top ten countries

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Top ten countries

Oh wait it’s still munday huzzah~

Starting to clean up all the asks now hehe :p

I haven’t visited many countries.. 

The Netherlands (I live here), Belgium, Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom(Wales to be exact) are the only ones I think..

Half of those were only for a vacation or a school trip tho x)

So these are mostly based on what I expect/have heard from these countries okay? :3 Yeah so pretty boring list hehe

10. Greece


9. United States

Love/hate with this one I suppose. Many things why I’d love to go, many things where I think ‘wtf murica?!’

8. Italy

Also love/hate a bit. We went there with school (exchange). It was very beautiful, many old colourful houses etc.. I kept thinking ‘couldn’t they at least paint them once in a while?’ xD

7. Canada

If it is as nice as the world makes it seem.. :p

Oh wait also, great cartoons :D

6. New Zealand

Idk man, Kiwi birds :o

5. Germany

Went there two or three times with school, Germans seem to be nice :3

Also throwing in a random Dutch word might sometimes even work when you don’t know the translation haha. Had to speak German a few times at my work too, I’m a noob but it sorta worked x)

4. Belgium

Neigbours are cool, visited this one the most (my stepdad used to live in Belgium)

3. Japan

Nintendo bro

2. Great Britain

…I like English more than Dutch :3

1. The Netherlands (surprise)

I just like it here x)

SEVENTEEN Experiences Explosive Success With Sales For Their Latest Comeback Album “Al1”

SEVENTEEN continues to rise in the ranks of K-pop artists and have shown a great deal of growth both in their music style and in popularity as well.

Their latest album, “Al1,” was released on May 22 at 6 p.m. KST and has experienced a great deal of success both domestically and internationally. The album topped Hanteo’s album charts and has sold well over 80,000 copies, as of 1:30 p.m. KST on the third day since the album’s release, according to Dispatch. In comparison, their previous mini-album “Going Seventeen” sold 50,000 albums in three days.

Furthermore, “Al1” has topped iTunes album charts in countries like Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Phillipines, and Singapore, and has entered the top ten for six other countries, including Japan, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. “Al1” is currently ranked No.15 on the U.S. and Canadian iTunes album charts as well.

Plus, the MV for SEVENTEEN’s previous title track “BOOMBOOM” achieved around 3 million views two days after its release; however, the MV for the group’s latest title track “Don’t Wanna Cry” achieved a total of 3.7 million views by the end of May 23, a day after its release, and currently is nearing 4.5 million views.

Congratulations to SEVENTEEN for the success of their latest album!



Happy Birthday John Paul Young born in Bridgeton, Glasgow, on June 21st 1950.

John Paul’s  family relocated to Sydney when he was aged 11. After forming the band Elm Tree with schoolmates in 1967, he was discovered by renowned talent manager Simon Napier-Bell, who convinced him to sign as a solo artist with Albert Productions. It was here he began his long association with songwriters and record producers Harry Vanda and George Young of The Easybeats.

He had his first chart success in Australia with the song Pasadena, which reached 16 in 1972. Following two years as a cast member of the Australian production of Jesus Christ Superstar, which further boosted his profile, he released his debut album Hero in 1975. The album reach 9, and lead single Yesterday’s Hero became his first hit outside Australia, reaching the top ten in several countries.

He continued to have moderate success with his next two albums, before his career peaked in 1978, following the release of Love Is In The Air, whose title track became a worldwide hit, peaking at 2 on the Australian charts, 7 in the USA, and 5 in the UK. His career gradually faded thereafter and he retired from singing in 1989 to concentrate on his secondary career as a disc jockey on morning radio.

In 1992 though, the worldwide success of Baz Luhrmann’s film Strictly Ballroom, which featured a remixed version of Love Is In The Air, catapulted the song back into the limelight to a new audience. With Young once again being played in clubs around the world, he came out of retirement. 

John Paul Young continues to be a celebrated entertainment personality in Australia, appearing in their version of The Apprentice and Strictly Come Dancing, he and was inducted into the Australian Recording Industry Association Hall of Fame in 2009


On this day 13 years ago Britney Spears released her fourth studio album In The Zone. Commercially, In the Zone became an international success, debuting atop the charts in France and the United States, and peaking inside the top ten in fifteen countries. In the United States, she became the first female artist to have four consecutive number-one albums.

