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KPOP/KDrama Questions
  1. First kpop song you listened to?
  2. First group you got into?
  3. First fandom?
  4. Who is your kpop twin? (out of everyone you know, who are you most like?)
  5. First Bias?
  6. Favorite girl group?
  7. Favorite song from your favorite girl group?
  8. Favorite boy group?
  9. Favorite song from your favorite boy group?
  10. Top 10 groups?
  11. Top 5 solo artists?
  12. Favorite solo artist?
  13. Favorite concept?
  14. Favorite MV?
  15. Favorite kpop album?
  16. Top 10 favorite non-title songs?
  17. Current favorite boy group ship?
  18. Current favorite girl group ship?
  19. Top 10 Ultimate bias list
  20. Favorite current rookie group?
  21. Top 5 favorite boy groups?
  22. Top 5 favorite girl groups?
  23. Top 5 groups you think are most underrated?
  24. Top 5 underrated groups?
  25. Group you find the most overrated?
  26. Favorite group that disbanded/are on hiatus?
  27. Favorite performance?
  28. Favorite duet?
  29. Ultimate ship? (Who do you ship more out of everyone you ship?)
  30. Do you usually like Vocal, Rap, or Dance?
  31. Which you prefer, Kpop, Khh, Krock, etc.
  32. Do you still support idols who have left a previous group?
  33. Favorite older group? (debuted years ago)
  34. First KDrama you watched?
  35. First Movie you watched?
  36. Favorite Kdrama?
  37. Favorite Movie?
  38. Favorite KDrama ship?
  39. Which language do you prefer?
  40. Webdramas or Kdramas?
  41. Dramas that make you cry or make you smile like a fool?
  42. Do you watch BL or GL dramas/movies?
  43. Favorite BL/GL drama/movies?
  44. Mature or cutesy?
  45. Favorite OST?
  46. Favorite KDrama that featured a music idol?
  47. Where do you watch your shows?
  48. Dramas/Movies you recommend for others to watch.
  49. How much money you’ve spent on KDramas/Kpop?
  50. Insert your own question

What do they need to fire Jill? Do we need to drop in the rankings? I mean we placed last in our own tournament, didn’t even make bronze in the Olympics, the lineups look like trash, respected vets have been mistreated and alienated, and now this BS on the roster?

If Jill is cutting the “aging” players, how is Lloyd allowed to stay? (Side note, we all know Broon should be wearing the arm band. Everyone knows this, it’s just a fact.) And this can’t be solely about age because Sonnett didn’t get the call up. Promising players (Ohai for one) left off and proven entities like Krieger and (sorta) Sonnett cut?? I straight up do not understand.

USSF leaving the women with Jill feels like a punishment for taking a stand against the federation. Krieger is still easily a top RB in the world, if she’s not THE top RB. Solo should be invited back and it’s entirely a political move to keep her off the roster—she is the best keeper in the game, FACT. Hinkle has been shown time and again to fail at the international level. Kling keeps getting burned and she’s still getting a call? And (throwback) giving Pinoe a spot on the Olympic roster even though she was barely removed from rehab for that knee? And honestly, Lloyd has taken a dive off a cliff in the last year; she can’t make it a full 90 and does not create or operate properly in the mid. She relies entirely on the work of teammates and blames them for her own inadequacies. (I’ll be honest, I have a whole separate Lloyd rant so this really isn’t the place…) I don’t understand the logic of Ellis’ choices. It honestly feels as though she doesn’t watch NWSL games or pay proper attention to the GAMES SHE’S EVEN COACHING.

See the youth, grow the program, whatever. You can (and should) do all of that without losing every game for poor tactics and shitty lineups. Past coaches have been fired for better results and Ellis sticking around is unbelievable and untenable. The women deserve better, and so do we.

Honestly I hope seunghyun doesn’t come back after this. I hope he leaves the spotlight behind, goes off to do whatever the fuck he wants with the people he wants, gets some form of professional help and cuts out all the toxicity surrounding him. I just want him to be happy