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Top Ten Reasons Why David Tennant is an Exceptional Hamlet

1. His Portrayal of Grief

2. His Portrayal of Insanity

3. His Portrayal of Inner Turmoil

4. His Portrayal of Being Betrayed

5. His Portrayal of Not Caring 

6. His Portrayal of Fear

7. His Portrayal of Realization

8. His Portrayal of Loss and Anger

9. His Portrayal of Depression 

10.  His Portrayal of Death

❤ cute & clever valentine's day treats! ❤

Sweeten your sister’s Valentine’s Day with lovable treats! These favors are also adorable for New Member, Big/Little, Panhellenic and Fraternity gift giving! XOXOXO


  • Pixie sticks: Stick with me, Valentine
  • Smarties: It’s smart being your Sister
  • Chocolate coins: Valentine you’re on the money
  • Gum: I “chews” you as my Valentine
  • Mints: We’re mint to be Sisters
  • Swedish Fish: You’re a great catch
  • Extra gum: You’re extra special to me
  • Pop Rocks: You rock, Valentine!
  • Krackel chocolate bars: You krack me up Valentine
  • Rolos: I like the way you roll
  • Peeps: Happy Valentine’s Day to all my Peeps
  • Snickers: Valentine you make me snicker
  • Orbit gum: You send my heart into orbit
  • Hot Tamales: You’re one hot tamale
  • Butterfinger: B Mine
  • Button candy: You’re cute as a button
  • 2 of any candy: We’re 2 of a kind
  • Reese’s Pieces: You stole a piece of my heart
  • Almond Joy: It’s a joy being your sister
  • Starbursts: Bursting with joy that you’re my Valentine
  • Sweet tarts: You’re as sweet as can be
  • Gummy fish: You’re the only fish in the sea for me
  • Blow pop: You blow me away Valentine
  • Hershey kisses: XOXO
  • Life Savers: Sister you float my boat 
  • Gold fish: You’re a great catch
  • Teddy Grahams: I ❤ you beary much
  • S’mores: Every day I love you s’more
  • Apple Jacks: You’re the apple of my eye
  • Lucky Charms: I’m lucky to have you as my sister
  • Cracker Jacks: You crack me up
  • Chips Ahoy cookies: Ahoy Matey, be my Valentine
  • Ice cream: You’re cool Valentine
  • Gold fish: Of all the fish in the sea, you’re the one for me
  • Donut holes: I love you a hole bunch
  • Heart Shaped PB&J Sandwich: Stuck together like PB&J
  • Crush soda: I’ve got a crush on you
  • Kool Aid: You’re kool!
  • Mountain Dew: I love everything you dew
  • Hot chocolate: You melt my heart
  • Soda: I “soda” think you are amazing
  • Nutella: I‘m nuts about you
  • Fortune cookie: I’m so fortune-ate that you’re my sister
  • Froot loops: You make my loop complete
  • Can of soup: You’re souper!
  • Key shaped cookies: You hold the key to my heart
  • Moon pies: I love you to the moon and back
  • Apple sauce: You’re awesome sauce
  • Coffee: Sister you keep me grounded
  • Cheerios: You’re O so special to me
  • Pickle: You mean a great “dill” to me
  • Clementine orange: You’re such a Cutie
  • Banana: I go bananas over you
  • Berries: I like you berry much
  • Plum: You’re plum perfect
  • Apple: You’re the apple of my eye
  • Pear: We make the perfect pear
  • Nuts: I’m nuts about you
  • Popcorn: My heart pops for you


  • Playing cards: 52 things I love about you
  • Magnifying glass: I’ve got my eye on you
  • Glow sticks: You make my heart glow
  • Bubbles: You blow me away
  • Stickers/tattoos: I’m stuck on you
  • Plastic zoo animal: I’m wild about you
  • Ball: You make my heart bounce
  • Beach Shovel: I dig you
  • Lion: You’re sweet and I’m not lion
  • Puzzle pieces: We just fit
  • Dog plush toy: You’re so dog gone cute
  • Cat plush toy: I think you’re purrrrrfect
  • Mad Libs: I’m mad about you
  • Owl plush toy:  I’ll owl-ways be your sister
  • Toy boat: You float my boat
  • Crazy straw: You make me loopy
  • Button: You’re as cute as a button
  • Magnet: I can’t resist your magnetism 
  • Friendship bracelet: The ties that bind
  • Matches: We’re the perfect match
  • Mini Sewing kit: I love you sew much
  • Candle: You light up my life
  • Door hanger: I “adoor” you
  • Clock or Watch: You make my heart go tick tock
  • Light bulb: I love you a whole watt
  • Mini fan/paper fan: You blow me away
  • Toothbrush: I can’t smile without you
  • Ruler: You rule, Valentine
  • Map/ globe: You mean the world to me
  • Chap stick: Read my lips, Valentine…I’m yours
  • Highlighter: You’re the highlight of my life
  • Glue: Let’s stick together big/little
  • Pen/Pencil: You’re just “write” for me
  • Cookie cutter: You’re a cut above the rest
  • Socks: You knock my socks off


  • Mustache: I mustache you a question ~ Will you be my Valentine?
  • Painted twigs: Stick with me, Valentine
  • Typewriter keys: You’re just my type
  • Sheep doodle: I love ewe
  • Owl doodle: Owl be your sister forever
  • Clothes pins: I’d love to hang out with you
  • Deer doodle: You’re a deer to me
  • Flower: Picked the best
  • Thumbprint: Thumb-body loves you
  • Painted rocks: You rock, Valentine

❤ List Edited from: CRAFT: Creating Really Awesome Free Things!

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What is it about dogs and bath time? They either love it or hate it. Here are 10 of the cutest dogs taking baths. Some are super happy or relaxed while others seem a little more skeptical. Does your dog like bath time? We’d love to hear, so leave us a comment!
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I have just finished watching every single episode of Star Trek TNG and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Here are some moments I remember fondly. Umm… spoilers, I guess.

1. Tasha Yar and the Electric Jungle Gym of Death.

2. Wesley is almost murdered by a planet of pasty white hippies in revealing clothes.

3. Picard and Guinan meet Mark Twain. Picard puts on a play with the crew.

4. Dr. Crusher and her grandma fell in love with a Scottish ghost alien.

5. Having demigod powers makes puppies spontaneously appear.

6. Lt. Barclay fucks around with a hologram version of the crew. Lt. Barclay becomes a super intelligent cyber-being. Lt. Barclay gets turned into a spider monster.

7. Geordi falls in love with a holographic simulation of a scientist then gets shot down by the real deal.

8. Lwaxana almost marries Megabyte from Reboot, but instead she just keeps taking her clothes off in front of Worf’s kid.

9. Data and Troi recreate that part in Tom Petty’s Don’t Come Around Here No More music video with the cake.

10. Ferengi electric dildo whips.