I just wanted to say that under no circumstance should you ever invade a celebrity, or any person’s, privacy without their consent. It is theft. It’s fine to want to know more about their life or to disagree with some of their actions. It’s okay to be human. But there’s a big difference between thinking and doing. After everything that Harry has given us this past month, I can’t believe that this is happening again. That said, I’m proud of the fans who continue to focus on what’s important. Harry’s album is #1 in SO MANY countries!!! Sign of the Times remains in the top ten is so many countries after a MONTH AND A HALF!!!! Harry just performed with Stevie Nicks!!! He’s really doing it!! So let’s go use on that!! Xx

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Top ten favorite country songs?

These are just a few of my favorites. There’s no way I can only have ten ;)

Remember When | Alan Jackson
Cowboy, Take Me Away | Dixie Chicks
Forever Country | Artists of Then, Now, & Forever
You Look So Good in Love | George Strait
Song of the South | Alabama
Ragged Old Flag | Johnny Cash
The Devil Went Down to Georgia | Charlie Daniels
Why’d You Come in Here Lookin’ Like That | Dolly Parton
Broken Halos | Chris Stapleton
Brand New Man | Brooks & Dunn

Thanks Ben 💚

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Continuation of teacher Jimin and bad boy jungkook please~

+ Jungkook have Jimin head at school and that was the scariest and sexiest moment in Jimin’s life.

+ Jimin let’s Jungkook stay over his apartment a lot cause Jungkook is constantly showing good grades.

+ Jungkook suck a “J” into Jimin’s thigh and likes staring at them in class even if it’s pants.

+ Jimin combs Jungkook’s hair with his fingers after they have sex and Jungkook whimpers in happiness as he snuggles into the older man.

+ Jimin comes to school and sees flowers on his desk and chuckles.

+ “can I take you on a date?” “Only if you graduate this year.” “Seriously?” “Yes.”

+ Jungkook doubled his school load so he could graduate on time. And Jimin helped him out.

+ Jungkook graduated on honor roll and scored top ten in the country on test.

+ “Date?” “Hm, I guess.”

+ They date after graduation in secret until the end of Jungkook’s freshman year of college.

+ “What do I need to score to marry you?”

yall: worth it is a terrible song

worth it: *is the best selling single by a girl group since “Don’t Cha” by The Pussycat Dolls and has achieved double platinum certification in the US. it’s also the group’s first top 20 single, after peaking at number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 & reached the top-ten in eight other countries.*


With her mature songs like "Tim McGraw" and "Should've Said No," the teenager changed country music forever

In 1993, a young Louisiana-born musician made his less-than-auspicious debut with the self-titled LP Tim McGraw. He would eventually go on to score dozens of Number One hits – not to mention an equally successful spouse with crossover appeal. All of this may not have registered with a four-year-old Pennsylvanian whose parents owned a Christmas tree farm, but once Taylor Swift – still in her early teens – moved to Nashville and began writing songs, McGraw certainly played a role in her burgeoning career. Ten years ago today, on October 24th, 2006, her debut album Taylor Swift was released. The album and the artist would be an undeniable game-changer for country music and Nashville, as it also introduced the world to the Big Machine record label, which is now home to both Swift and McGraw.

As the first single from her debut LP, “Tim McGraw” was a Top Ten country hit, followed by four more singles, all of which enjoyed crossover success, setting a pattern that would continue until Swift made the full-on pop LP, 1989 (her birth year) in 2014. Swift may have little connection to her country beginnings these days, but when fans hear “Tim McGraw,” they experience the sense of loss she called upon to write the song and the ways music and memory interact with one another. The song was penned with Liz Rose during Swift’s freshman year in high school as a bittersweet ode to a boyfriend she would be losing when he went to college. Rather than a song about McGraw, it’s a song about the way the budding star and her boyfriend shared the memory of McGraw’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothin’” from the superstar’s 2004 LP Live Like You Were Dying.

Swift explored similarly intense emotions of youthful relationships in the album’s other singles: “Teardrops on My Guitar,” “Our Song,” “Picture to Burn” and, finally, “Should’ve Said No.” Written by Swift alone, “Should’ve Said No” was the album’s final single and featured her spitting acid at a boyfriend who got caught straying. “You shouldn’t be beggin’ for forgiveness at my feet. You should’ve said no, baby, and you might still have me,” she chides him.

