top right is my fave


sooo i’ve been getting plenty of anons asking about what markers and pens i use for my lettering, so here’s another mini stationery haul for you,,,

from left to right, top to bottom:

  1. artline - artline stix brush markers (my fave, 10/10 great for everything)
  2. zebra - mildliners
  3. tombow - dual tip brush markers
  4. uni-ball - signo DX 0.38 black pens (another fave, just don’t drop it)
  5. pentel - black and grey calligraphy pens

i’ve arranged the supplies according to what i’ve used in each section of the spread!!

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anonymous asked:

Top 5 bnha ships? Top 5 hq!! ships?

!!!! Starting with HQ!:

1. (Obvs) Kagehina

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2. YakuLev

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3. KuroTsukki

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4. BroTP = Noya and Tanaka

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5. And it’s a tie between UkaTake and KyouHaba

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Now, as for BNHA…I LOVE that anime. Like, top 5 easily. However, right now I’m only into shipping 

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They are my fave for sure. Tragically I’ve only had time to give the show one watch-through, but it’s on my list to be rewatched so hopefully I’ll find love for Iida and Todoroki. The awesome thing about BNHA is that it’s SO naturally amazing, that I don’t “need” ships to enhance my enjoyment of it (One Punch Man is similar, and actually so is Haikyuu for me but…the ships just happen so naturally….sigh.)

Thank you for the ask, anon :D !!


Make Me Choose: Killian or Emma?

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It’s called “being a badass.”

some Rhodey love for clairetmple


1/8 gifsets per episode || p i l o t 

“Yeah, I am happy! Saved a girl’s life half an hour ago, the sun is shining, it’s 9 am, and I’m eating a McFlurry.”