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9 0 ′ S  B A N G T A N : lockscreen versions + new jin & jungkook
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….vicious nerd fight erupts 

As promised, the fic update is here! And I swear I uploaded it before 12 so I still kept my promise! It’s over 15k of words, and i hope you guys like it! <3 

Click here to go to it! 

If you want a summary, just know this is Keith’s heart for most of the chapter.

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Could you send me some good EXO blogs to follow? Thank you! ♡✧( ु•⌄• )

of course! alright i’ll list as many as possible ahdjdfd

@suhoro @suavesehun @1yutas (has a lot of nct but she loves exo too) @wolfbyexosavedkpop @bbhgrl @kaisgiantdick @dyorable @saintksoo @kimjongdweeb @bbhsthighs @thickdicksuho @ilysmjongin @21jngdae @305heaux @asshun @baekhyunstolemyeyeliner @baekshitbyun @bearhugged @brbcrawlingtokorea @chensguns @dazedjongin @dazzlingkai  @dazzlynini @death-by-jongin @elluts @exeauxs @funniestinexo @galaxychen @gomminie @heyyplayboy @iluvpcy @intokai @jaewonandonly @jongdaeshappytrail @jonginence  @jonginice @jonginization @jonginnation @jonginplease @jonginsdreaming @jonginssoo @jongin-trash @jongintuitive @juliet-cbx @kaibility @kaisoo-on-ice @kaiternity @ksooslipring @ksoosoo @kyungster @lawlliets @lottomp3byexo @oohsenun @peachysuho @puervy @robodt @royalnini @sebaekkk @sefuns @sehuntiago @sekaisgf @solozhangrise @starlightkai @sxngforyou @tellmewhatislove @vocalistjongin @yourbiaslikesitrough @blondejongin 

@fy-exo & @dailyexo giv updates on th boys on a daily and give updates on like everything they do its nice and @fykai & @fy-kimkai do th same think but for kai only ;) hope this helped!


i kinda had an adorable outfit the other day

Just a friendly reminder that idols don’t owe their fans anything except mutual respect (notice I said mutual). They should have every right to do everything that a normal person does without being scrutinized, which includes being able to date freely without it being blown up as a huge scandal and being attacked, being able to walk freely and peacefully out on the streets without being stalked and followed, not getting attacked for not smiling for 0.01 seconds and have the right to at least a little bit of privacy. These are just basic rights every human being should have and I really hope kpop fans learn to understand this soon.


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It makes me very very sad to see all the new top fans that are coming in and beginning to treat Tyler and josh much like directioners treated the members of one direction. They’re so young that I think they don’t really grasp the concept that they’re not untouchable. The stuff we say and do affects them Ya know? Like It’s NOT ok to grope them it’s NOT ok to fetishize them it’s NOT ok to think of them as gods because they’re human. Just like us and they need good honest support that doesn’t include “lick me Tyler!!!!!” Or some other sick comment on a platform that’s public where they could easily see it. The disconnect that I’m seeing with the influx of younger fans feels like it’s starting to affect the band. let’s just stop with this bs and go back to supporting each other like it was supposed to be. They need to be respected again.

the more i see about this voltron in relation to rhys darby the more i aggressively want to direct you toward flight of the conchords