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Hello, I’ve come back from the near future of 2019 and here is the current state of affairs.

We are down to less than 9 active anime youtubers with a following past 3 digits. After what was known as the “Digipocalypse” many rising youtubers became fearful and either stopped producing new videos altogether or completely switched to other topics such as video games and fast food reviews. Any youtuber trying to foray into this area is quickly struck down once they begin to gain traction, cementing this stronghold these few producers have.

Among the top subscribed are Mother’s Basement, who is now known as Basement for obvious reasons, Mumkey Jones, and of course, Digibro. Digibro is becoming a powerhouse, bragging about his nearly 60K income and has added yet another series of videos titled “Waifuhunt: The hunt for Digibride” that is rumored to be getting a cable television deal (still not dead). Basement and Digibro have struck up an alliance of some sort. Rumors grow of a potential betrayal by Digi against Mumkey, but their close relationship they have held for so long is used as a defense against such conspiracies.

I’m not sure what this message may altar, perhaps nothing in a paradoxical manner, causing the future events to happen.

K-on still has had no new media produced for it. Take that as you like.

new phan-fic

Dan slipped off his clothes, and smirked at the older man, Phil. He winked, and climbed onto the bed, as Phil was naked also. “Dan, are you sure-e?” Phil said, worried, as the camera filmed. Dan then replied, “who cares about the camera, just top me already”

zoeautumn  asked:

hey, this might seem a little random but... could you list some of your favourite fanfiction authors? if you have any?

I have a TON.


I’ll list by fandom (Tumblr links included the the ones I know about) (And this isn’t all the writers I like, just the ones I’m most likely to go back and reread over and over and over again):

Thorki and/or Steve/Loki: 

Rayemars - @rayemars
Rynfinity - @rynfinity
Furiedheart  (also Hiddlesworth).
Lise - @veliseraptor (Steve/Loki, but also Steve/Loki/Thor and Loki/Thor)
of_raven_wings (actually Loki/Darcy, my one exception to the rule).
thisdorkyficthing - @thisdorkyblogthing
cm (mumblemutter)  
soltian - @soltian (their art is amaze)

Avatar: the Last Airbender


Cabin Pressure


Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragonflies & Katydids - @dragonflies-and-katydids
GirlNamedJack - @somanynugs
emotionalmorphine - @emotionalmorphine
amurderof - @amurderof

Rise of the Guardians

adelaide_rain - @raininginadelaide / @adelaiderain   
lindzzz - @linddzz  
kalael - @kalael

The Eagle


Phew. This list took like two hours to make. o.o

Yesterday I was reminded of the importance of remembering where you came from. Objectively, at this stage on YouTube, things should be starting to happen. I should be getting opportunities here and there to do really cool things. And part of me has started to expect that. That’s not the kind of person I want to be.

When I started on YouTube, it was before I ever opened an account and uploaded a video. It was before I even knew about video responses and comment sections and the top 100 channels, before subscriber and view counts meant anything at all. It started as a viewer.

I stumbled upon a few channels while perusing through failblog back in 2009, discovered vloggers and the YouTube community, and I was instantly drawn to it. I, to this day, can’t even tell you why I was drawn to it, but it became something so significant to my day to day existence.

I was in the middle of an exhausting junior year. The application process to college was starting, I was taking all honors/AP classes, and was competing almost every weekend in speech where I pretty much worked myself to near death.

And then this YouTube thing came along. There was a moment as I was watching and discovering the different ways people used the medium, a thought crossed my mind that would change everything. “I could do that.” And then I started.

I remember the first friend I made through YouTube, the first time a big channel commented and subscribed to me, that time my friend got Toby Turner to talk to me on the phone at VidCon 2011 where I unfortunately was not in attendance. I was a fan. I am a fan. And it’s really really cool that I get to be more than that as well.

When I got the email yesterday telling me that I was not only to organize a panel on something so important to me, but that I was also being invited to VidCon, I felt that old fangirly feeling. It was special. That’s what I want my life to be like. I want to appreciate just how lucky I am to be in the position that I am as I work to build and expand. I want to feel overwhelmed and euphoric and actually allow myself to enjoy the victories I experience along the way, rather than expecting them. I want to work hard just to freaking do it, because that’s how I’m gonna be the most effective at what I want to accomplish.

I’m excited and nervous and I like it a lot. It feels good.