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Sketch dump! I might do something more with those Halloween ones though. Maybe…

Edit: Whoops! I forgot to add the Lui+Delirious+baby!Vanoss pic!

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- Panic! at the disco

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20 (Cover)
Originally by Seventeen
20 (Cover)


First off, I want to thank you all for giving me so much support!!! I never planned to slip into the diamond life but here I am now! I made so many wonderful friends in this fandom and I’ve gained so many followers it’s so shocking for me! I’m actually like 4 away from my next hundred already, how did that even I don’t????? Okay anyways, these are the blogs that I love a lot. They aren’t necessarily Seventeen blogs, but please give them lots of love too! 

bold is for mutuals

bold+italic is for baes

# - C

164cmwoozi, 96jun, 96jww, ah-gginda, akkinda, astrantee, awoozing, bangtansonyendanbest-quality, blondetuan, btanstanbtsvnteenbyunghunsbooty, c0ups, chenchenchenchenchenchen, chickencoups, choijonghyunn, chowvernon, chunsajeonghan

D - G

dirty–jamjam, dkjisoo, dongjinja, dorkyumebrushinfintee, emohoshieteru, ewhansol, floppyhairhansol, flowerboywoozi, fuckinston, gyuwoo

H - K

h5nsol, hanbinji, hanbeonmark, hansoulvernonhansvernon, hehooh, hey-seokmin, hoeshiyoshi, hongjiswoonikonfessimchxngkyun, iridescentwoo, jhorsearmy, jisoo-pls, kaystans-17, kimvampgyu, kinghoshi, kingjooheon, kingscoups

L - O

lhoe, lickmyvixx, mama-yixuanmichael-hyung, minghaollelujah, minghaonmingy-us, mingyuscheekbones, minqjun, mvngyu, officialcoupsohhwoozi, ownwoo

 P - S

prince-sungjoo, rap-son, se-huehuehue-hun, seokminniie, seokmins-angelseokmint, seunggkwans, seungquality, shiningmingyu, sighohmy​, sir-wonwoo, snstd, sungjoo-ya, stn-seventeen

T - W

taekwoonie-my-cutie-pietaekwoonies, the17ness, the8ght, the8soo, ughvernon, uniqlyixuan, versacevernon, w-0nwoo, wandwoo, washwoo, wife-of-namuwo-ozi, wohoseok, woojpg, won-to-the-woo, wonwooo-ssiwonwoo-wow, wonwooslegs, wonwoowho, wonwoozizi, wooziscalves, woozismileswoozyfromwoozi

Special Blog Recs

jamsproof-boyscouts (best bangtan crack blog in the fandom), seventeenvines, sosihyoung, tobelocked (kpop lockscreen / wallpaper blog), u-n-i-fics (amazing uniq fic blog), uniqlyxuanjoo, yolochinchins (amazing infinite/vixx fic blog)

Shoutout to my top followers

koreabooradley, sk-asx, xmymelodyx4, yangyanga

And last but not least, my ultimate bae, bo0seungkwan!!!! You wouldn’t honestly think I’d forget you right!? XD Tbh, that awkward moment when you realize the majority of your follow forever are mutuals tbh ahahah.

Anyways, for anyone who wasn’t included, you can kill me I won’t object OTL I’m sorry, because I didn’t want to stuff everyone in the fandom here. I’ll try to fit more people for my next follow forever. I hope you liked my short cover of 20, hopefully it did not ruin your hearing. If it does, I’m sincerely but I can do nothing about it sobs.