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If you ever want to make yourself really depressed, just do an Until Dawn playthrough with Jess as the lone survivor. Not only is the child a complete wreck by the end of the game, but she has no idea what happened. Imagine her finally getting out of the mines, bleeding and concussed and probably with a broken rib or four, limping back to the lodge only to find the place is burning to the ground and all of her friends are dead. 

Then the police show up and take her to the station and pummel her with questions, and all she can say is, “I don’t know…I don’t know.” She would probably even be the top suspect for a while, at least until the cops start to find bodies and realize a teenage girl who weighs a hundred pounds soaking wet could physically never have done that

Imagine her attending seven closed-casket funerals, people staring at her the whole time, whispering behind their hands. Imagine the survivor’s guilt, the sessions where a mild-faced therapist tries to convince her it wasn’t her fault. Imagine her staring blankly over the therapist’s shoulder and remembering the moment when she first dreamed up that prank, putting the note down on the table where Hannah would be sure to find it. 

Imagine that while she was being dragged away through the snow, she tried to fight back against her unseen attacker. All of her flailing and scratching had no effect, but the police scrape under her fingernails for residual DNA anyway, just to make sure. It takes so long to hear back that she almost forgets about it, until weeks later, when the cops tell her that, somehow, the trace under her fingernails came back as a match to Hannah Washington.

Imagine that she sleeps with a lamp switched on for the rest of her life. It still doesn’t keep the nightmares away: dreams of being dragged through the snow, unable to see anything but bits of dark sky and spindly tree branches, Hannah’s laughter echoing all around.  

sometimes i think I’ll never be happy until i own a well-tailored victorian era suit


1. Spencer’s Twin (Twincer)

Many clues in S7. The scene with Hanna and Spencer when Hanna was abducted in 701, the 710 scene with the Toby kiss, the 715 Airport scene with Wren and the 718 Spoby scene. 

2. Wren Kingston

Was revealed in an interview that he is involved in the final twist of the show. Was in cahoots with Charlotte/Cece when she was A. Uber A/AD is avenging Charlotte’s death and is doing so by playing the game. Wren was helping Charlotte play the game whilst she was in Radley by probably helping her get in and out without anybody knowing.

3. Melissa Hastings

Has been mentioned several times that she has some sort of connection to Charlotte that still hasn’t been fully discussed, she has reason to hate the girls including being involved in Ian’s death which caused her to loose her child, she’s been a part of every big thing that happened on the show, she’s been MIA for a while which could be due to her playing the A game.

4. Mary Drake

We’ve been led to believe that Jessica was the evil twin but what if this whole time it’s been Mary. Uber A is avenging Charlotte and it makes sense that her mother would be avenging her. 

5. Someone with Split Personality Disorder

Mental illnesses have been spoken about a bit on the show and it could make sense that one of the characters on the show could be Uber A and not know it because their other personality is in charge of it all. Marlene said that the actor playing Uber A was told a couple episodes prior to the finale so that they could do research. It would make sense if the research was to read more into the part their playing of someone suffering a mental illness. 

Kevin Spacey has just demonstrated the art form of being a trash human being on top of being a suspected predator who took advantage of the often sensitive coming out the closet story that deals with trauma and secrecy as an excuse for preying on young boys for years like it was some misguided, crying out for help behavior…

Someone take the trash out now.


Did Beverly Jarosz Predict Her Own Murder?

On the afternoon of Monday, December 28th, 1964, 16-year-old Beverly Jarosz was at her home in Garfield Heights- a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, getting ready to meet her friends, Barbara and Margie. She called her Mother before 1 PM to check-in. She wrote a message to her Father about a phone call he’d received- the name the caller gave later turned out to be a fake name- and she talked to her Grandma for a second before explaining she had to go, as her friend Barb was on her way.

Barbara showed up at the Jarosz house at 1:25 PM and found the side door was open. She knocked and rang the bell, but no one answered. She could hear a radio playing loudly inside, and then a loud thump coming from upstairs, like furniture being moved. She waited a few minutes, then left, as she thought she was being stood up. Her and Margie called Beverly’s Grandma, who told Beverly’s Father to leave work to check on his daughter. He was the one who found Beverly’s dead body upstairs in her bedroom at 4 PM. She had been strangled, and stabbed 42 times. Authorities believed her murder was not a random act, but a specifically planned “act of rage.” She had been surprised while changing. She was strangled with a rope, and stabbed. Her clothing had been yanked away from her body, but she had not been sexually assaulted. The police decided she probably knew her killer, as there was no sign of forced entry or anything out of place on the first place of the home, and she wouldn’t have let in anyone she didn’t know, or left the door unlocked. 

Before her death, she went to school at Marymount High School. She liked to write poetry, and wanted to be a teacher. She also had a stalker. Her mother and sister Carol mentioned she would get hang-up calls, sometimes 12 times a day. An anonymous person left a bracelet and ring on the back porch address “To Bev.” After this, she started carrying a brass letter open for protection. Beverly’s father came home one night to a man on the front lawn, staring up at the girls’ bedroom. He chased him down the block, but the man got away. Beverly was jumpy, checked in by phone constantly, and always locked the doors and closed the blinds. She often wrote poetry about death, and told her family she had a dark “foreboding” months before her murder. The top suspects were Beverly’s boyfriend, an ex-boyfriend, a college-aged neighbor, and a young door-to-door salesman who had a record of assaults on women. All the men were fingerprinted, and given lie detector tests, and they all had alibi’s. In another strange turn of events, seven years after her murder, the Jarosz home was broken into. All that was taken was a gold watch, but the strangest part was that the backing had been torn off of two prints hanging on the wall- two painting’s that were favorites of Beverly, given to her by her father. 

