top ship right now no lie

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I am worried for Connor at playlist and over eager shippers of various ships. I think you have addressed this before. If someone asks Connor if Tronnor is real, they are basically asking if Connor is gay or bi. If someone asks Troye or a Mellet family member if Tronnor is real, they are basically asking about Connor's sexuality. That's not fair and not right. I hope all of the top shippers will remind people of that.


PLEASE PLEASE DON’T ASK ANY OF THEM ABOUT TRONNOR. Not only would it out them and Connor, but it can only lead to bad things. Either they feel awkward and lie so Troye and Connor now don’t feel able to come out at all. Or you’ve just outed them on terms that weren’t their own which is just horrible and disrespectful. (There’s also the fact that nothing could be happening and you’re pushing the shipping in their face).

I think the bottom line is ship what you want, but ship respectfully.