Back in those early days of her career, a teenage Swift paid a visit to streaming company Rhapsody to perform the song for Rhapsody TV. Flanked by a fiddler and banjo player, Swift energetically strums her acoustic guitar while singing. She had yet to come into her own as a live singer, but she was already a remarkably poised storyteller and performer on the brink of world domination, whether she knew it or not. One thing that is certain is that country music, while it had her, would never quite be the same again.

Eurovision ‘15 Grand Final RESULTS

Best. Eurogeddon. EVER.

FINALLY! Berwald wins title number six for his home country that is Sweden! And now, here are the top ten countries including the voting points of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final that is concluded in Vienna. Roderich Edelstein, thanks for partying with us!

1. Sweden: Måns Zelmerlöw - Heroes [365 points]
2. Russia: Polina Gagarina - A Million Voices [303 points]
3. Italy: Il Volo - Grande amore (Great Love) [292 points]
4. Belgium: Loïc Nottet - Rhythm Inside [217 points]
5. Australia: Guy Sebastian - Tonight Again [196 points]
6. Latvia: Aminata - Love Injected [186 points]
7. Estonia: Elina Born & Stig Rästa - Goodbye to Yesterday [106 points]
8. Norway: Mørland & Debrah Scarlett - A Monster Like Me [102 points]
9. Israel: Nadav Guedj - Golden Boy [97 points]
10. Serbia: Bojana Stamenov - Beauty Never Lies [53 points]

NOTE: Sweden has six Eurovision wins. The last time he won was in 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan.


Country Women with Impact: Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton has had an amazing impact not just country music but in the world of music generally. Over her career, she has sold 100 million copies of her albums and she is the most honoured female country singer! Among her achievements are:

25 songs have reached number one on the Billboard Country Charts - a record

42 Career top ten country albums - a record

110 singles charted

8 Grammys

2 Academy Award Nominations - For writing the songs “9 to 5” and “Travelin’ Thru”.

Dolly Parton has also been successful in acting, having starred in films such as ‘9 to 5’ and 'Steel Magnolias’. She also has a theme park called “Dollywood”.

something from my twitter

“Tachibana-san was really fast,” Uozumi says out of nowhere, the night before relays. “Momo, too. He didn’t lose by much.” A long silence, interspersed with rustling and Minami’s own carefully timed breathing. He isn’t sure what to say; he hates repeating platitudes and he can’t think of anything that doesn’t sound like unwanted pity.

“Sleeping,” Uozumi murmurs, finally, and he sounds a little bit sad.

Minami listens to Uozumi’s quiet exhales for a long while, feeling guilty. Half the reason he doesn’t really want to say anything is that he’s envious of Uozumi getting to join at all, when Minami is stuck in the bleachers at every meet. His opponents are the captain and his top-ten-in-the-country best friend– Minami’s good too, he knows that, but he’s not that good.

After a time, a noise drifts down from the top bunk, sounding horribly like a sniffle. Maybe it’s sinus problems? Minami wishes it was just sinus problems.

“Uozumi,” he says, softly, but it still sounds unnaturally loud after the silence. The sound stops immediately.

“Can’t sleep?” Uozumi says, as if he wasn’t just… crying. Minami imagines a watery smile to go with the words, and his chest aches. Stupid Uozumi. He was supposed to be the easier option, but. Nothing about this is easy.

“Had a nightmare,” he lies, rubbing his eyes until they feel red enough to pass for just-woke-up. “Come sleep down here?”

Uozumi doesn’t even take the time to reply; by the time Minami turns over he’s already clambered down to crouch at the bedside. He looks intently at Minami, who doesn’t move until Uozumi relaxes with a sheepish laugh.

“Am I that obvious?” He puts his hand on Minami’s pillow, like he’s afraid to touch. Minami sighs, shifting over.

“Only,” he pulls his blanket back so Uozumi can get in to curl around him, “because I know you, that’s all.”

Uozumi’s arm tightens around his waist. “Too well?”

Minami thinks about the exes he’s told Uozumi of, about the erstwhile ‘best friends’ he’s always pushed away. In the end he always comes back to Uozumi. At least he’s aware of it now, even if he doesn’t think he’ll ever say it.

“No,” he answers at last, tilting his head back into Uozumi’s neck. “Now go to sleep.”

“Yes, sir,” Uozumi says, but his hand brushes over Minami’s stomach and strays even lower– and if Minami doesn’t stop him, that’s nobody’s business.