Beverly’s father kept the house as it was on the day of his daughter’s murder, just in case a suspect was charged, and the jury needed to visit in the future, but that never happened. The case is unsolved to this day.

My Final Thoughts

I really don’t even understand the last episodes ending.


The 5 girls are consistently tortured in order to get a puzzle piece to make up an image of eyes in spider webs to get the image of a guy walking to the mystery location of Dunhills body in Charles fake grave…

The girls are arrested, Mary confesses and the girls are released.

AD drives happily away from Rosewood.


I’m so stressed out. I’ve poured my heart and soul into this show for years. Im so scared the finale isn’t going to be good. The plot holes are so enormous. The last 9 episodes have been terrible and 98% filler. I’m dreading the finale. Im praying to god they put it all together in a beautiful and satisfying way.

I’m sure everyone has watched the interview that Sasha and Marlene did last week. My heart kept sinking every time Marlene answered a question. She actually had to think back in order to respond. At least fake it, doesn’t she understand how die-hard the fans are? How we’ve literally poured over every single episode a million times looking for clues?

The fact that she said the NAT Club was over years ago, and most of us to this day have been theorizing that the club had a huge impact on the endgame- just goes to show that she thinks she’s already ended a ton of storylines but we feel like we still need a million answers.


Idk I just have such a strong sense of dread we are going to be disappointed 😔. There have been problems with all the reveals thus far.

Mona’s reveal was so good but I hated the way the show portrayed her reasoning. She said the girls stole Hanna from her-but they only became friends again when they started getting the A messages. Mona was A because she wanted to be in control and bully her bullies. That’s it.

CeCe’s reveal was SO LAME. You built a dollhouse to torture the girls because they didn’t miss Ali when she was gone or whatever bullshit it was? Umm. I’ve read 7295927161739 million theories better then that. Plus there’s so many continuity errors and plot holes with CeCe’s story. It’s just terrible.

And then there was the infamous Sara Harvey as Black Veil reveal. I cringe just thinking about it.

Then we think we are about to meet AD- and it’s SYDNEY. 😑😑😑

I’m so terrified we are going to be let down. I’m still holding out hope that they drop an amazing bombshell on us, tying everything together since the beginning.

I want to experience the same feeling I got the moment Ezra turned around in his lair. Best BEST BESTTTT moment of the entire series. I screamed and fell off my couch.

Ezra is and always has been my top A suspect. I’m holding out hope til the very last second that he is Endgame. In my opinion it is the absolute ONLY thing that would make sense.

Ezra is A forever ❤️

Game On, Charles

These doll pieces are all outfits that the liars have worn before, and it wasn’t on That Night. Only Alison wore that outfit That Night. (Spencer wore a red plaid shirt, Emily wore purple, Hanna wore blue, and Aria wore black) This means that A.D. has been there from the beginning. 

In a separate post @behzynn pointed out that Alison’s bottom piece is the only square one out of them all, so is this meant to be some kind of hint toward Alison? Is she a twin?

These outfits also look very similar to some of the doll house outfits, don’t they? Not all of them are exact - but they are similar. And the doll house had a set of two “Alison” dolls wearing that yellow top, too. A possible metaphor for twins?

Spencer : 5x24 vs. 6x01 (blue plaid)

Emily :  5x04 vs. 6x01 (Rosewood High Sharks outfit)

Alison : 1x01 / 4x24 vs. 6x01  (yellow top)

Aria :  1x11 vs. 6x01 (pink hair and/or cheetah print)

Hanna : 1x02 vs. 6x01 (pink or yellow floral colors and prints)

What does this discovery mean? It means that whomever A.D. is they have been watching Alison and the Liars since the very start. They have been here all along, hiding behind shadows and masks. 

My top suspects? EzrA, MelissA, or MonA.

Ezra - because he filmed, watched, and stalked the Liars using Aria as a means to do so. He also apologized once to Emily for the murder of her girlfriend and his apology was WEIRD. He flat out just said “I’m sorry, Emily” like he was apologizing for the act of murder, or for witnessing it. Ezra is also always missing or disappearing someplace, even his manager Sabrina tells the audience this after the time jump in 6B.

Melissa - because she is always conveniently out of the country (the same country that Mary Drake had traveled to, btw) and comes back just when -A has stirred the pot. She has connections to EVERYONE and “knows how to keep a secret.” Let’s also not forget her motives for Alison, Garrett, Cece, and Jessica DiLaurentis’ murders or attempted murders. She definitely ranks high on their suspect lists, Detective Holbrook even thought so considering how he questioned her after Mrs. DiLaurentis was killed, too. 

Mona - because she loves to play games and that is been mentioned several times in our show. She played them at Radley with Eddie Lamb, she played card games with Aria while she visited, and she played them with Charles. And before Sara Harvey was murdered she said to Mona about the Liars, “you played with them for too long.” (I don’t 100% think Mona is A.D., she’s on the list just because Mona is always in the middle and her motives are never clear.)

