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i know i’ve been gone for a minute but i need to get some things out right now. 

when bts got nominated for top social artist, i heard all kinds of shit. “it’s not even a real category.” “they’re not revolutionary for it.” “the award means nothing for k-pop anyway.” those things just motivated me even more to vote, so i did. i told every single army to, and we did our very best. 

yesterday, bts won the award, and suddenly things changed. there were people in my mentions saying that the victory was important for k-pop as a whole. that the award wasn’t only bangtan’s. that they got there thanks to other people who “paved the way” for them. people started acting as if the whole k-pop community had helped and supported us, which is a fucking joke.

so let me tell you: no, this award is not everyone’s award. this award is bangtan’s and army’s, who worked their asses off to win this, on our own, as we always do. because we (and bts) are supported by others when it’s convenient for them, because when it’s not, they are always ready to rub all their 94 daesangs on our face or some shit. please, cut the crap. we never needed these people’s help and i’m not fucking sharing this with them.

you know what makes me even more pissed? the fact that there’s a small part of the fandom who listens to those people. who want to be accepted and loved by other fandoms so bad that they’re always glad to give those people what they want: a fandom who works for them to spread k-pop and never gets credit for it. i’m sick of that. i don’t care about my “fandom’s image” in k-pop because if you haven’t noticed, no matter what we do, bangtan’s success bothers most of people and it makes them turn against us. and we. do not. need. them.

i appreciate each and every single person from other fandoms who voted for bts and don’t fit on cases mentioned here, but army, you’re powerful on your own. be kind (and humble) to people who deserve your kindness. stop fighting against your own fandom to please people who don’t give a fuck about you or your idols. learn to be tough, because as bts grows more popular, we’re gonna need it. if “teamwork makes the dream work”, our team needs to be unstoppable.

and antis, no, you can’t have our bbma. 

Congratulations to BTS for winning on the BBMAs! and special thanks to Namjoon for being an amazing leader and handling the situation perfectly, for translating to the rest of the members and always being supportive! Couldn’t be more proud!

Countries that vote in the BILLBOARD! <3

Here is the list of countries that have so far voted for Bangtan on the Billboard:

  1. -New Zealand
  2. -India
  3. -Kazakhstan
  4. -Italy
  5. -Spain
  6. -UK
  7. -Philippines
  8. -Portugal
  9. -Algeria
  10. -Russia
  11. -Turkey
  12. -France
  13. -USA
  14. -Brazil
  15. -South Korea
  16. -Norway
  17. -Thailand
  18. -Argentina
  19. -Chile
  20. -México
  21. -Finland
  22. -Dominican Republic
  23. -Israel
  24. -Jordan (the country)
  25. -German
  26. -Japan
  27. -Puerto Rico
  28. -Bangladesh
  29. -Ecuador
  30. -Ireland
  31. -Qatar
  32. -Kuwait
  33. -Tunisia
  34. -Paraguay
  35. -Malaysia
  36. -Armenia
  37. -Colombia
  38. -Somalia
  39. -Romania
  40. -Pakistan
  41. -Peru
  42. -Australia
  43. -United Arab Emirates
  44. -Poland
  45. -Egypt
  46. -Austria
  47. -Sweden
  48. -The Netherlands
  49. -Serbia
  50. -Indonesia
  51. -China
  52. -Morocco
  53. -Canada
  54. -Algeria
  55. -Bulgaria
  56. -Hungary
  57. -Turkey
  58. -Switzerland
  59. -Saudi Arabia
  60. -Croatia

It’s so great to see so many countries united by one cause: seeing our babies happy.

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I remember that not a long time ago the top post in the bangtan tag used to have max. 3000 notes, now I look at it and it almost has 20000. I think this really shows how much the ARMY has grown over the last year or so. I’m so proud of our boy and of us. Let’s keep flying with our beautiful wings. :)