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And so their legacy grew….


top 25 supernatural dynamics (as voted by my followers)
#14. bobby and rufus
he always used to pull the old “can’t work on the sabbath” card whenever we had to bury a body. you know, i was just a job. i was joe mechanic. then my wife got possessed […] next thing i knew, this guy comes busting in, soaks her with holy water, and sends that demon straight to hell so fast. i’d have gone away for killing her. but… rufus cleaned up everything. taught me a thing or two about…what’s really out there. pretty soon, we were riding together. worked like that for years, kind of like you two knuckleheads.

Meanwhile at the bunker...
  • Dean: Hey Sammy. I've got to talk to you about something
  • Sam: Sure Dean
  • Dean: So it's like this alright... You know how I love pie the best?
  • Sam: Yes I know how you love pie the best
  • Dean: Yeah and I always did since I can remember. And if anybody ever even asked me to eat cake-
  • Sam: You'd throw a bitch fit
  • Dean: I'd politely decline. Shut up Sammy I'm talking. Anyway all my life it was pie and not cake.
  • Dean: But imagine that one day this cake came into my life... this really amazing cake. Like it looks like the most delicious thing to sit on a plate - plucked from God's own dessert tray, if you will.
  • Dean: And I'm like "DAMN! I need to eat this cake right now." And it's not like I don't still love pie, right, like pie is still awesome. But this cake looks so good that I might never eat pie again
  • Dean: I can see myself making sweet love to this cake for the rest of my life
  • Sam: Dean what...
  • Sam: What are you even saying?
  • Dean:
  • Dean:
  • Dean: I might be a little gay for Cas

and since we’re talking about Led Zeppelin, can you imagine how confused and/or scandalized Cas would be listening to Dean’s favorite Zepp traxx?

i mean

your custard pie, yeah, sweet and nice
when you cut it, mama, save me a slice


Squeeze my lemon ‘til the juice runs down my leg
Squeeze it so hard, I’ll fall right out of bed

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and/or a little surprised and scared

cuz like

“I’m gonna give ya every inch of my love”


gonna make you burn gonna make you sting
hey hey baby when you walk that way
watch your honey drip, can’t keep away

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and/or aroused and/or jealous

“drop down, baby, let your daddy see”


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“Let me wander in your garden and the seeds of love I’ll sow”

I mean, Cas read the bible. He knows what that means

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Deans top 13 Zepp TRA XX

we did NOT talk about this enough

I’m sure all of you remember the moment in episode 19 of season 12 in which Castiel tried to return a mixtape that Dean had made and given to him sometime offscreen.

But maybe you were in such shock that you didn’t look into anything, you just got the over all idea in your head, that of course, Dean made Cas a mixtape.

But can we talk about why Dean spelled ‘tracks’ or ‘track’ with XX?

Can we talk about why Dean may have chosen 13 songs instead of 10, or 15?

Can we talk about the fact that Dean put them on a fucking cassette tape???

Just. Ugh. Just look at it.

god i seriously want to know why he put XX.

was it just some cool way to put it or was it like an xoxo thing

i mean dean most likely gave this to cas sometime after he almost died and told dean (and everyone else, i guess) that he loves him. this HAS to be his way of saying i love you back.

just look at how the camera zooms in on castiels hand and on the mixtape when castiel sets it on the table, attempting to give it back.

i have taken film classes (i kinda do film) and one thing they always stress is to never do a close up shot unless you are trying to show the viewer something important.

they say this so when you’re doing films as a beginner, you don’t waste close up shots by shooting a close up someone hitting snooze on their alarm clock. it makes it less significant when it needs to be significant for something else. viewers will pay less attention the more you use them, basically, so you have to make sure there is somekind of unsaid thing the viewer has to figure out on their own.

at first you might think they use a close up is so you can read what the mixtape says in the first place, but another close up shot of castiel taking the tape back from deans hands tells a story on its own.

castiel, coming into deans room after knocking with no answer. returning a mixtape he was given, misunderstanding deans intention of it being his. a gift.