Nevertheless, I still believe that this A.D. is Charles. Whether Cece is alive and well and is actually Charles or if Charles is another character, it IS them behind the final mask. They never wanted to stop playing the game and it is them playing with the Liars now. 

Game on, Charles.


#BigRonFilmReviews Top 100 Movies of all time


I’m finally there.

This was hard work. I collated a list of about 130 movies in Excel (yep) and moved it around for approximately 3 days until I ended up with a final list. 

I’ve ended up with a movie from each from Tarantino, Scorsese, Coppola, The Coens, Nolan, PTA and two from David Fincher. People may question the addition of Kevin Smith and Bryan Singer but as ever these are movies ranked according to an inexplicable, personal enjoyment algorithm. If you disagree do your fucking own. (Smiley face).

1) Pulp Fiction. It had to be really. I’m very happy with this being my all time favourite movie (so far). QT perfects the formula he created with Reservoir Dogs. Wonderful characters in amusing situations chomping through fabulous dialogue. A movie I simply do not tire of rewatching. Review here.

2) The Godfather Parts 1 and 2. And here we do not see The Godfather part 3. The first two Godfather movies are simply put. Masterpieces. A deeply intense look at the inner workings of a Mafia family with (at least) three stellar performances from three Titanic Hollywood Stars. Just Epic and beautiful whilst viscously violent and horrifying at the same time. Review here.

3) Fight Club. David Fincher’s cerebral, darkly comical commentary on consumerism and masculinity. A strange and very cool film with plenty of surprises. Love it, love it, love it! Review here.

4) Goodfellas. 

“You mean, let me understand this cause, ya know maybe it’s me, I’m a little fucked up maybe, but I’m funny how, I mean funny like I’m a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh, I’m here to fuckin’ amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? How am I funny?”. 

What a film. Review here.

5) Clerks. A super low budget movie set solely in and around a convenience store in New Jersey. Very little happens other than the two eponymous store Clerks shooting the shit talking about sex and Star Wars. I mean what more do you want? Review here.

6) Se7en. A slow burn Police Procedural with a very dark heart. Pitt and Morgan are trying to track down the serial killer who is in turn trying to send a message to society by mirroring the seven deadly sins. Awesome. “Whats in the Booooooox?” Review here.

7) The Usual Suspects. A surprising crime thriller with a übersupermega twist that absolutely blew me away. “Hand me the fucking keys, you cocksucker, what the fuck?” Review here.

8) Boogie Nights. All of Paul Thomas Andersson’s work is pretty special but this 70s porn industry tale is essentially a masterpiece. Perfect levels of humour, drama and sadness with a absolutely killer soundtrack to boot. Review here.

9) The Big Lebowski. Another of those films where not a great deal actually happens. There is a case of mistaken identity and a pissy rug. There is a kinda-kidnapping, some bowling, a few white russians and a fair amount of weed but because of the superb characters and wonderful dialogue it is just….. brilliant. Review here.

10) The Dark Knight Trilogy. Best Trilogy ever? Cor, could be man. I rewatched these recently and completely reordered my ranking of the three movies. Batman Begins is superb. This is how I want my Batman, flawed, brutal and dark. Aces. My Batman Reviews here.

The full list is available here.

Oh Cordy

Rewatching Angel and I’m having a struggle. The closer I get to the degradation and dismantling of Cordelia Chase the more angry I become. This character, played by this fantastic woman, deserved better. The fans deserved better. The story deserved better. For 6 seasons (3 on Buffy and 3 on Angel) we got to watch the evolution of one of TVs most fabulous Queen B’s. She went from spoiled rich girl, to reluctant sidekick, to Vision Girl, to all around hero. Few characters have been as relatable to me as Cordy, because her flaws and her weaknesses are also her greatest strengths. Cordy becomes empowered when she embraces her selfishness and her tendency to be shallow. She turns those bad traits into loveable quirks as she becomes more and more comfortable in her own skin. She doesn’t transform into a different person, she grows into the best version of herself. It’s inspiring to watch and it made her the kind of woman I wanted to grow up to be. I loved seeing how strong she was, even in the early seasons, coming to frenemy Buffy’s aide, not out of love, but out of solidarity. Cordelia might have been the meanest girl on school but she will have your back when push comes to shove.
Which is why it killed me to see her story line so abruptly skewered in seasons (end of 3) 4-5 of Angel. When I watched the show on TV it made me feel frustrated and disappointed. I kept waiting for things to go back to normal. I kept waiting for the punch line or the “Angel saves the day” moment that would return Cordy to us. It never came.
When we finally got to see the real Cordelia again in all of her sassy, world saving, Angel baiting glory, it was just to say goodbye.
I felt cheated. Cheated out of the shows best character. Cheated out of the potentially series making love story, and cheated out of my time and energy.
Today, I’ve heard the stories and the rumors about what happened between Joss and Charisma. I’ve even heard Charisma’s own take on what happened. She doesn’t mince words. She flat out says that getting pregnant wasn’t on Joss’s agenda and that he was pissed off at her when he found out.
It’s hard to put into words how upset this makes me. When I first heard about it I was shocked by how little it shocked me. It confirmed some suspicions I’d always held about Joss and his brand of “feminism”. It also explained how a show that was so good could have fallen so far so quickly and in such a bizarre way.
However, it wasn’t until now that I watched these episodes over with this new knowledge. As I laugh and smile and swoon through the first two and a half seasons of the show, it’s tainted by the fact that eventually, Cordelia will go off the deep end only to wind up in a coma and unceremoniously killed off (unlike other characters whose turns to the dark side helped propel them towards growth and redemption).
It doesn’t help that every skimpy bikini, pair of low rise jeans, and crop top make me suspect that the loss of Cordy’s sex appeal via Charisma’s pregnancy played a role in why she was cast aside.

