top running dogs

are these some good-lookin’ dogs or what

Clarissa the Slazzle

According to Salandit and Slazzle lifestyle (which usually involves breaking into places and stealing T.V.s) There can only be ONE female per horde and the top dog will run off the younger female. And so-When Clarissa hit 13, her mother ran her off from the horde and on her own. She evolved when she was 19 and joined the team with the plans of making them her unoffical male harem. (which has sorta fallen thru since it’s a giant pink cuddly Bewear who’s a boxer, an emotionally closed off Marwok, fucking EDDIE, an idiot punk Lycanroc and the gender neutral enigma that is Mimsy.)

She likes to dye her hair funky colors and is always expermenting with it.