow We Die Alive

5. Currents – Victimized

6. Erra – Augment

7. The Last Ten Seconds Of Life - Invivo [Exvivo]

8. Villains – 10 Code

9. Sylar – Deadbeat

10. Acrania – The Beginning Of The End

Preference #10 He Gets Jealous

Keaton: You and Keaton had been out shopping at the mall all day for Christmas presents. You really needed to go off on your own to get him his present but he seemed to think that you had no where else to go. Finally, once you got out of Zumiez, Keaton looked at you with a concerned look.

“So, um, I kind of need to go get a present for you so…” he began and you smiled.

“Oh good! I need to get one for you too!” You laughed as a look of relief came over his face.

“Great! I’ll meet you over at the food court in like, a half hour then?” He questioned. You nodded and the two of you headed in separate directions. You had already known what you wanted to get Keaton from the moment you got in to the mall. After getting his present you went to the food court and found an empty table. You placed all your bags on the chair next to you and took out your phone.

“Excuse me?” You looked up from playing flappy bird to see a boy around your age smiling at you.

“Hi?” You replied, a little unsure of what he wanted from you.

“Are you using that chair? There are only four at every table and we have five people.” He pointed at the chair you were resting your feet on which stood on the other side of the table you occupied. You smiled, laughing because you thought for a minute the guy was going to hit on you.

“Yeah of course. Help yourself.” You grinned. The guy opened his mouth to say something but was cut off.

“What exactly is he helping himself to?” You heard your boyfriend say from behind you. You turned to look at him, still smiling. When you finally locked eyes with him you realized he was not happy at all.

“The chair I’m not using.” You shrugged. The guy looked between the two of you awkwardly before grabbing the chair and leaving.

“I think we should leave Y/N.” Keaton stated, annoyed. As you were standing up you suddenly realized why he was annoyed.

“Aw! Keats are you JEALOUS?!” You giggled. He rolled his eyes, taking your bags from you.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He dismissed. You couldn’t help but giggle a little more.

“That’s so adorable.” You took a hold of his arm and placed a quick kiss on his cheek.

Wesley: You and Wes had been at the beach for all of five minutes before he left you and your tanning to go surf. Normally you would go with him, but you knew that wearing a body suit would not improve your desperate need for a tan. You listened to a couple songs on your IPhone until your sun was being blocked.

“Can I help you Wesley?” You ask, a small hint of joking coloring your tone.

“Who’s Wesley?” An unknown voice asked you. Immediately you sat up and took your sunglasses off. There was a very attractive looking boy standing infront of you. Nothing compared to Wes, but he certainly was NOT ugly.

“My boyfriend.” You said quickly.

“Oh. I’m Mike. I kind of saw you sitting here by yourself and my friends and I needed another player for our volleyball game. You want to play?” Mike inquired. You looked out at the ocean where Wes was still surfing like a maniac. He wouldn’t be done any time soon.

“Yeah sure!” You agree. “I’m Y/N, by the way.” You introduce.

“Cool. Nice to meet you Y/N.” Mike grinned. You went over to his group of friends, where you were introduced, and then the group of you started to play volleyball. You weren’t sure how much time had passed while you were playing but you knew you were having a great time. That is, until you felt a hand grip your arm when you were high-fiving Mike for spiking the ball.

“Where the hell did you go? I looked back from the water and you weren’t on your towel.” Your boyfriend looked like he was feeling some emotion between anger and concern. Was he jealous? Oh geez.

“I was here. Playing volleyball.” You responded. You didn’t find jealousy cute. You thought it was bit annoying. You were allowed to talk to other people. Wes, knowing this, sighed and released you arm.

“Do you want to go get lunch?” He questioned, rubbing the back of his neck. You nod and say good bye to your new friends.


“That guy keeps starring at you.” Your friend stated, poking your shoulder and pointing to a guy standing across the room at a party you were attending with Drew and a couple of your friends. Drew was currently in the kitchen getting the three of you drinks.

“He should take a picture, it’ll last longer. I have a boyfriend.” You rolled your eyes. For some reason the guy took your eye roll as an invitation to come toward you.

“In coming.” Your friend muttered before the guy appeared in front of you. He wasn’t very good looking. Drew was so much better. This guy seemed fake and like he was far too in to himself. Nothing like your selfless and amazing boyfriend.

“Hey baby.” the guy greeted.

“Don’t ‘hey baby’ me. That’s disgusting. I have a boyfriend.” You looked away from the guy toward the kitchen, attempting to find said-boyfriend.

“I don’t see him anywhere. Come on, come dance with me.” The walking Ken doll pushed.

“I’m good. Thanks.” You dismissed, not even giving him a second glance.

“What would one dance hurt?” The guy inquired. You begrudgingly looked at him.

“If you try anything, I will kick your ass.” You threaten. He nods and you give your friend a look before going to dance. This was such a mistake. You’re Gonna Love This by 3Oh!3 came on. Who was the DJ and where was their current top ten playlist? You danced with the guy. He was a decent dancer and despite the fact that he had earlier tried to hit on you, he seemed to get that he had to keep his hands to himself. You had just begun to do a little spin when your hand was grabbed and you were twirled into the arms of your boyfriend.

“You were having too much fun over there. I had to save you.” Drew chuckled. There was a tiny little difference in the way he looked at you. Over the years you had come to know that as jealousy. Drew was never incredibly pronounced when he was jealous, he just kind of stole you away from the situation that made him feel that way.

“I’m glad.” You grinned and kissed him square on the lips.


Alright, if anyone wants to request imagines or preferences, you are more than welcome! I’m always up for writing! Let me know!

Liz-O’s Top Ten Photos from 2014 (Personal Favorites Edition!)

Photo #4: Nicholas Petricca of Walk the Moon (The Gospel Tour) — Pier Six Pavilion — August 10th, 2014 [x]

Before I saw Walk the Moon play their set at The Gospel Tour, I had never intentionally listened to their music because I didn’t know who they were! However, as soon as they started playing their opener, “Tightrope,” I realized two things. The first realization was that the majority of the teenagers in the crowd obviously knew way more about them than I did, so at the age of 23, I had my first personal “Wow, I feel old” moment. (It was so strange, especially since I came there for Panic! at the Disco, who have been one of MY favorite bands since sophomore year of high school. Weird.) The second realization was that their familiar melodies had been percolating in my subconscious for a while (thanks to an HP laptop commercial from 2012, according to the internet!).

Regardless of my un-hip and un-teenage status, I happily danced to Walk the Moon’s catchy tunes and super-percussive beats in-between my camera’s snaps. All four members were having equal amounts of fun on-stage, constantly aware of each other and moving all around the stage. With all of the movement, it made getting clear shots quite the challenge! However, live music is all about experiencing the music with your entire being — so I knew that I had to take advantage of the nine-song-long set by taking as many photos as I could from my fifth-row seat! Because of my obsessive approach, this photo of lead singer Nick Petricca exists, among several other shots… some of which have never been posted online… so stay tuned in the new year for more pictures, WTM fans!


2013 was definitely a year to remember. At the worlds in Boston I danced solos for the second time and was 10 off from the recall. It was my first time competing since my foot had fully healed from surgery so I was pretty happy! I also competed in teams and we came in 19th after a super obvious mistake in the recall round so we were over the moon! At nationals I jumped 19 places from last year and got 9th. Hearing my number called for the top 10 was the best feeling in the world. At oireachtas I was 4th and got on the podium which was always a dream of mine. My best friend 60 places and qualified for worlds for the first time! Our ceili team had a bad day but it was still a great experience. I’m so pumped for London and I hope 2014 is even better!