rhysiana  asked:

"#the rest of the episode was complete incoherent garbage" I'm really starting to wonder if they let the returning actors write their own scenes, because we get a few minutes of gold every time one of them shows up, and then it goes back to... whatever *that* is supposed to be. *waves hand generally at 6B's plot*

I’m wondering the same! Either they put a lot more effort into those scenes, or maybe the actors had more input since they were coming back as a favor and weren’t contractually obligated to suck it up and say the lines. 

(I don’t know how this shit works, but I feel like you don’t say no when Superman asks you to make a change.)

Because man, that first Jackson scene with him and Ethan fighting the hunters in London! That was so well edited and shot, and it was funny, and the music was great! Who edited that, and where have they been for the entire rest of the show??

The FBI scenes with Stiles at the beginning? Great! They looked beautiful and there was actual lighting, and it felt like the beginning of a totally different tv show about a newbie FBI agent who gets thrown right into solving grisly murders up and down a snowy east coast. He knows their top suspect is innocent, he can feel it in his gut, but his superiors think he’s too new, getting his feelings involved, and are maybe thinking he’s not cut out for this job…until he smacks them with the evidence proving Derek Hale couldn’t possibly have killed any of these people!

And Derek’s quick little fight scene where he actually won?? And then he got his nice car back and he got to smile! And he was wearing looser jeans and a hoodie and looked like he was your average twenty-something just out running errands! Like that is a dude who’s been chilling in South America with his vaults and traveling for a year. I bet he went to Machu Picchu and spent some time sipping caipirinhas on the beach. 

And he and Chris being pals! I love their relationship! I mean, the downside is that they brought back Kate, which was clearly just a pointless cameo for shock value, but Derek was snarky with her! She was holding a gun on him, and he wasn’t giving her anything.

But then we get thrown right back into all this nonsense about learning to fight blind in one night because this fear monster is apparently a Gorgon, and who the fuck came up with that?? “Paralyzed with fear” is what comes up if you google this thing, not “literally turned to stone”.

This fucking show…

recap (3.11):

present day:

so even though frank confessed, they still didn’t charge him

and in turn, he actually made things worse

especially for bonnie

who has to now enlist k4 and ollie for help

but they ended up finding out more than they bargained for

and now bonnie is out of ideas

and annalise is losing hope (btw give viola davis all the awards)

meggy was acting sketchy so laurel was like, girl bye.

michaela and laurel are suddenly besties (and i’m here for it)

and we’re briefly reminded that ollie is too cute for this murder party

night of the fire:

wes and frank go at it like teenagers 

and as usual, frank and bonnie are suspicious af

obviously this episode was a filler because it didn’t really give us any new information. other than the fact that meggy is at the top of my suspect list now.

we’re doing a poll to see if anyone can guess who the killer is (x). what are your thoughts, opinions, and theories? send them in! 

Cookie Dough (Drabble Challenge)

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2. “Here, wear my jacket.” + Jongin

It was Sehun’s idea to get ice cream in the middle of the night. It was Jongin’s idea that you go with him.  

You were still tying your sneakers when they walked outside without you. You sighed, too tired to yell, and sauntered out behind them.

You kept pace with a few strides between you and them. You shivered and pulled your hood up over your head to at least try to block out the breeze.

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Love in Centimeters

Title: Love in Centimeters


Rating: PG

Warnings: None

Summary: Todoroki treasures his memories of Midoriya and Iida kissing.

A/N: Self-indulgent TodoIiDeku will save me from grad school hell.

Read here or on AO3.

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4x01 Missing Scene

There was no such thing as a normal day in Central City. Not anymore, not if you worked for the CCPD. 

Part of David still missed the “good old days” before metahumans and magic and aliens, though he’d be lying if he said he didn’t find this work rewarding and challenging and exciting in an entirely new way now. So long as no new ‘Zoom’ came along, but the sting of that encounter was finally fading a little toward the past.

He was ruminating on the subject, on metahumans, on their new ‘Samurai’ problem and the ever-missing Flash, when something caught his attention. He paused and listened harder.

“And you’re sure it’s Allen?”

“I’m pretty sure. He’s spouting off nonsense enough that someone’s gonna sock him and I never seen him with that kinda beard but it looks just like him.”

“H’ve you got Joe’s number?”

“Nah just a sec, lemme–”

David cleared his throat, “what’s this about Allen?”

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PLL 7x13 Review

This is going to be all over the place so stick with me (probably what the PLL writers say)

1. Caleb taught Aria and Hanna how to do all this techy stuff in like 2 minutes. Now Aria is some technology expert, why didn’t he teach them like 2000000 episodes ago.

2. Why was the baby noise for Hanna? Is AD mixing up his blondes?

3. Hanna and Emily arguing about Caleb snoring. Honestly move in with Alison, and let Haleb live alone. Make two ships happy.

