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the best horror stories keep the ‘monster’ or whatever vague enough that you know whats going on about as much as the hapless protagonist does, which is not much. but it’s not SO vague that it’s just a collection of unrelated spooky things that are all just slapped together. 

like the really good ones ive read give you ideas of what might be going on, but you cant Know for sure. it lets you fill in the blanks, which works to the story’s advantage bc the reader’s imagination makes things scarier than anything put explicitly into writing can. 

knowing how to give Just enough description and information to set up a really good scary story, but not so much that theres no room for the readers imagination makes for the best horror imo. 


Character Selection, I.iii.5-11 

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Answers at last…? 

Please read the FAQ at the bottom of the new Character Selection about page before sending in any questions. 

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Why do you have unapologetically black in your bio? That's racist. If I had unapologetically white in my bio I'd be told I'm racist

My blackness is a part of who I am. I spent years believing that I was some sort of incorrect thing because I wasn’t ‘black’ enough for my family because of how I acted but I wasn’t ‘white enough’ for my school or my so called friends. It took me a long time to feel comfortable enough to be myself and to love myself. So when I put unapologetically black in my bio I am reminding myself that it is okay to go and get ghetto ass nails done then use those hands to write an essay detailing my love for Shakespeare. I’m reminding myself that it is okay to love Phillip Larkin’s poetry but to call him a bloodclart racist at the same damn time. I’m telling myself that working in a theatre and being part of the fandoms I love does not mean that I’m not allowed to be a part of the black community too. Actually, I’m reminding myself that it’s not only okay to do all those things, it’s fucking amazing.

So I heard it was Voltron week

I got an email just now saying I had gotten a new follower and when I checked it the icon was a face-down naked man, and the first post at the top of the page was a blonde getting roughly smacked by an angry looking dong, so I was like, “Nope, blocked.”

I’ve been going through my followers and blocking porn blogs. It makes me feel better when my follower count goes down, like, “Probably some garbage-wad terf or a porn creep anyways. No loss.”

If it’s occasionally a humorless soul who only likes Rebellion Tuesdays and they unfollow me for posting fandom the rest of the week, well, whatever. May the Force be with you.

I cannot fight the power 24/7. I’m a spoonie. I need to recharge with capes kissing and memes.

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So someone I follow reblogged a Kitten Academy Live Stream post and now it’s always at the top of my page whenever I refresh my dash. 

Is this a thing Kitten Academy paid for, or is @staff just trying to bring a little sunshine into everyone’s life today?

How I get Readers
  • Someone: Also I have one final question. How are you able to garner so many people to read and review your story? I have always chalked it up to long chapters, but recent events have changed that. So I'm just wondering how your able to do that? I've tried so hard to place my ideas here, but with no one giving me an indication of whether or not the story is good I have simply abandoned them for fear of them being not good. Help? 🙏 Please?
  • Cutegirlmayra1: Hey! I'm Cutegirlmayra1 on Fanfiction, I have mostly completed 20 or so of them, 2 are on-going stories (game story and just on-going oneshot collection) and then one I still need to complete :) working on it! lol
  • So, something I do is that I constantly update my story, (usually with fake chapters that i delete later) so that it rises to the top of the page for most readers to see. I also post my real updated chapters on other sites, and so most know I'm everywhere on the internet XD I link to this or wattpad or deviantart, tumblr, etc. The more links out there, the more they come.
  • Also, more chapters, more people. More updates, more happy people. Sometimes, it really is quantity over quality in the beginning when you're still a newbie(relating to those who write and are still learning. Which... aren't we all newbies still learning something new?). I've been at this for years, and only now I'm studying writing at college XD So yeah, once you have enough of a following with some decent ideas and stories, you start editing and proofreading your works, making them more professional. It's a good strategy to have multiple sites you post on though. Get exposure, you see?
  • I would also suggest never giving up on a chapter, building trust with a few fans leads to them telling their friends and bringing more on board. Because I keep my reader's trust, they follow me.
  • I also don't affiliated with the darker shades. All my fanfictions and stories are innocent and never touch. People like reading clean romance and good story that doesn't revolve around romance but actually has an interesting story to it as well. So it's like, my favorite thing ever when people are like, "Finally! A story that isn't all the romance and the romance is true to character, clean, and canon! Thank you!!" I get so happy xD
  • I wish you luck! It can be hard for original stories to get attention, trust me. I left on a LDS mission not too long ago and had to rebuild a lot of my rep. Don't feel discouraged! It just takes time and dedication.
  • (thought I should share this)

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Hi! I was wondering if you have an instagram or if I can credit you using your tumblr because I really like your dog designs and would like to share them. If it's not okay I won't. I love your art and hope you have a good week

Hi! I do have an Instagram, it’s @gaelgrams! Also, if you’d like to share my Inspirational Dogs, feel free to do so but please share via tumblr! There should be a “Share To” option right next to the like and reblog, (on mobile it’s the little arrow) or just click on the little dog-ear top right corner of the post and copy the permalink from my page’s URL. ;)

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why do you keep reblogging yourself? genuine question

because this fandom is madness and I genuinely cannot hold myself back from reblogging every single shit on my dash, so I’m internally like: you should leave your own posts at the top of your page longer so people can have the time to see them. except I can’t???? bc too many good posts? so i’m like… ok. reblog. SORRY

I know that most of you men are a bit slow.. But on ALL my profiles, it states that I am a FinDomme looking for PayPigs. I’m NOT looking for a “Sugar Daddy” I HAVE an Alpha, so no you don’t have a chance. I’m NOT a Sub.
I’m a Domme. Financial Domination is my specialty. I do cater to other fetishes but NONE in which I am the Sub and NONE without payment.
When I see a word I’m not familiar with, I LOOK IT UP. When you come to me with requests that are not Findom related, you look like more of a moron than you are. All that tells me is that you couldn’t be fucked to read the description at the top of my page, or even read a few posts down.

To reiterate. I am a Domme, I do not provide services for free. I will never perform as a “Sub” in a session. I do not do Skype calls or live video chat, unless it’s ignore sessions.