(that on it’s own can tell you a little about how dean probably have it to castiel in the first place)

these close up shots are showing viewers how some small piece of plastic can mean so much. how this really is deans way of saying i love you. supernatural doesn’t use close up shots very often, so this is importan. this is big.

i mean look at this, a tweet from a member of supernaturals visual effects team on the day this episode aired.

a link to the tweet

yeah. funny. i know.

i just cant get over their talk after dean gives cas back the mixtape.

the way dean speaks. he says “cas, you cant *giant emotional pause* with everything that’s going on you cant just. go. dark. like. that.” yes, like their were periods inbetween everyword.

and hes like “we didn’t  know what happened to you.” and then the camera zooms in on dean and his vOICE BREAKS and he says “we were worried. that’s not okay.”

cas says “well i didn’t mean to add to your distress.” and then cas is like “i” and he shakes his head and takes a step into deans room and says “Dean, i just keep failing. Again and again. When you were missing, i searched for months and i couldnt find you. and then kelly escaped on my watch and i couldnt find her and i just wanted … I needed to come back here with a win for you.”

and if im correct (which i am, these are exact quotes from the episode) i would say cas isnt talking about sam and dean. this fucking profound bond has reached the next level, my dude.

i just WISH i knew which songs were on that damn mixtape. music means so much to dean, and zeppelin means so much to the winchester family. john and marry origionally bonded over zeppelin.

oh, wait!!! shit, dude, i wrote that thinking it was deans way of bringin cas further into the family, but FUCK. they got together because of this band IM

wow. okay. this is fine. im okay :)))))))))

just. can we talk about this mixtape more??? i swear to god it better come up again in s13 and i beTTER get a sam reaction like “you made cas a mixtaoe??” or “dean made you a mixtape??”


SPN is Loud and Proud for S13

So the lovely Jason Fischer (JasonFischer77) tweeted this (thank you @tinkdw and @margarittet for sending me the tweet in the first place!!):

Which, naturally, led me to YouTube and this:

And the title of this album led me to Google because of little silver bells and:

So we have lyrics that are all about going on a journey that more or less is about finding your way back home, and excuse me, but lyrics that END WITH THIS:

Hope they’ve finally fixed your automobile
Hope it’s better when we meet again babe

The angel with a crack in his chassis and his mechanic and the lyrics bring up fixing automobiles and meeting again and hoping it’s better???? 



Why The Mixtape™ is Nothing BUT a Romantic Gesture

In fiction, mixtapes are a symbol of love. While true that they can serve as gestures of familial love—Guardians of the Galaxy is an obvious example—they are far more iconic for embodying romantic love, and you would certainly be hard-pressed to dig up an example of a mixtape being a platonic gift for a friend in any form of media.

That fact alone, however, isn’t proof that Dean’s gift was inherently romantic, so let’s delve deeper into this delightful rabbit hole, starting with two words: Led Zeppelin.

In season twelve itself, Dean recalls that the legendary rock band played a key part in Mary and John’s relationship: When they first met, they were able to bond over a shared passion and knowledge of the lyrics to Led Zeppelin songs.

This is no coincidence. Why draw a connection between John and Mary’s love using Led Zeppelin and then choose, of all the other rock bands Dean enjoys, Led Zeppelin as the sole content on Dean’s mixtape for Cas? It’s labeled with “Zepp Tra xx” so we know exactly what he put on it. That’s not something you can easily wave off as an accident.

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Which is why it’s important to explore what purpose (if any) the mixtape serves if it doesn’t hold romantic connotations. I’ve seen arguments like the one below, and I just gotta tell you, they’re not deeply-rooted in much fact or awareness for how literary devices and cinematic techniques work:

In 9x18 “Meta Fiction”, Metatron provides Castiel with the knowledge of every piece of media he has ever consumed, which we know is a lot, so claiming that Castiel is still ignorant to pop culture is canonically untrue. Additionally, we know Dean doesn’t mind listening to Taylor Swift (10x12 “About a Boy”), so I don’t think it’s accurate to say he’d be horrified if Cas started rockin’ out to “Shake It Off”. You know, because…he did.