4. Marco and Spencer are very cute

5.  WHY THE HELL did they kill Yvonne? They could of just had her say she didn’t want to be with Toby, then Toby could move on and be with Spencer.

6.  But on top of killing her, THEY MADE THEM GET MARRIED?

7.  Then Toby falling into Spencer’s arms crying. I was sobbing (imagine me at the Haleb proposal)

8.  “No like really short, like everyone’s going to see your spicy tuna roll short” Priorities Caleb, priorities.

9. Hanna wanting to prove to everyone she could really do this and show how smart she is (but everyone seems to forget) and AD ruins it.

10. Can we talk about how Hanna cant keep anything from her husband.

11. Spencer and Caleb are fine now and act normal around each other. SO CAN EVERYONE STOP BRINGING IT UP AS A REASON TO HATE CALEB? SPENCER AND CALEB ARE OVER IT, SO WE CAN TOO.

12. Also Spencer asking if she should invite Hanna over for dinner ( because she knows they are married) as Caleb is DYING

13. Hospital Haleb<3



16. OH and Hanna’s task a lot worse then the other girls so far. It could’ve ruined her career and friendship with Lucas and lose him a lot of money.

17.  AD has something against Hanna. I get that AD wants to tear the girls apart, but everything bad (besides Spencer being shot) has been mainly directed at Hanna.

18. Speaking of Lucas, I want to say I love his friendship with Hanna but he is really creepy. He 100% knows what’s going on, casually walking up and trying to see the Hanna doll, LIKE HE DIDN’T BRING IT THERE. I SEE THROUGH YOU LUCAS.

19. Speaking of the Hanna doll? WTF?!? But im glad Hanna didn’t actually have to cut up a person. Just her doll with blood in it?!? AD has was too much time on their hands…

20. Namaste Bitch.

21. Who knew Sydney was funny, I thought she was just pointless.

22. Can the girls get off the Jenna is AD train, its really annoying.

23. Was there another Hanna in a mirror shot? Can they like stop doing that, THERE IS ONLY ONE HANNA MARIN.

24. Or should I say Hanna Rivers? Too soon?

25. Aria was about to stab Nicole. I bet Ezra wishes she did, it would make his decision a lot easier.

26. Honestly where is Ezra? He isn’t with Nicole? Or Aria? Probably kissing some other underage girl. (Sorry I had to)

27. Sabrina quit working at the Brew. ALSO are Sabrina and Emily still on a break?

28. When I saw Marco wearing the gloves, BOY was I pissed. Then I started laughing cause I wouldn’t put it passed the writers to do that, then Rollins finger came Rolling out and I laughed some more, then the episode ended and I laughed at what a mess this show has become.

This episode was a lot better than last weeks, but last weeks was TERRIBLE so… that’s not saying much.

Top AD suspects-

Lucas- Honestly he will always be on my list, now he is finally in an episode again, it just reminds me how creepy he is. 

Ezra “not with either of the girls im dating” Fitz- where are you? More importantly, what are you doing?

Namaste Bitches lol.

Murderous; P.2

 Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Smut, Angst, Murderer!AU SERIES 

Summary: People can be deceiving; majority of people are deceiving if you really think about it. People lie every day. Whether it’s about watching the new season of game of thrones or ignoring someone’s text and saying you fell asleep. But when murder is the new talk of the town and everyone seems like a suspect; the truth seems to slip further and further away every second. Everyones on edge, as they should be. Wrong things happen when you trust the wrong people.

Word Count: 3,253

Originally posted by chokaivlicious

P1 P2 P3

Your dad flipped through files as you both sat at the dinner table.

“Dad, did you get a suspect?” You asked as he sighed deeply.

“We thought it could be the best friend, or maybe some on the student council that was jealous of her, we even checked that creepy kid from fathom. Everyone’s allies check out…everyone except that new boy, Taehyung” he answered.

You stopped eating as you nodded for him to continue.

“He said he was at home preparing for the next day at school, which seems perfectly logical to me. You’re the new kid, it’s a new school, you just had your first day and want to be ready for the next.” Dad shrugged.

“Then whats the problem?” You asked as he shuffled through his files again.

“He lives alone, there’s no one to confirm his statement” dad sighed sadly.

There was a moment of silence between the two of you before you spoke.

“Do you think he did it?” You asked curiously as you played with your food.

He stared at his files before slowly shaking his head.

“It wouldn’t make sense” he commented as he crossed his arms in deep thought.

“That's what i said!” You stated excitedly as you jumped up a little.

Dad narrowed his eyes at me causing me too shrink back into my seat.

“Remember, don’t get involved” he said in a singish tune.

“Dad i know…its just, the boy is new and he’s already being shunned” you said causing his dad stance to soften.

“This is why i tell everyone that we should keep it under wraps, so shit like this doesn’t happen” he sighed as he shook his head.

I nodded in agreement as i continued eating my food.

“Why does he live alone?” You asked yourself more than you asked your dad.

“Not sure, the boys a complete mystery…and thats not going to sit well with the town” you dad said as he cleaned up his files.

“But just because someone lives alone and likes to keep private doesn’t mean they’re a murderer” you stated as you took your dish and his too the sink.

“Not in this town” you dad sighed as he kissed you forehead “goodnight, remember that i won’t be home till late tomorrow so lock up” he said as he walked away.

