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Drake poses in the press room with his awards for Top Artist, Top Male Artist, Top Billboard 200 Artist, Top Billboard 200 Album for ‘Views,’ Top Hot 100 Artist, Top Song Sales Artist, Top Streaming Artist, Top Streaming Song (Audio) for 'One Dance,’ Top R&B Song for 'One Dance,’ Top R&B Collaboration for 'One Dance,’ Top Rap Artist, Top Rap Album for 'Views,’ and Top Rap Tour during the 2017 Billboard Music Awards at T-Mobile Arena on May 21, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you are lost about all of these BMA categories etc, well here’s a post to help you understand how is the situation of the boys until now:


  • Top Rock Artist
  • Top Rock Song: Heathens
  • Top Duo/Group
  • Top Radio Songs Artist


  • Top Billboard 200 Artist: Drake
  • Top Song Sales Artist: Drake
  • Top Streaming Songs Artist: Drake
  • Top Rock Album: Hardwired… To Self Destruct (Metallica)
  • Top Selling Song: Can’t Stop The Feeling (Justin Timberlake)
  • Top Streaming Song (Video): Panda (Desiigner)

They also lost Top Rock Song, because Heathens, Stressed Out and Ride were up to that category and then Heathens won. So Stressed Out and Ride lost. 

THEY STILL CAN WIN (we’ll find out these ones during the ceremony):

  • Top Hot 100 Song
  • Top Hot 100 Artist
  • Top Billboard 200 Album
  • Top Billboard 200 Artist
  • Billboard Chart Achievement Award (we can vote in this one, using Twitter)

I’m gonna update this post when the ceremony starts.

Top 5 Free Dances of the 2016-17 Season

1. Laurence Fournier Beaudry and Nikolaj Sorenson’s Edith Piaf 

2. Kaitlin Hawayek and Jean-Luc Baker’s  Liebestraum 

3. Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje’s Aranjuez

4. Haley Sales and Nikolas Wamsteeker’s Queen Medley

5. Shiyue Wang and Xinyu Yiu’s New York, New York



Hey everyone, I’m going to be moving to NY or California once I finish up graduate school and as much as it hurts to let these go, there’s just no room in my car for them to come with me. I’ve been collecting these over the past 9 years and a lot of them are either sold out or no longer in print at YGE Shop.

The albums are all in excellent condition with its original photobooks and cards (those that have it). Posters are in good condition with just some tape markings on the edges. 


**All posters will be shipped folded unless you want them in a tube which you will have to cover in additional shipping costs.**

If you’re buying multiple items, combined shipping is available. I will only be accepting PAYPAL ONLY & PAYMENT MUST BE CONFIRMED AND RECEIVED BEFORE I CAN SHIP OUT ANY ITEMS.

Everything will be on a first come first serve basis; for example, if multiple people message me for the same item, the item will be placed on hold for 24 hours for the first person to allow for payment. If payment is not received or the 24 hours is over, I will move on to next person in line.

If you see something you like and is interested, send me a message off anon with this form:


Your shipping address/zip code:

List Items You Want:

** Items that have been crossed out are SOLD **


  • Big Bang Vol 1 Since 2007 - $18
  • Big Bang 3rd Mini Album (Stand Up) - $18
  • Big Bang 2nd Album (Remember) - $18
  • Big Bang 4th Mini Album (Tonight) - $18
  • Big Bang 4th Mini Album (Tonight) SPECIAL EDITION - $18
  • Big Bang 2009 Big Show Concert Album - $18
  • Tae Yang 1st Mini Album (Hot) - $18
  • Tae Yang 1st Album Solar (CD + DVD) (International Release Album) - $18
  • Tae Yang 1st Album Solar Deluxe Edition (Shirt Not Included) - $18
  • Seungri 1st Mini Album (VVIP) - $18
  • GD & TOP Vol 1 (Gold Version) -$18
  • G-Dragon 1st Album (Heartbreaker) -$18
  • Tablo 1st Album (Fever’s End) - $18
  • Epik High (Pieces, Part One) - $18
  • Block B 1st Mini Album (New Kids on the Block) - $18
  • Winner 1st Album 2014 S/S (Black Version) - $40 (SUPER HEAVY)

Concert DVDs:

  • Big Bang 2009 Big Show (NO DVD - Photobook & Case Only) - $15
  • Big Bang 2010 Big Show (2 DVD) - $45
  • Big Bang 2008 Global Warning Tour + Taeyang 1st Concert - $55
  • Tae Yang 2010 Solar Concert (2 DVD + CD) - $55

Posters (All $10 Folded or $15 Tubbed)

  • Big Bang 2008 Big Bang is GREAT Concert
  • Big Bang 2010 Big Show Concert
  • Big Bang 2011 Big Show Concert
  • Big Bang 2nd Album - REMEMBER
  • Big Bang 4th Mini Album (Tonight) - REGULAR
  • Big Bang 4th Mini Album (Tonight) - SPECIAL EDITION
  • Taeyang 2010 - Solar International
  • G-Dragon 1st Album - Heartbreaker
  • Seungri 1st Album - VVIP (Not Pictured)


  • Big Bang Official VIP Lightstick (Right) - $20 (The inner part of the light stick falls out easily but can be sealed down with some tape)
  • Big Bang Official VIP Lightstick (Left) - $20 (One of the beads on the crown is missing. I brought this back at their Galaxy tour and it came off because I was waving it around too hard during the concert, lol.)

If you have any further questions or would like to see more pics, feel free to message me and I would be sure to help!