There’s a difference between sharing music in real life and sharing music in fictional media. In media, a story is being told and it’s safe to assume that things are being done very deliberately. We don’t see the exchange between Dean and Cas when the mixtape was initially given, so we are forced to derive the meaning of the gift from the single scene it’s presented to us.

What does the scene tell us? Not much. Cas places the tape on the desk. We see a close up of it that blatantly allows us to read what its titled (Cas even taps the label to further draw our attention to what it says). “Um, I just wanted to return this.” Dean picks it up and extends his arm. “It’s a gift. You keep those.” Cue close-up of their hands.

Why is this scene framed so intimately, placing such importance on the mixtape by emphasizing its existence in not one, but two close-ups? Because the mixtape is significant, and it’s more than just an excuse for Castiel to come into Dean’s room—ultimately—to steal the Colt. Something feels off, or missing, this entire scene, because it’s not just about Dean giving Cas a mixtape, yet at the same time we’re given little actual text on what it really is about.

So what is it really about? Because let’s be honest, if this was about Dean giving his platonic dude bro Cas some proper tunes to rock to, we wouldn’t be getting close-ups of this thing, because we’d get a textual explanation on why it was created instead, something like: “Yeah, hey man, this is for you, so you don’t have to keep listening to televangelists when you’re on the road.”

The writers of the episode, and everyone involved with constructing the storyline of this whole season, made a conscious decision to omit so much as a mention of a mixtape outside of 12x19 “The Future”, so there was no build. No expectation. We were taken by collective surprise, regardless of whether we later interpreted it as a good thing or a bad thing. This was done on purpose.

Why? Why not give us the backstory? Because the backstory is supposed to be made clear by the mixtape itself. Remember, thought was poured into titling this tape. No one hurriedly scribbled “DeaNs top 13 Zepp TRA xx” on this prop. It was crafted to look that way. The spelling and lettering is significant. The curious half-space between TRA and xx is worth noting.

Pairs of Xs are recognized as kisses. Why decide to write “tracks” this way? Why decide to place the Xs further apart from the rest of the word, almost encouraging us to interpret them this way instead of dismissing them as simply shorthand. They are clearly lowercase Xs as well, and not capitalized like the rest of the word, further allowing us to think of them as separate.

In my opinion, this mixtape speaks for itself, and I believe it’s supposed to, which is why our focus is purposefully drawn to it and why we are allowed to read its label at all. If it was just a mixtape (ha! I laugh), it would be mystifying to present it to the audience in this particular way. No, this is definitely not just a mixtape. It represents something. It’s symbolic, and universally linked to love, specifically romantic love until explicitly identified as otherwise. Given that, it’s easy enough to read a lot into this scene, especially since the mixtape is never mentioned again, which is surprising for something that was made such a poetic fuss over.

(Dramatic much??)

Close-ups are an artistic decision. Professionally, they’re used with care. You show the audience the tape’s label for a reason, not just so it serves as a piece of trivia. Dean or Cas could have read us the label aloud, so it’s not as if they had no other way of giving us this information, therefore they chose to let us read it ourselves. They chose to let us take note of the spelling and the lettering, which are both things you are unable to display in dialogue, at least subtly and with tack. They did this so we could analyze the label on our own, because it’s important that we’re able to.

Likewise, you don’t show a close-up of Cas accepting the tape from Dean unless it actually means something. Again, we never see the tape after this, and when that’s coupled with the decision to treat it like a plot device anyway, you’re getting a suggestion once more that this is, quite simply, not just a mixtape and it never was intended to be.

All of this proves it’s not deluded to interpret this as a romantic scene, and to the contrary, evidence suggests it’s supposed to be one: Dean gives a mixtape to Cas. But we’ve established the mixtape isn’t a mixtape.

So what is it? Can I suggest love without sounding cheesy?

Yeah, yeah damn right I can.