“Ok!” You shouted out as you washed the dishes.

You finished washing up before skipping upstairs to your bedroom.

As you opened the door you realised how dark your room on. You swore you had left the light on but shrugged it off as you close the door.

You flicked the light on and turned towards your bed.

Taehyung stood in front of you wearing a black hoodie and black sweatpants.

Before you could scream, he placed his hand over your mouth as you were pushed up against the wall…again.

As you realised who it was you pushed him off of you.

“What the fuck are you doing here?! How did you even get in?!” You whisper yelled as you pushed him further into your room before subtly checking if your dad’s door was closed.

“We’re going to prove my innocence remember? And the back door was open” he stated innocently as he started pacing back and forth in your room.

“You can’t be sneaking into peoples houses, that doesn’t necessarily help your case” you stated as he sat on your bed.

“I know, i know, im just…im freaking out ok? I’ve never been to jail, what if the murder manages to pin it on me! no one knows me here, no one will defend me” he said quickly as his eyes were glued to the floor in a worried daze.

“hey! calm down, i have an idea” you said pulling your desk chair in front of him and sitting down.

“A plan?” He asked as hope sparked in his eyes.

“My dads the chief of police, so i have access to the progression of the case. But im one-hundred percent positive that in the next couple of weeks you’ll be painted as the killer and the police will have you as their top suspect” you stated.

He sighed deeply before you continued.

“So firstly, you need to change your school image” you say sternly as he placed his hand in his hoodie pockets.

“My school image? What do you mean?” He asked.

“Look the first thing the police will do is ask the school about your behavior. Your teachers, your peers, random kids. Anyone.” You started.

“Right now, you’re acting like a murderer. You’re shut off, your cold and most importantly, your new” you said as he nodded his head paying full attention.

“But…i really don't like people” he sighed in frustration.

“No one does, you have to fake it. Start paying attention in class, put your hand up, talk to students” you said as he laid back resting on your bed.

“What if it doesn’t work?” He asked worriedly.

“Your decent looking and people are already interested in you, trust me, it will work” you said as you stood from your chair.

“ you cant wear those ripped up hoodies anymore either ok” you said as you walked over to your desk.

“I only have ripped up hoodies and i have no money so what am i gonna do?” He asked as he returned to his sitting upwards position.

“Its ok, you can borrow my brother’s old clothes” you stated as you checked the time.

“You have a brother?” He asked curiously as he stood up.

“Yes, now take the clothes and go, there in the room next to mine, also meet me outside the school gate tomorrow, ill help you with your image changing” you said as you shoved him towards the door.

“Hey…..” he said as he turned to face you, stopping you from opening the door.

“Thank you” he whispered before letting you open the door and leaving your room.

You sighed and shook your head before deciding to go to bed. You had a long week ahead of you.

When you spotted taehyung at the gates of your school the next morning, you had too do a double take.

Firstly, he looked completely different. Secondly…he looked insanely good, people were definitely going to pay attention to him now.

“How do i look?” He asked tugging on the sleeves of his button up shirt.

“Like the neighborhood good boy who should be on the school council” you said as you looked him up and down.

“Is that good?” He asked as the two of you started walking into school grounds.

“Very, now for practice. What do you say when someone calls you a murderer?” You asked.

“Fuck off, i didn’t do shit”


“Im sorry that you feel that way, but i didn’t do anything”


“I hate this already” he groaned angrily as he shoved his hands in his pants pockets and kicked rocks away.

“Its gonna be a long day, get ready” you sighed as you watched the number of students entering the hell hole increase.


To say Taehyung was doing good would be an understatement. At first your friends were confused as to why you were hanging out with him, but once he started talking and joking around, they were in love.

The teachers appreciated his class input even though half the time he was wrong, they liked that he tried.

He was actually a chick magnet. You already knew how to up his reputation, rumours. You may have told a friend of yours that taehyung was the love child of a prince and his dad sent him here to keep him undercover…and you may have said this in front of the school’s most notorious rumour spreading hoe, Bethany.


Taehyungs reputation had done a full 180 and it wasn’t even third period yet.

“Taehyung! Do you think you could stay behind after school and help me with my math?” Lisa asked as she approached the two of you with a nervous jisoo.

“Im sorry, i might have plans, but if i don’t ill text you. Write your number here and ill put it in my phone later” he said before winking at her.

As you grabbed books from your locker you refrained from rolling your eyes as a pink blush covered her face.

“okay, bye taehyung” she said before giggling and skipping off with jisoo.

“Bye Taehyung” you mimicked as you closed your locker angrily. He laughed before poking your arm playfully.

“You jealous?” He asked as a smirk graced his face.

“I said nice neighborhood boy, not fuck boy” you said rolling your eyes at his new found confidence.

“You think I enjoy this? You and I both know id rather be sitting at the back, alone” he said as he fixed his hair.

“Whatever, just meet me at my house after school okay” you said. He nodded before the two of you parted ways to get to your next class.

As you sat in your last class of the day, your eyes kept flicking towards the clock.


You faced forward to see Hana turned around towards you.

“Where the fuck have you been” she asked.

“I know, I’m so sorry but i promise its important” you stated.

As Lucifer, your desk buddy examined your answers.

“Y/N your punctuation is appalling. Your sentences are filled with comma splices! You can fix that with a semi-colon, a full stop or even a freaking conjunction” lucifer ranted causing you and Hana too both roll your eyes.

