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The Lizzie Bennet Diaries 5 Year Anniversary -  Snobby Mr. Douchey - Ep: 6  (April 26th 2012)

Darcy’s boring, stuffy, unbelievably rude. He thinks he’s too good for us “common folk.” But he’s handsome! And rich! Even richer than Bing Lee!

i really like kita shinsuke’s (inarizaki’s captain) characterization

inarizaki’s captain is like a mix of tsukishima, ushijima and daichi to me

he’s like ushijima in the way that he’s confident in his abilities and knows that his abilities will never fail him. just like how ushijijma knows his spikes are always gonna score and shiratorizawa will always win (until karasuno came along). but he’s not arrogant about it. it doesn’t come off as annoying or rubs you in a bad way. kita shinsuke just has a matter of fact kind of attitude. he doesn’t have a motive for doing things. he just does them because they need to be done and it makes him feel good. 

he’s like tsukishima in the way that he’s cold hard logic. he relies on what he knows and only trusts what he knows. he doesn’t sugar coat things and he tells them as they are. he might come off a bit callous and tactless but he means well and people can’t really argue with him when they know he makes perfect sense.

but then, he’s also like daichi in the way that he is a player and a person. while they both don’t standout compared to some of their teammates, they’re a vital member of the team because they’re the ones that keeps the team grounded. but while daichi’s specialty is receives, shinsuke doesn’t have any. but he’s stable and consistent. both his personality and his abilities are, and those are the qualities that a team captain should have.

BUT ALSO, he cares for his team in the same matter of fact kind of attitude. his characteristics (stable and consistent) and logic extends to taking care of his team and himself. because he’s known to be logical, it might come off as if he’s only taking care of his teammates because they all need to be in top shape to win BUT like it was said “he simply does what needs to be done” meaning, he saw that atsumu is sick, so the next logical action is send him home with a reminder to take care of himself (AND EVEN SNACKS!!!) and telling him to feel better.

anyway. tl;dr

if you haven’t realized it yet by now, i’ve fallen inlove with kita shinsuke and has now adopted him as my new volleyball son

veraverorum  asked:

You already made such striking (no pun) r76 art, but you also ship mc76.. I'm crying from happiness! (no but really your art is so lovely?! And now I discover I can appreciate it even for another ship?! AH~)

ahhh thank you!!! Q v Q they’re currently my top fave shipping right now xD (i want more mc76/jessejack tho pliz)

so here’s a little bonus for ya ; v ; <333

117 fire emblem heroes ladies icons

hi iโ€™ve been making fire emblem heroes icons while i watch a letโ€™s play of persona 3 and i made an Excessive amount of them, so here we go.

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y'know, when Percy was flipping through the books and getting more and more excited i got more and more excited with him because holy hell

of course Percy, of all people, would be overjoyed to see all these lives that wound up as so many endless books - books that are tangible, that can be read, that are physical representations of a life lived - to the point where not even Keyleth’s cynicism could shake him

my mom used to describe heaven to me as endless libraries and it’s still what i envision to this day when i picture heaven, because i believe in the power of stories in a way that i believe in few other things

idk i just… i really GOT Percy then, with his elated “it all MEANS something!” he’s always been up at the top of my faves list anyway, but i was excited right along with him while he was flipping through the books and it was really kind of cool because i know that would’ve been me