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Home (Han/Leia, M) by Amilyn - Han and Leia settling into their relationship after RotJ. I loved how real their struggles felt for a relationship that is just now beginning to settle down into a more formal, permanent thing.

The Only Constant (Han/Leia, E) by Justine Graham & Erin Darroch - I loved how much they both surprised each other from beginning to end, and yet how it all boiled down to the essentials of who they were and always would be. It was also great to see their relationship evolving from what it was before Bespin, while getting the feeling of how new it still is.

Catch Me By Surprise (Han/Leia, T) by KnightedRogue - This has fluffy domesticity, spot-on characterization and a beautiful ending.

Easing Up (Han/Leia, T) by birdieflies - One of the amazing versions of “what happened in Ord Mantell”. The setting, the progression, the characterizations, the UST, are amazing.

Destination (Han/Leia, T) by mandatheginger - Their trip to Bespin is coming to a bittersweet end, but this fic, just for a bit, makes you believe it’ll be all right.

when i say “exo deserves that daesang” im not jus sayin it….. bc i stan exo… but because they truly do like….. on top of wrapping up a world tour, they have embarked on yet ANOTHER… on top of the FIVE+ separate comebacks theyve had in the past 4 months alone not to mention they’re still slated for a christmas album on TOP (x3) of solo projects such as acting.. modeling.. composing… like they’re really on top of the fucking world and they’re working their asses off to make sure they stay there like please give me one solid genuine reason as to why they do not deserve the daesang because that award was made for them!!!


TEEN TOP’s Niel returns solo with “Love Affair” MV ft. GIANT PINK from UNPRETTY RAPSTAR 3!

Do you like this dance ballad?

Allison's Theme
  • Allison's Theme
  • Super Lesbian Animal RPG


this, by far, is my favorite thing i’ve ever made in my whole fricking life. like, i hadn’t actually talked to bobby *at all* about making character themes before this happened because the idea hit me like a brick house in the face and i literally could not stop working on it until it was finished. the net result of that being me skyping bobby practically saying “so um idk if SLARP is going to need this but i made it anyway lol hi”

Allison struck me as a character who’s brash, confident—maybe at times too much so—and eager to BEAT EVIL THE HECK UP. that, combined with her reliability, screamed “high-energy positive punk chip-rock” to me, so here we are. and, since she’s described as being thought to “love the sound of her own voice,” the song finishes off with an over-the-top solo that JUST WON’T QUIT (૭•̀ω•́)૭

one more theme to go!!! stay tuned…

see also: Claire’s theme!


                   wanted to be a better brother,
                                                     better son,
                                                           wanted to be a better adversary
                                                                                        to the evil I have done


going soft, peril? what are you talking about?

some k-pop asks

1.Top 5 (_____) songs

2.Top 3 (_____) MV

3.Top 3 (_____) live performances

4.Top 5 girl group songs

5.Top 5 male group songs

6.Top 5 underrated girl groups

7.Top 5 underrated male groups

8.Favorite (_____) ship

9.Favorite (_____) member

10.Favorite malexfemale ship

11.Top 3 collaborations 

12.Top 5 solos by group members

13.Least favorite comeback by (_____)

14.Top 3 favorite photos of (______)

15.Underrated member(s) of (_____)

16.If you were the company’s CEO/in charge of (____) what would you change in the group

17.An unpopular opinion about (_____)

so…. i was bored and i thought this would be fun! go ahead and send me some numbers :)