“Lucifer why do you even care, don’t you want to stay the top of the year level?” Hana asked causing Lucifer to roll his eyes.

“Of course I do, but that doesn’t mean I want my friends to be the bottom of the year level” he said flicking your forehead.

“Anyway, that new kid seems pretty cool, I always knew he didn’t seem like the murdering type” Lucifer stated as he passed you your book back.

“I didn’t think so either, I’m glad that people are finally seeing him for who he really is” Hana chirped as you nodded your head happily.

hahaha yer sure thing.

you were about to say something but the sight of jimin hastily packing up his books caught your eye.

“hey jimin, you alright?” you asked with concern as he almost tripped over his own feet.

“Yep, fine, thanks” he said quickly before running out of the classroom.

“whats up with him?” you asked as you turned back to Hana and lucifer.

“didn’t you hear?”

of fucking course, Angel would know. you watched Lucifer roll his eyes before all three of you turned toward her. of course, she was listening to your conversation. you hate when she sits behind you.

“he’s apparently gay” she whispered as if it was taboo.

“And?” Lucifer asked as we all stared at her in confusion “what does that have to do with him rushing out in a panic?” he asked.

“I’m just saying, he’s parents are pastors, don’t you think it’s…kinda of disgraceful?” she asked with a duh-tone.

“what the fuck? what do you mean disgraceful?” you asked as you and Lucifer turned your bodies around to fully face her. this bitch was starting to get on everyone’s nerves.

“As Christians…it’s in the bible” she stated as she shook her head “im basically sinning by breathing the same air as him” she said shaking her head “and don’t get me started on his lesbian best friend, she’s so proud it sickens me” she stated.

you were in shock. you knew Angel was a certified good girl but you actually thought she was kind of alright.

before the three of you could go off on her homophobic ass the bell rang, saving her from humiliation.

as she skipped away you packed your books up in anger.

“and she wonders why people hate Christians, God, I’m a Christian and I hate Christians” Hana said as she joined the angry shoving books in bag club.

“homophobic bitch” lucifer said before getting up and walking out.

You shook it off before walking out the classroom to head towards home when you were stopped.

“Y/N, could you come in here for a second”

Fuck. Mr Kim.

He was a great math teacher, but he had a tendency to be involved in other students lives.

“Okay” you smiled as you pulled out your phone to text taehyung.

‘I’ll be late, Mr Kim wants to talk to me’

“Y/N are you okay, I’ve been worried about you lately” he stated as you both sat down.

Here we go

“Sir I swear I’m fine” you stated as you eyed the clock.


“It’s just that, usually your very vocal in my classes but lately you’ve been…quiet. I know your not the smartest kid in the class but you usually try extremely hard and I was just wondering if everything was okay at home? Considering it’s just you and you father I figured it must be hard for you” he asked as he looked down at you with concern.

“Thank you for your concern sir, but I swear there’s nothing going on. My home life is fine and my dad is more than capable of raising me on his own” you stated through gritted teeth.

Your mum was a little bit of a touchy subject and yes he was your teacher but he had no right to pry.


“No, i didn't mea-”

“I know you didn’t, but sir if you don’t mind i would like to go home now” you said as you stood up with your bag.

“…ill see you tomorrow” he said before gesturing towards the door.

As soon as you stepped out of the classroom and checked my phone you saw 7 missed calls from Taehyung.

You’re dropped as your eyebrows knitted together in worry. What happened? Why did he call you seven times?

As you were about to call him, the caller screen popped up with his name on it.

You answered the phone quickly as you moved away from the classroom you were previously in.

“Taehyung whats wrong?” You asked at almost lightening speed.

All you heard on the other end was extremely heavy breathing.

“I-i-i-its on my hands, i c-cant l-leave” he breathed heavily.

You picked up your speed as you ran through the school.

“What? What do you mean? Where are you?!” You asked worriedly as your heart beat picked up.

“Music room, in the music room” he blurted out.

You made a sharp turn as you sprinted towards the music room.

As you approach the sliding door, you slid it open harshly.

On the floor was a boy from a lower grade his throat was slit and a pool of blood lay around him.

Taehyung was kneeling near the boys head, red blood was dripping from his hands as his eyes were fixated on the cut.

You gasped as you quickly closed the door of the music room.

“What happened?!” You shouted as you gagged repeatedly, the boys eyes were wide as they stared at the ceiling.

“Taehyung what the fuck!” You shouted at him as he moved away from the boy shaking his head.

“I didn’t do anything i swear! I know how this looks but you texted me saying you were still here so i thought id just wait for you! I was wondering around when i heard noise in the music room, i came in and the boy was bleeding from his neck! I-i-i tried to stop it with that cloth b-but it didn’t work!!” He exclaimed back as you paced back and forth in shock.

The skin colour was such a contrast to the red oozing out of it, your forehead was breaking out in sweat and your heart was pumping too loud for your head to think clearly.

“Okay! Okay!you can’t be here, you need to go to my house and stay there, we need an alibi….okay okay i got it. Our story is you were at my house and I was going to meet you there to study, Mr Kim wanted to talk to me so you went ahead, I was walking out when I heard something from the music room and that’s when I found the body” you explained as you pacing sped up.

“But will they believe that?! Y/N im a possible prime suspect and now we have another murder” he said as he tried to wipe the blood off of his hands with his hoodie.

“….your right…we need another person…” you said before wiping out your phone.

“Y/N who are you calling?” He asked worriedly.


“Hana, do you trust me?” You asked as your heart sped up, you knew she was a great best friend and would do anything for you but this might be pushing it.

“Of course I trust you” she answered instantly.

“Great, I need you to go to my house, Taehyung will be there and will explain the whole thing, just….please go along with the story and ill explain later” you said before hanging up the phone.

You took a deep breath as adrenaline was rushing through your body.


“Now go quickly!” You said as taehyung grabbed his stuff.

He ran out the door quickly as you dialled 911.

“MR KIM! MR KIM HELP!” you yelled as you ran towards his classroom, still on the phone.

“911, whats your emergency”

“THERE’S BEEN A MURDER AT ST MARYBOUGHS HIGH” you shouted both at the 911 reception and at your teacher.


“Could you just repeat the story one more time?”

“I was going home to meet up with some friends when mr kim called me into his classroom, after i finished talking to him i remember i forgot my book in my English room, when i had got it i noticed the music room door was open and went to check it out” you repeated as you were sat on a bench outside the school.

“And who were you going home to meet?” He asked

“Kim Taehyung and Jung Hana” you answered as you wiped your tears with the tissues they had given you.

The image of the deceased boy still fresh in your mind.

“Kim taehyung?” He asked curiously as you nodded.

“You can go home Y/N im sure your friends are curious to where you've been” he said sending you on your way.


As you opened the door to your house, you could hear a hushed conversation in the lounge.

As you turned the corner you saw taehyung sitting on the couch with his head in his hands (cleaned of the blood) and Hana standing near the T.v

As soon as she saw you her arms crossed against her chest.

“So the reason why you haven’t been around is that you and him are on a secret mission to prove his innocence and find the real killer” she stated.

You and taehyung looked at each before nodding your head hesitantly.

There was a moment of silence as she looked between the two of you.

“Alright…im in” she shrugged nonchalantly.

You looked at her in shock as taehyung nodded happily.

“It might get dangerous” you warned as you sat next to taehyung.

“If you’re doing it, im doing it and plus, you already have me lying to the authorities” she smirked.

You smiled and shook your head at your best friend. Well, you know what they say, The more the merrier.


A/N: Heyo! this book is also on my wattpad account ( Cupcakemaina12, you should follow me if you wanna…please) so if you see this on there and you’re like the fuck? its me dw :)

The Girl in the Pond Pt. 3 (Bones: Marvel AU)

Characters in this chapter: Steve Rogers, Female Reader, Peter Parker, Wanda Maximoff, Tony Stark, Nick Fury, Natasha Romanoff

Warnings: Language, Talks about dead body, Violence

Pairings: None. (Eventual Steve Rogers x Reader)

Summary: You are a forensic anthropologist working for the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. when you and your team get recruited by the FBI to aid one of their top field agents, Special Agent Steve Rogers. Together, along with  your colleagues/friends you put faces on the voiceless and throw the bad guys where they belong.

Author’s Note: So this is my first Marvel AU series and I’m quite nervous on how this is going to turn out. The series is going to be based on the TV show Bones and since the show is 12 seasons long I’m just going to base the series on some of my favorite episodes including the series finale coming out in the upcoming weeks. I only hope I do it justice. I want to thank @mrs-squirrel-chester​ for convincing me into writing this and for not only being as awesome beta but because she also made this kick-ass edit above.

(P.S: Yeah this part is super long sorry!)

“Rogers! Wait up!” You shouted, catching up to Steve who was walking across the institute’s lawn. The heels you were wearing were getting stuck to the dirt so you decided to kick them off, and jog over to Steve.

“So what do you want to do first, confront the Senator?” you asked, walking alongside him once you caught up. 

He stopped in his tracks and turned to you, face grim. “Listen, Bones, I know…”

“Don’t call me Bones!” you interrupted him.

“Right,” he sighed. “I know we talked about you coming out in the field and all…”

“Seriously Rogers?!” You pushed him in anger. “You fucking bastard,” you spat. You couldn’t believe he lied to you.

“Bones, listen to me!” Steve grabbed your hands to stop you from hitting his chest. “With a case this big, the director is going to create a special investigation. And if I get all my ducks in a row, then maybe, just maybe I could lead it,” he explained fully.

“Not sure what that means, but I think I could be a duck,” you replied.

“You’re not a duck, okay,” he blurted out in annoyance. “On this one we go by  the book. Cops on the street, Squints in the lab.”

“Oh yeah?” you asked, crossing your arms at him. “Well in that case, the Smithsonian will be issuing a press release identifying the girl in the pond,” was your simple reply.

“You do that and Fury will kill me!” he whisper-yelled at you. “What the hell are you trying to do?”

You looked into Steve’s baby blue eyes through your lashes. “Me? I thought it’d be clear to a top agent. I’m blackmailing you, doll,” you cooed while batting your eyelashes.

“Blackmail a Federal Agent?” Steve asked, still in disbelief as to what you were telling him.

“Oh yeah,” you replied with a sweet smile.

He folded his arms across his chest. “Well I don’t like it.”

“You’re not supposed to like it.” You let out a chuckle.

“Fine.” Steve let out a sigh in defeat. “You’re in.”

Keep reading